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Line of Descent:
Guillaume VIGNE and Adrienne CUVELIER (1st Generation)
Dirck VOLCKERTSZEN and Christine VIGNE (2nd Generation)
Volkert DIRCKS and Annetje PHILLIPS (3rd Generation)
Dirck VOLKERTSON and Maria DE WITT (4th Generation)
Volkert VOLKERTSON (DERRICKSON) and Dinah Aeltje VAN LIEU (5th Generation)

  James FULKERSON was reportedly baptized as Jacobus VOLKERTSON on 22 Jun 1737 at either the Raritan or Readington Dutch Reformed Church in Somerset Co., NJ. However, the documentation of those facts is unclear. His family Bible showed his birthday as 22 Jun 1737, so it is likely he was baptized later. James married Mary VAN HOOK (19 Sep 1747-1831), daughter of Jacob VAN HOOK and Hannah DeBOW on 18 Jan 1764 in Orange Co., NC (now Caswell Co.).   His complete story is told at Captain James Fulkerson - An Overmountain Citizen.

Their 12 children were:


Peter FULKERSON........26 Sep 1764-23 Jun 1847, b. in NC, d. in Lee Co., VA, m. Margaret CRAIG (22 Jan 1773-28 Oct 1839) on 11 Oct 1791.   Margaret's father Robert CRAIG was a wealthy landowner. He gave them a large tract of unimproved land in Powell's Valley, Lee Co., Virginia, where Peter built a two-story log house and cleared out a large farm for his family. This was still a frontier area in the 1790's, at the gateway to the Cumberland Gap, with dangers including Native Americans and bears.
  Peter appears on the 1795 tax rolls for Lee County, his household counted as having one white male over the age of 15 and nine horses. Five years later, the Virginia Republican Party appointed him (together with brother-in-law Benjamin SHARP) to the five-member Lee County "Corresponding Committee" - part of the state's political machine in support of Thomas Jefferson in the Presidential election of 1800. In that same year, on 16 Jan 1800, he received a patent for 436 acres in Lee Co., "on Lone Branch a branch of Walling Creek on the north side of Powells Mountain." The 1810 Lee Co. tax list showed that Peter owned 3 slaves and 12 horses. Peter and his brother Isaac appeared in the records of the Augusta Co., VA Circuit Court (pages 227- 228) in the case of McKenney vs. Preston: "29th of May 1811 Peter Fulkerson deposes in Lee County" and "12th of March 1811 Isaac Fulkerson, aged 34 yrs. deposes in Lee county."
Page from the James Fulkerson family Bible, located
at the Washington County Historical Society in VA

Image courtesy of Marian Jackson

  Peter was an officer in the War of 1812. (One Fulkerson genealogy states he was a Colonel, while another [Preston] says he was a Captain with Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans in 1815. An 1836 diary by Anne Middleton Craig - possibly a relative - described her journey from Virginia to Missouri. In it she stated she stayed at "Col. Fulkerson's" residence, October 2nd-5th.) Peter and Margaret's ten children were:

  • Mary (Polly) FULKERSON..................23 Oct 1792-11 Jan 1823, m. Oliver PRATT about 1826 in Washington Co., VA
  • Robert Craig FULKERSON.......23 Aug 1794-17 Mar 1876. Robert Craig experienced adventure as a young man and throughout his life. He served in the War of 1812 in the 4th Regiment, Virginia Militia - he entered service as a Sergeant and was discharged as a Private [Index to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812, M602, National Archives and Records Administration]. In 1816 he went west to Missouri with his uncle Benjamin SHARP, his aunt Hannah Fulkerson SHARP and 10 of their 12 children. He then returned to Virginia to become Sheriff of Lee County for seven years. About 1827 he married (1st) Lavinia DICKERSON. They moved west to Calloway Co., MO in 1828, where he was a volunteer during the Black Hawk War (1831-32). By 1836 they moved to Loutre Lick, Montgomery Co., MO. Robert owned and operated the Loutre Lick Store in 1838-39, selling items such as sugar, fabric, coffee, tobacco, and articles of clothing. In 1840 they purchased a farm at Danville, same county, and that remained his home thereafter. He also began a period of public service, serving as County Treasurer and as Danville Township's Justice of the Peace from 1843 until 1849. [Western Historical Manuscript Collection, University of Missouri-Columbia] Either their home or a separate building housed the "Fulkerson Tavern" in Danville, which was photographed in the US Dept of Interior's Historic American Building Survey during the 1930's. Click here for four images of the "tavern."

      In 1850 his oldest son Peter traveled west on the Oregon Trail to the Portland/Vancouver region. Amazingly - perhaps because there is virtually no modern-day equivalent to this venture - Robert and Lavinia went on the Trail in 1851 to visit him. Lavinia died in 1852, sometime before or after their return from the Oregon Territory. He married (2nd) the widow DAVIDSON in 1853. For a few months in 1856 he hosted his younger brother Frederick De Bough, who was moving his family (a party of 16 including six slaves) from Virginia. Robert was against secession during the Civil War but interceded on behalf of his nephew, Tennesseean Peter Graham FULKERSON, when the latter was captured by Union forces and threatened with execution. He died at his home in 1876.

    • Peter Craig FULKERSON.....1829-1870??, b. in Danville, Montgomery Co., MO, went west on the Oregon Trail in 1850, m. Minerva Penelope FITZGERALD on 13 Jun 1853 in Portland, Multnomah Co., OR. Minerva was born 27 Dec 1838 in Elm Springs, Washington Co., AR, died 14 Mar 1900 in Vancouver, Clark Co., WA, and was buried on 16 Mar 1900. In the 1859/60 Census, Minerva's brothers (who were all born in Arkansas) were living with the Fulkersons - Sandford (b. 1841) a farmer, Zachary (b. 1847) and Nicholas (b. 1844). In the 1870 Census for Cowlitz County, Minerva Fulkerson was 30 years old and listed as living in an insane asylum (possibly she had no money and had to scatter her children out to people who would care for them). Peter either died or disappeared in the 1860s (there's been one bit of speculation that he went to California). Minerva remarried to John W. TARLTON, a house painter, on 15 Nov 1873. They had two additional children. Minerva and John were buried at the Vancouver City (Old City) Cemetery, Vancouver, WA. (Some of the preceding information was compiled by the Clark County Genealogical Society.)
      • Josephine FULKERSON......b. 14 Jan 1856 at Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington, m. Isaac F. LOCKWOOD
        • Arthur LOCKWOOD
      • Hannah Elizabeth FULKERSON ("Anna")......15 Mar 1857-22 Jan 1913, b. at Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington, d. in Portland, Oregon, m. George William FORCE, Jr.   Numerous descendants still live in the vicinity of Portland, Oregon.
      • Robert Craig FULKERSON.......15 Sep 1859-4 Dec 1941, b. in Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington, d. in Baker City, Baker Co., OR and was buried there on 7 Dec 1941. In the 1870 Census he was living with David R. FALES (who was in the same wagon train as Peter Fulkerson...possibly the same wagon train that brought the FITZGERALD family to the West). Robert married Elnora Jennet ALDRICH on 5 Dec 1881 in Grant, Oregon. Elnora was b. 1 Jun 1864 at The Dalles, Wasco Co., OR and d. 23 Sep 1950 in Baker City, Baker, Oregon, daughter of Ellery Wood ALDRICH and Cynthia Eurena Cecelia Alice SWEET, both pioneers of 1852. Robert and Elnora are buried at Mount Hope Cemetery in Baker, OR. The 1880 Census found Robert working as one of five laborers employed at South Fork, Grant Co., Oregon by William MURRAY, a 25-yr-old Scotch immigrant who'd married his sister Nellie FULKERSON three years earlier. Robert was in Montana and Canada about the turn of the century. A Klondike Gold Rush record listing fortune hunters who arrived from the State of Montana includes the following entry: Volume 6 - North West Mounted Police records at Chilkoot checkpoint:   "Mar 3, 1900 FULKERSON, R.C., Mt. Vernon, Grant Co., OR"
         NOTE: Records for the Wrangell Mountain Region of Alaska Territory show that a Robert FULKERSON prospected the upper White River with William GIBBON, Adolph SMITH, and Edward STROEKER in 1903-04. The following summer, he and Harry DUNN mined Schrader Gulch, a tributary of Copper Creek He was living near Tanana, a small village on Alaska's Yukon River, when he was contacted by the U.S. census enumerator in 1910. However, this may have been the Robert James FULKERSON, born 22 August 1875, who registered for the draft in 1917 at Ruby, Alaska (also on the Yukon River) and died in July 1924 after falling down a mine shaft near Solomon Creek.
        • Cora FULKERSON....5 Dec 1882-24 Feb 1978, b. in Dayville, Grant Co., OR, d. in John Day, Grant Co., OR and was buried in Baker City, Oregon. She m. John Wesley LEMONS Jr. (1880-1935) on 14 Feb 1899 and had two daughters. She divorced John and married again - to Harry C. WHITWORTH. Cora and Harry are buried in Mount Hope Cemetery.
        • Edith FULKERSON....8 Nov 1884-23 Nov 1950, Edith married Percy Douglas Sutherland Campbell MARTIN (1871-1960) on 24 Apr 1905 at Dayville, Grant Co., Oregon. They had one daughter. There are no living descendants. Edith was buried on 27 Nov 1950 in Mount Hope Cemetery, Baker City, Baker Co., Oregon. Percy was born at Dayville, Grant Co., Oregon and died at New Plymouth, Payette Co., Idaho.
        • Olive FULKERSON....31 Dec 1887-1938, m. (1st) Volney Venn WATSON, (2nd) Mr. FLAUGHTER, (3rd) Mr. BIRD, (4th) Mr. LONG . She reportedly had three children. Two are known.
          • Robert Isaac WATSON....born 14 Oct 1912
          • Lillian Rachel WATSON....born 28 Oct 1914
        • Ellery FULKERSON....born 8 Jul 1889 at Drewsey, Harney Co., Oregon, never married. Per a descendant of this branch, he died on 26 May 1947 at Dayville, Grant Co., Oregon while visiting a cousin there.
      • Nellie FULKERSON....b. 1861 at Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington, died before 1900 in Castle Rock, Malheur Co., Oregon. She m. William MURRAY (born 9 Jun 1850 in Lairg, Sutherlandshire, Scotland; died after 1900 in Drewsey, Harney Co., Oregon) on 15 Nov 1877 in Yakima, Washington. The 1880 Census found them at South Fork, Grant Co., Oregon. He was the same Scotsman William MURRAY who employed her brother Robert in 1880.
        • Ellen MURRAY.....b. 1878
        • Christine MURRAY.....Jul 1882-1944, m. William John ALTNOW, 2 daughters reported, one known
          • Ina ALTNOW....born 1882 in Drewsey, Harney Co., Oregon
        • Leah MURRAY....born in Drewsey, Harney Co., Oregon, married a Mr. VINSON
    • Rebecca FULKERSON.....1833 (date from 1850 census)
    • Amanda FULKERSON.....1836 (date from 1850 census)...m. Walter A. (Albert?) SIMPSON, had eleven children, died when the youngest was an infant.
      • Frank Fulkerson SIMPSON.....was the youngest of the 11 children, born in Missouri. His father died when he was 13, so Frank went to Colorado to live with an older brother. Per a descendant, "They took some cattle up to Pierre Wibaux in S.D., ( in 1892), as they were working for him. Consequently, Frank F. married my grandmother Mary Lena BAKER (also from MO.) in Ekalaka, Montana in 1907. "
    • Anna FULKERSON.....1838 (date from 1850 census)
    • John FULKERSON.....1841, moved to Bates Co., MO
    • Robert FULKERSON.....?
    • Margaret FULKERSON.....?
  • James FULKERSON..............17 May 1796-15 Jan 1859, b. near Abingdon, VA. He became a physician. His wife, Frances PATTERSON (13 Mar 1806-19 Oct 1881, b. in Philadelphia, PA) was the sister of General Robert PATTERSON. Her father, Francis PATTERSON, was a soldier in the army of Robert EMMET - who consorted with Napoleon BONAPARTE and led an abortive upising in Ireland in July 1803 - and escaped to America after EMMET was captured, tried and hung. James and Frances moved to Tazewell, Claiborne Co., Tennessee, where he bought a 5-room, two-story stone house that was built in 1808. His farm consisted of 300 acres, which was worked by "about ten" slaves. Frances could cook, weave and spin, but had it done by slaves or servants. By the time of his death, the farm was worth about $6,000 and his property about $20,000 (per son Peter). James died from pneumonia at age 62, caught while riding horseback through the mountains in the rain while attending the sick. Frances was 74 at the time of the 1880 Census. Living with her were her 37-yr-old son Thomas, 15-yr-old servant Mary COFFMAN and 26-yr-old laborer Washington JOHNSON. The story of James' six sons in the Civil War is related in a letter by his son Thomas. Their eight children were:

    • William Houston FULKERSON.......9 Sep 1834-3 Dec 1919, b. in
      Wm H Fulkerson
      William Houston
      Tazewell, Claiborne Co., TN, d. in Jerseyville, IL, m. Cornelia RUSSELL; their nephew was the famous Western artist, Charles M. RUSSELL. William went west where he freighted wagons and rode for the Pony Express, then returned to become Captain and later Lt. Colonel of the 63rd Tennessee regiment. After the war he moved to Illinois where he was active in cattle breeding, banking, education, state government and even managed a railroad. Cornelia died on 31 Oct 1909. William and Cornelia are buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Jersey Co., IL. They had five children:
      • Frances Russell FULKERSON.....9 Aug 1862-9 Dec 1918. She was b. in Tazewell, TN, never married, d. on the family farm in Jerseyville, IL. Frances is buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Jersey Co., IL, her name listed as "Fannie."
      • James Whitehill FULKERSON.....12 Dec 1864-27 May 1883, b. in Tazewell, TN, d. in Billings, MT of Rocky Mountain spotted fever while enroute to a summer of ranch work with his young cousin, Charles M. RUSSELL (19 Mar 1864-1926). James was buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Jersey Co., IL.
      • Sarah Blanche FULKERSON.....20 Sep 1867-12 Nov 1925, b. and d. in Jerseyville, m. Judge Charles S. WHITE.
      • Joseph Russell FULKERSON.....16 Aug 1869-1962, b. in Jerseyville, IL. Just before his death he compiled a family history for which we will be forever grateful. He was a livestock specialist, active as a delegate or president in numerous farm bureaus, conventions, committees and commissions. In 1893 he was Superintendent of the Sheep Department at the Chicago World's Fair. He married Mary Alice CORY on 21 Nov 1906 and had two children. Both are buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Jersey Co., IL.
      • Frank Eberle FULKERSON.....5 Jun 1873-11 Dec 1968, b. in Jerseyville, IL, he took over his parent's farm in 1909. He m. Charlotte LOWE on 31 Dec 1906 and had three children, one of whom (Frank) was killed in France on 2 Aug 1944 (World War II). Frank, Charlotte and their son Frank are buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery in Jersey Co., IL.
    • Robert Francis "Frank" FULKERSON.........11 Dec 1836-11 Jun 1880, never married. Frank was an officer in the Confederate Army by 10 Aug 1862, when he was listed as Captain R. Frank Fulkerson, Co. F (Claiborne Co.), 1st Tennessee Cavalry Regiment. Frank afterward ranched in Kansas. He died at brother William's home in Jerseyville, reportedly from a tumor caused by injuries when he was gored by a Texas steer.
      FULKERSON, Mary A. Oak Grove Jersey ***** 30 Oct 1945
    • James Whitehill FULKERSON.......13 Dec 1838-25 Nov 1863, m. unknown, served as 2nd Lieutenant in the Army of Tennessee during the first year of the Civil War. "At the end of the first year, the Co. re-enlisted and re-organized for the war, and elected Jim their Captain. He...was in all the leading battles with Bragg in Tenn. Ky. & Georgia. Was wounded at Murfreesboro and again at Missionary Ridge, shot through both thighs, breaking both bones, from which he never recovered but died in a hospital at Atlanta."
    • Peter Graham FULKERSON...........5 Dec 1840-1926?...........Peter m. (1st) to Emma GLENN. and (2nd) to 33-year-old widow Jennie Eliza (FUGATE) TREECE in 1882. Jennie was born 14 Sep 1848 in Claiborne Co, TN and died 11 Feb 1936, apparently in Texas. She was listed on the 1880 Census in Claiborne Co with her husband Newton and her mother Martha. Her father is reported to be Johiel FUGATE (1809-1863, buried at Irish Cemetery, Claiborne Co, TN). Jennie had one son, Alfred, born ca. 1874, who reportedly became an attorney -- possibly with help from his step-father Peter Graham FULKERSON.
        Per an account attributed to him in 1926, Peter was born at Mulberry Gap, northeast of Tazewell, TN, which at that time was in Claiborne Co. and later became Hancock Co. Peter was educated at schools in Tazewell (about 5 months per year) and Danville, MO. He was living in Montgomery Co., MO in 1861 when he entered the Confederate Army. He served in Col. Elliott's regiment and then in Gen. Sterling Price's corps, participating in the battles of Big Blue and Lexington. He was captured at Danville, where the Union Army had issued an order similar to the "Kansas Jayhawker" rules that Southerners found in Union districts were to be executed. His uncle Robert Craig FULKERSON of Danville, an influential Union supporter, convinced the Army to release him and got them to send him North on condition that he stay North during the War. So he went to Philadelphia, PA, where his uncle William PATTERSON put him to work and gave him employment until the War ended.

        Peter returned to Tazewell after the War and then went back to Missouri, where he farmed for two years and began studying law. He returned to Tennessee and was admitted to the bar in 1868. Peter was a member of the Constitutional Convention in 1870 and in 1873 was appointed Attorney General of the State of Tennessee. The Goodspeed's "History of Claiborne County" (1886) reported he was living in the "fine stone residence" built in 1814 by William GRAHAM, Tazewell's first merchant. Peter himself was an historian, whose works included the "Early Settlers of Claiborne County." Click here to read his description of frontier homes. Peter had six children with Emma and two children with Jane.

      • Glenn Ewing FULKERSON....1870-??, died young
      • Frances Craig FULKERSON....1872-??, m. Judge Herman HUGHES
      • Cornelia Russell FULKERSON....1874-?, m. Dr. Charles ALEXANDER
      • James Whitehill FULKERSON....1876-??, died young
      • Emma Aurelia FULKERSON....1877-?, m. Wharton MOORE
      • Francis Frederick FULKERSON....1881-??, died young
      • Jennie FULKERSON.....26 Dec 1883-20 Nov 1887
      • Catherine Sallie FULKERSON.....1 Mar 1885, m. James R. PARKEY, moved to Mankins, Archer Co., TX. The 1930 Census found them there with mother 'Janey' in the household.
    • Thomas Graham FULKERSON.....b. 18 Dec 1842.   Thomas served as a sergeant in brother William's company in the Civil War, then returned to the family farm to care for his widowed mother. The 1880 census listed him as a farmer at his mother's household in "District 9, Claiborne, Tennessee." Two other household members were laborer Washington JOHNSON (age 26) and servant Mary COFFMAN (age 15), both black.

        Thomas married Hallie EVANS. He died about 1923 while visiting his son William in Newark, OH, but not before leaving a dictated account of his family's participation in the Civil War. (See Six Brothers in the Civil War.) The three children of Thomas and Hallie:

      • Tipton E FULKERSON...............21 Oct 1884-??, m. Viola ________.   Tipton and Viola lived at Tazewell, TN, later moved to Gillette, Wyoming, where they operated the Fulkerson Oil Company and had three children. One son began Fulkerson Aviation at the Gillette-Campbell County Airport in 1939, was a contract flight instructor for the Army Air Corps at Spearfish, South Dakota during World War II, and operated his flying service in Gillette until 1978. Another son was mayor of Gillette from 1948 to 1952.
      • Frederick F FULKERSON.............17 Aug 1888-25 Jun 1908, age 19
      • William Fugate FULKERSON........20 Dec 1890-??, m. Florence _______
    • Frederick Eberle FULKERSON.......31 Jan 1845-??, m. Ida HUFF. Serving in the Confederate Army, he had an arm shot off in a charge up Snodgrass Hill (Brother Peter reported that 31 of the 39 men in his company were killed or wounded in this charge.) Older brother Thomas described his Civil War service:
      Fred the youngest son joined Blackburne's Co. in the First Tenn. Cavalry and saw active service in East Tenn. and Va., was wounded too bad to be taken off by Yanks in same fight that I was Captured and again later but was able to be with the Regiment when surrendered by Johnson at Charlotte, N. C.
    • Sarah Ann FULKERSON......15 Feb 1847-??, m. unknown
    • Mary Frances FULKERSON....3 Oct 1849-??, m. John SCARBOROUGH
  • Benjamin Franklin FULKERSON.......b. 22 Mar 1798 in Lee Co., VA, m. Mary Jane EWING who was born in Beth Co., KY. They lived in Lee Co., where their first children were born, and by 1840 were living in Kentucky. In 1842 they moved west and settled on 160 acres of prairie and timber land [bought at $1.25 per acre] in Grundy Co., Missouri, northeast of the town of St. Joseph. They eventually increased their holdings to about 1200 acres. The tale of their pioneer life was told in the "History of Northwest Missouri":
      Peter Glenn Fulkerson was but nine years of age when he accompanied his parents to Grundy County, and such education as he was able to secure was obtained in the primitive schools. He experienced every hardship and witnessed every incident of pioneer life, and is frequently prevailed upon today to speak of the times when he lived in the little log cabin in the midst of a country filled with wild game and in which the Indians still roamed in great numbers.

      The little home of the Fulkersons, like those of other pioneers, boasted of neither floor nor door. The hard earth served for the former, while a quilt in winter months was used to keep out the cold. A wooden mallet was used to crush the corn, although hominy was the chief cereal used, as most easily secured; the leather for the family shoes was tanned by some member of the family and then kept until the shoemaker made his rounds and fashioned it into footwear. About the year 1852 the community began to become more thickly settled, many families coming here by way of ox-teams....

      But while neighbors became more numerous, it was many years before primitive conditions ceased to exist. Sugar was a luxury not to be thought of, and honey was accordingly used to sweeten the food, this being gathered in the timber. Money was scarce, and but one store was located on the present site of the City of Trenton, while such mail as was received was paid for at the rate of twenty-five cents per letter. Tea and coffee being too expensive, the inventive settlers made a good brew from bark, boiled over a fire started by striking flints. The home-made candle furnished the light by which the mother made the summer clothes from flax, carded the wool, wove the cloth therefrom, or knitted the socks for the family, the latter commodity often being exchanged for the family bacon, at a ratio of one cent per pound, money being too scarce to pay for this article.

     ...the cooking was done at the fireplace, and the children had nothing but corn bread on week days, while on Sundays they were feasted with flour biscuits sweetened with honey taken from the trees in the surrounding forest. While the Indians were numerous they were peaceable, and the principal relations the settlers had with these original residents of the forest were trading, though the Indians were notorious as beggars and if not watched were inclined to petty thieving.

      All this country in the 40's had an abundance of wild game of all kinds - turkey, deer and other animals - and wolves were the chief obstacle to the raising of live stock, the cattle and hogs having to be carefully watched until well grown....It was with wagon and ox teams that the Fulkersons came from Virginia to Missouri, and for a number of years all the farm work was performed by the slow plodding oxen, and the plow was made of wood shod with iron. When [Benjamin and Mary Jane] came to Northwest Missouri they brought with them one slave, whom they afterwards [about 1852] liberated and paid his passage to the Liberian Republic, where all American slaves were welcomed, and he was given 160 acres of land and reached a considerable degree of prosperity before his death.  [Note: the last sentence is unverified and may be taken as pure embellishment.]

    Benjamin and Mary Jane's 12 children were:
    • Jane Eliza FULKERSON.........16 Jul 1828-5 Nov 1841, died at age 12
    • Margaret Amanda FULKERSON.....19 Mar 1830-5 Sep 1901, m. Reese SHANNON on 18 Nov 1847 in MO
      • Mary SHANNON
      • Eva Elinor SHANNON.....m. Dr. ____ RICHMOND, 3 children
    • Evaline Watkins FULKERSON........15 Oct 1831-5 Aug 1914, m. (1st) John T. WITTEN (1820-1888, as his 3rd wife) on 26 Sep 1878 in Edinburgh, MO. John died at Trenton, Grundy Co., MO. Evaline m. (2nd) Asa DENT on 6 Nov 1901. She had no children from either marriage.
        [A Witten family site lists John's origins and prior marriages: Children of JAMES STANLEY WITTEN and LAVICIE THOMPSON are: i. JOHN T. WITTEN b. September 27, 1820, Tazewell Co., VA; d. June 29, 1888, Trenton, Grundy Co., MO; m. (1st) LUCY ANN KALKENER PEERY Abt. 1840 in Tazewell, VA; m. (2) CAROLINE V. THOMPSON August 04, 1842, Tazewell Co., Va; b. Abt. 1824; d. 1866; m. (3) Evaline Watkins FULKERSON , September 26, 1878]
    • Peter Glenn FULKERSON........16 May 1833-Mar 1922, b. in Lee Co., VA, raised in Grundy Co., MO. He worked on his father's farm until 1861, when his father gave him 100 acres of land, ten miles north of Trenton, and built a one-room log cabin where all of his children would later be born. Peter enlisted in the Missouri State Militia following the outbreak of the Civil War, then m. Eliza CARNES (1841-1909) on 5 Dec 1861. In 1875 was elected a county judge, served four years, and thereafter retained the title of Judge. Peter and Eliza had six children:
      • Dr. William Dow FULKERSON...........29 Oct 1862-??, m. (1st) Ina JOHNSON on 15 Sep 1895, m. (2nd) Sallie WELDON by whom he had one child:
        • George FULKERSON....a poet in California
      • Walter Perry FULKERSON................9 Oct 1865-23 Feb 1956, b. at Trenton, Grundy Co., MO; reported to have died at Los Angeles, CA. Walter m. Sarah M. HARPER of Cathage, MO (Feb 1871-25 Dec 1915) on 8 Mar 1895. He was a banker. There is a sketch on Walter P. Fulkerson at the State Historical Society of MO called "St. Joseph - City Worthwhile." An undated article, quoted in a 1977 book, "The Fruit of the Family Tree," said that banker Walter P. Fulkerson of St. Joseph was building a row of houses, in one of the best residential districts, to rent only to newly-weds and families with children. Tenants who had a child while living there would have their month's rent returned. On the other hand, newly-weds would be asked to vacate if they were childless at the end of the year's time. (No word on whether this caused a run on the bank.)
        • Lucile Harper FULKERSON.... a graduate of Ward-Belmont School of Nashville TN
        • Walter Perry FULKERSON, Jr.....attended Culver Military Academy, Culver, IN
      • Thomas Franklin FULKERSON.....31 Oct 1868, m. Mamie MILBANKS of Chillicothe, MO
      • Emmett Glenn FULKERSON.......14 Dec 1871-6 May 1948, m. Louise PEERY of Ogden, Utah, was a livestock commissioner in Chicago. He is apparently the Emmett G. FULKERSON found on the Cook Co., IL census in 1900 and 1920. His death certificate states he died at Moberly, Randoloph Co., MO after living in that community for 4 years. His wife was listed as Lela B. Fulkerson. Emmett was buried at the Trenton Masonic Cemetery, Grundy County, MO.
      • Henry Cortez FULKERSON......5 Oct 1875-??, m. Ida SCHUMACHER (also Shoemaker) of Clinton, MO, was reportedly a successful farmer and livestock feeder, had at least 3 boys
        • John FULKERSON......
        • Emmett FULKERSON......
        • E. Carnes FULKERSON......1911-2003, b. in Perrin, MO, was a lifelong resident of the Plattsburg area as a livestock farmer, and farmed all of his working life within one mile of his birthplace, per a Kansas City, MO newspaper obituary.
      • Anna Eliza FULKERSON.....15 Nov 1877-22 Jul 1908, m. Dr. _____ SMITH of Gallatin, MO, had one boy, died of appendicitis
    • Rachel Elinor FULKERSON.....11 Mar 1835-17 Sep 1858, died at 23, never married
    • Putnam Samuel FULKERSON...........6 Nov 1838-12 Mar 1912, m. Alice ASHER (b. 22 Mar 1856 in OH) on 15 Oct 1882, no children
    • Joshua Frederick FULKERSON..........8 Oct 1841-11 Feb 1893, b. in Kentucky, m. first cousin Margaret Frances FULKERSON "at the old Dr. Thompson brick house, in Grand River bottom about 4 miles west of Edinburgh [MO] where Frederick D. Fulkerson, father of Margaret, was living at the time." He enlisted in the Missouri State Militia during the Civil War and held the rank of Captain, but most of his service was spent 'subject to call' and on minor skirmish duty. He was mustered out of service at war's end in 1865 at Chillicothe, MO. Having received 80 acres from his father, he began farming with one horse, a team of oxen and a one-room log house - shingled with walnut - that he built in 1866.
      • Nancy Jackson FULKERSON....22 Feb 1867-1869
      • Eva Waitstill FULKERSON....22 Dec 1869-14 Oct 1958, m. Rev. Hugh MITCHELL (1871-1939), had 7 children, d. in Council Bluff, IA
      • Frederick DeBow FULKERSON....28 Jul 1870-24 Feb 1947, b. at Taylor Township, Grundy Co., MO, he attended local schools and then went on to Grand River College at Edinburgh and the University of Missouri where he studied law. He returned to the family farm following the death of his parents and became one of the more successful farmers in the county. He drained swamps and there grew corn and other crops, and became a leading stock raiser. He exhibited some of his livestock at the St. Louis World's Fair, as well as state fairs in four states. In addition to farming he owned town property and the Fulkerson & Dent hardware business in Brimson, and held the offices of tax collector, town trustee and justice of the peace. He m. Margaret MORROW, with who he had no children. He d. in West Plains, MO.
      • Benjamin Franklin FULKERSON....23 Mar 1872-9 Aug 1955, m. Martha FUNK, lived first in Hereford, TX, then moved to an 80-acre ranch at Roswell, NM, where the family is still active in business. They had 5 children.
      • Peter Ross FULKERSON....12 Mar 1875-after 1960, m. Nancy MYZER, lived in MO, had one child who died at age 8
      • Amanda Lydia FULKERSON....14 Apr 1876-after 1960, never married
      • Craig Dent FULKERSON....9 Nov 1879-25 Feb 1893, died at age 13
      • Martha Corrine (Cora) FULKERSON....15 Sep 1881-4 Sep 1945, m. Herbert ____ in 1940, no children
      • John Francis FULKERSON....8 Mar 1884-after 1960, m. Irene ____, lived in MO and then moved to Glendale, CA. They had one son.
    • Theophilus Preston FULKERSON.......6 Apr 1845-7 Sep 1923, m. (1st) cousin Sarah Jane (Sally) FULKERSON (1845-21 Feb 1874) on 4 Jul 1867 and had 2 children. He m. (2nd) Phylenah E. HUDSON (1852-1935) on 2 Mar 1876, d. at Brimson, MO. He was buried at Peery Chapel Cemetery, Madison Township, Grundy County, MO, next to first wife Sarah J. (cemetery records).
      • Fanny FULKERSON........died as infant
      • Frederick FULKERSON.......1870-1891
      • Anna Laura FULKERSON......6 Aug 1877-6 Aug 1877
      • Ira Thomas FULKERSON.......4 Apr 1879-??, m. Mildred Creswell ____ (a widow), had 3 children
      • Eret Glenn FULKERSON.....15 Aug 1881-21 Sep 1897
      • Adeline Eva FULKERSON.....14 Oct 1883-27 Feb 1912, m. W. ____, died at age 28
      • Burt (or Bert?) FULKERSON.....8 Oct 1885-??, m. Elizabeth ____ on 12 Aug 1908
      • Boyle John FULKERSON.......28 Nov 1887, m. Rena ____ (sister of Elizabeth above), had 6 children
      • Clarence Samuel FULKERSON.....8 Aug 1890, m. Bessie ____, 4 children
      • Wilbur FULKERSON.....28 Aug 1892, m. Maurine ____ in 1919, ran a farm and had 1 son
      • Mary Elva FULKERSON.....7 Feb 1894, m. Harvey ____, a singer, teacher, bandleader and farmer. Athough he was described as "A tip-top fellow, anywhere or anyway you take him," they had no children
    • Catherine Elizabeth FULKERSON......18 Mar 1847-19 Mar 1847
    • James Evans FULKERSON.......3 Apr 1848- 23 Apr 1926, m. Georgia SHANNON (1855-1927) on 24 Aug 1876 near Dearborn, MO, worked in a bank in Trenton, MO, then moved to Wellington, KS about 1885 where he handled real estate for the Santa Fe Railroad. He returned to MO to work for another railroad, the Frisco Line, at Monett. In 1890 he was in Lebanon, MO for the Magnetic Water Company. He then ran a feed and grocery business, and purchased a farm near Lebanon in 1901. He had 7 boys (& no reported daughters):
      • Hugh Floyd FULKERSON........24 May 1877 - 10 Jul 1896. He was the graduating class valedictorian in 1896, died 3 months later of ruptured appendix.
      • Hosea FULKERSON.........7 Sep 1883-1884
      • Lou Homer FULKERSON.......26 Jun 1881-1950, probably born in MO, m. Carrie DENHOFF, was living at Kelso, WA in 1911, d. in Alva, OK, had 1 son:
        • Dodd Dent FULKERSON...born 11-11-1911 at Kelso, Cowlitz County, WA
      • Oscar Forrest FULKERSON........4 Dec 1884-28 Jun 1960, d. a bachelor in Lebanon, MO
      • Jewett Hayden FULKERSON.......28 May 1887-??, b. at Wellington, KS, m. Dovie Mae ROE, operated at mill and elevator business in Weaubleau, MO - I'm not making up these places, people - then moved to Lebanon, La Clede Co., MO where he was elected Clerk of the Court. He and Dovie had 2 children.
      • Lowell McKittrick FULKERSON......14 Aug 1891-??, lived in the western states as a young man, and even went to Canada and Mexico, m. Phoebe ____, then settled in La Clede Co., MO. They had 2 children.
      • Paul McCabe FULKERSON......25 Sep 1893-5 May 1899, died at age 5
    • Ewing Wirt FULKERSON.......19 Apr 1851-19 Dec 1925, m. 21-yr-old Margaret DENT on 17 Feb 1881
      • Rosa Lee Genella FULKERSON.....23 Jun 1883-??, m. Graham ____
      • Cortez Dent FULKERSON.....1 Aug 1884-??, m. Grace ____, 4 children
      • Anna Grace FULKERSON.....25 Oct 1888-??, m. Charles ____ (brother of Rena and Elizabeth above), had 2 girls
      • Benjamin FULKERSON.....1891-1892
    • Patrick Dow FULKERSON.......9 Jun 1855-26 Feb 1862, died at age 6

  • Jacob Van Hook FULKERSON....30 Mar 1800-1885, b. in Lee Co., VA, m. Kitty EWING. Jacob was a farrier and a merchant in Lee Co., VA, and at one time he served as sheriff of Lee County. His name appears in an 1846 Lee County lawsuit: Jacob Fulkerson et al. vs. Isom Hubbard et al. Seventeen years later he served as a Major in the Confederate Army, although his age may have been slowing him down by then. According to Preston ("The Fulkerson Story" by John F. Preston, 1961) Jacob lived in Virginia until he was quite old and then moved to Lafayette Co., MO. His son Dr. Putnam Smith FULKERSON was on the Lafayette Co., Mo. census in 1850. So his children started moving to Missouri some time before he did. Jacob and Catherine had the following children:
    • Margaret C FULKERSON.....19 Jan l825-12 Dec 1921, m. Harrison LY0N. They lived all their lives in Virginia. He was a carpenter and building contractor. She was 96 when she died.
    • Dr. Putnam Smith FULKERSON.....10 Jan 1827-1905, m. Mary Jane RIDINGS. Putnam studied medicine in Tennessee with his uncle, James Monroe FULKERSON, and then as a young man had thoughts of adventure. His cousin Samuel Vance FULKERSON, recently returned from service as an Army officer in the Mexican War, wrote to him from Jonesville, Lee Co., VA on 9 Sep 1849:
      "Dear Putnam: Let me assure you that it will afford me much pleasure to render you any procuring for you the desired position in the Utah Expedition."
        Putnam went west only as far as Missouri, practicing in Chapel Hill, Texas Prairie and Wellington. He was listed as an M.D. on the 1860 Lafayette Co. census. During the Civil War he was a surgeon in Parson's Brigade, Elliott's Regiment, General Joe Shelby's Army (Confederate). After the war he moved to Lexington and continued his practice until his death in 1905. Putnam and Mary had 3 children who never married:
      • Catherine (Kitty) FULKERSON.....1868-1946
      • Emmet FULKERSON.....1869-1905
      • Arch FULKERSON.....1870-1896
    • Jane Eleanor (Helen) FULKERSON.....20 Jul 1829, m. Dr. William FRICK, and lived at Oak Grove, MO. They had six children, two of whom were doctors:
      • Katherine FRICK.....1857-??, m. Dr. Neil WOOD
      • Albert FRICK.....1859-1860
      • Eva FRICK.....1862-??, never married
      • Dr. William FRICK.....1863-??, m. Katherine MENET
      • Dr. Dow FRICK.....1864-1902, never married
      • Frank FRICK.....1866-after 1960, m. Isabelle MASTERSON. They had no children.
    • Peter Logan FULKERSON.....14 Dec 1831-1832
    • Samuel Wirt FULKERSON.....27 Feb 1834-1835
    • Dr. Albert Preston FULKERSON.....3 Apr 1836-1904, was listed as an M.D. on the 1860 Lafayette Co. census, was a surgeon with the Confederate Army, d. in Lexington, Missouri in 1904. Notes from another member of the family said that his mind was not right soon after his marriage to Carrie GODWIN (or was it PTSD, due to his recent experience in the war?). Nevertheless they had three children:
      • Albert FULKERSON.....1867-??
      • William FULKERSON.....1869-??
      • Senova FULKERSON.....1871-??, three husbands, no children
    • James Piper FULKERSON.....19 May 1839-l861
    • Leigh Dow FULKERSON.....4 Feb 1842-??. Leigh was in business in a large wholesale house in New York in 1866, but returned to Lee County and m. Harriet Ann BALES (b. ca. 1850) on 27 July 1868. The 1880 Census listed him as "Doua Fulkerson" - farming at Rose Hill, Lee Co., Virginia, with his wife, seven children and three servants - Ada Cloud [a former slave], Margaret Ayers and Thomas Bacchus. An 1889 directory showed him farming at Bales' Mills, Lee Co., VA. The 1900 Census for Lee Co., VA listed a widow Hatty A. FULKERSON and children He and Harriet had ten children:
      • Walter Charles FULKERSON.....7 Jun 1869-??, m. (1st) Lillian SIMPSON. They had one child, Paul, born in Nebraska. Walter m. (2nd) Flora S. MARTIN by 1897 and had a second child.
        • Paul S. FULKERSON....b. 1892 or 1896, born in Nebraska, lived in Freeport, TX
        • Katherine FULKERSON....1897-??
      • Clarence Ewing FULKERSON.....28 Oct 1870-??, born at Rose Hill, Lee Co VA, m. (1st) to Cora MAUPIN and (2nd) to Jane HENSLEY about 1904, was living at Bales Mill, Precinct I, in 1900
      • Laura D. FULKERSON.....1870-??, born at Rose Hill, Lee Co VA, (twin?)
      • Robert Jacob FULKERSON.....2 Mar 1872-??, born at Rose Hill, Lee Co VA, m. Laura RAWLINGS, had one child.
      • Arthur Putnam FULKERSON.....6 Apr 1873-??, born at Rose Hill, Lee Co VA, never married, living at Bales Mill, Precinct I, in 1900
      • Katherine M. FULKERSON.....9 Nov 1874-??, born at Rose Hill, Lee Co VA, living at Bales Mill, Precinct I, in 1900, later m. Dr. Davis PIERCE
      • William Dow FULKERSON.....29 Feb 1876-??, born at Rose Hill, Lee Co VA, never married
      • Harry Werdebough FULKERSON.....13 Sep 1877-about 1898, born at Rose Hill, Lee Co VA, d. at age 21
      • Samuel Houston FULKERSON......1881-??, born at Rose Hill, Lee Co VA, m. Lily PAYTON
      • Nathaniel Caleb FULKERSON.....5 May 1883-??, born at Rose Hill, Lee Co VA, living at Bales Mill, Precinct I, in 1900
    • Emily Rachel FULKERSON.....20 Sep 1844-??, b. in Lee Co., VA, d. in Shawnee, OK; m. Stephen Sylvester REEDER (1833-1887) who was a Captain in the Union Army, in Feb 1870 at Agates Mill, VA. Their children were:
      • Katherine REEDER.....27 Jul 1872-24 Jun 1960, m. Olcott S. BULKLEY on 11 Apr 1898
      • Pearl Pennington REEDER.....3 Jun 1874-27 Jul 1959
      • Dr. Henry Maurice REEDER.....27 Apr 1876-27 Mar 1950
      • Lyman French REEDER.....12 May 1878-18 Dec 1943
      • Walter Fulkerson REEDER.....27 Dec 1880-31 May 1959
    • Dr. Jacob Johnson FULKERSON.....3 Oct 1847-1914, served in the Civil War as a private in an Army of
      Higginsville City Cemetery
      Northern Virginia regiment, was captured but made his escape after a short time. He went to Missouri in 1870 and attended St. Louis Medical College, from which he went into practice in Oak Grove. He m. Mary GODWIN (1853-1899) and lived in Higginsville and Lexington, MO. During the Spanish-American War he joined the Army as a Captain but the War ended while he was enroute to Cuba. Both are buried at the Higginsville City Cemetery in Lafayette Co., MO: "Go in tree-canopied main entrance to small circle, first left after circle, look to immediate right across from tall pine tree, 4th & 5th stones." Jacob's and Mary's children were:
      • Jacob FULKERSON.....1876-1876
      • Mary FULKERSON.....1880-1880
      • Lillian Catherine FULKERSON.....16 Jul 1883-??, m. Felix Grundy ____
      • Blanche Wilkerson FULKERSON.....2 Nov 1884-after 1960, never married ( See the Fulkerson Tidbits page )
      • Emma Jane FULKERSON.....6 Sep 1888-after 1960, never married
      • Putnam FULKERSON.....1890-1890, died young
      • Helen Bulkley FULKERSON.....27 Mar 1893-after 1960
      • Pearl Elizabeth FULKERSON.....19 Sep 1894-??, a nurse, she served as a 2nd Lieutenant in France during WWI
  • Peter James FULKERSON.......22 Dec 1802-??, b. in Lee Co., VA, m. Eleanor ANDERSON
    • Mariah FULKERSON....1839-??, m. Sylvester HENSLEY of Scott Co., VA
    • William Whitehill FULKERSON....1842-24 Jan 1912, served in Companies I and G of the 25th Regiment Virginia Cavalry from 1863 to 1865. Further information comes to us from a widow's pension claim filed by Fannie (KEEFER) FULKERSON of Jasper Co., Illinois, who married him on 7 Dec 1883. His own pension claim was for a Tennessee Pension under No. 7296, made in 1905. He died on 24 Jan 1912 at Linton, Green Co., Indiana, and she was filing the claim some 20 years later from Vero Beach, FL.
    • Margaret FULKERSON....1844-??
    • Charles FULKERSON....1845-, placed here by 1880 Census, living at Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA, with a 30-yr-old sister named Retta (Margaretta?) He was a 35-yr-old drummer with a 30-yr-old wife Elizabeth and two children: Mary (3) and Archilaus (1). All were born in VA.
  • John Whitehill FULKERSON.....22 Feb 1805-19 Apr 1843, born in VA. He was m. to Harriet Elizabeth SCRUGGS, daughter of Moses and Nancy McCoy SCRUGGS of Morganton, Blount Co., TN, on 27 Sep 1827 by Rev. James MILLER in Knoxville, TN. They lived in Blount Co., TN (now Loudon Co., TN). John died at the age of 38 and was buried at Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA. His will was dated on June 19, 1843 - probably the probate date - in Will Book 2-51 of Lee Co., VA. Harriet died by 1855, possibly in Blount Co., TN. The following notice was published in The East Tennessean (Maryville, Blount Co., TN) on October 26, 1855:
    In accordance with a decree of the county court of Blount County, I will offer for sale to the highest bidder, in the town of Morganton on Saturday, the 3rd day of November next, two slaves belonging to the heirs of Harriett E. Fulkerson, deceased, viz: A girl named Tempa, aged about 28 years, and her child, named Nancy, aged about two months.
    Said slaves will be sold for the purpose of dividing the proceeds among said heirs. They will be sold together, on a credit of twelve months, bearing interest from date. Note with approved security will be required and a lien will be retained on said slaves until the purchase money is paid.
    J.C. McCoy, Clerk
    By, W.A. Walker, P.C.
    Their children were:
    • Leonidas Scruggs FULKERSON.....10 Sep 1828-14 Jul 1892, m. Rebecca BALES (b. 1828) in Claiborne Co., TN. Leonidas was buried behind his residence in King Cemetery, east of Rose Hill, Lee Co., VA. Their children were:
      • Mary Alana FULKERSON......1856-??, m. Robert BALES
      • Whitehill Caleb FULKERSON.....1859-1927, m. Jennie ELY. The 1900 Census for Lee Co., VA listed her age as 26.
      • Martha Elizabeth FULKERSON......25 Jan 1861-??, m. Henley CAMPBELL
      • Jennie Margaret FULKERSON.....1868-25 May 1890
      • Rachel FULKERSON.....1864-1932, m. Andrew D. CAMPBELL
        • Archibald CAMPBELL
        • Joseph CAMPBELL
        • Lee CAMPBELL
      • Lee Scruggs FULKERSON.....1870-??
    • Nancy McCoy FULKERSON.....19 Oct 1834-6 Dec 1917, m. (1st) James S. ANDERSON and (2nd) William C. CONNER in Blount Co., TN on 28 Dec 1857. She had at least 7 children, including:
      • Jacob S. 1853-
      • Claibourn W. 1855-
      • Margaret H. 1859-
      • Frederick Russ CONNER....16 Jun 1864-3 Aug 1918
      • Martha Elizabeth CONNER....24 Jan 1867-21 May 1957 [great-grandmother of contributor of information about Nancy McCoy Fulkerson's marriages and children]
      • Emma 1870-
      • William M. 1873-
    • James Finley FULKERSON.....18 Sep 1832-18 Nov. 1914, b. in Blount Co., TN. He m. (1st) Martha Jane HOWARD on 22 Dec 1851 in Lee Co., VA. James and Martha had 4 children before Martha died on 3 Jan 1860. James m. (2nd) Mary Magdalene BRUNK on 5 Jul 1860. He then served during the Civil War in Company G, 25th Virginia Cavalry. James and Mary had 7 children, whose births indicate the family moved to Texas by 1872 and Arkansas by 1875. In the 1880 census they were farming at Cane Hill, Washington Co., Arkansas with seven children. James was listed as 47 years old, Mary 44. They were later separated, and she moved to Wallula, WA to live with a daughter until her death 5 Dec 1919. She is buried in Walla Walla, WA.
      NOTE: James Finley, with his surname changed to OLSON, appears as the central figure in Cheryl Schmidt's Separated Souls, an historical novel (published in late 2005) about the Civil War era. This web site apparently contributed to her research efforts. She wrote, "There will be no direct facts that were obtained from your site that I was not able to verify through, etc. but I really feel you did so much for me in writing my book." Good luck, Cheryl!     CLICK HERE to see what the book looks like...or to find out how to order it :^)
      • Harriet Elizabeth FULKERSON.....7 Nov 1852-??, m. George CLOUD, d. in Alvarado, Texas
        • Archelaus William CLOUD.....22 Feb 1888-1964
        • John Wesley CLOUD.....1886-??
        • James A. CLOUD.....1890-1915
      • John Whitehill FULKERSON.....14 May 1854-3 Jun 1854
      • Archelaus Hughes FULKERSON.....28 Oct 1856-1943, m. (1st) Julia SMITHE and had 2 boys (names unknown). He m. (2nd) to Sarah Ann McKINNEY (prob. sister of Liza, below) on 2 Jul 1886 in Lee Co., VA. It is unclear whether he remained in VA at age 16 when his parents moved to Texas, or whether he returned to VA to marry Sarah.
          Sometime after marrying they moved to Ellis Co., TX, where they settled down and raised 8 children. NOTE: There was previously a Fulkerson in Ellis County, TX, origin unknown: Edward FULKERSON m. Elizabeth ANDULIN there on 4 Apr 1861. Archelaus died in Muldoon, TX.
        • James Franklin FULKERSON.....29 Jan 1889-??
        • Joseph Craig FULKERSON.....11 Sep 1890-??
        • Charles William FULKERSON.....7 Jun 1892-??
        • Bertie May FULKERSON.....1 Apr 1894-??
        • Rose Lee FULKERSON.....16 Apr 1896-??
        • Fanny Alice FULKERSON.....6 Jun 1898-??
        • Martha Jane FULKERSON.....21 Feb 1900-??
        • John Whitehill FULKERSON.....9 Aug 1902-??
      • Margaretta FULKERSON.......28 Mar 1858-24 Mar 1859
      • Leonidas Edward FULKERSON.....14 Jul 1861-??, b. in Cumberland Gap, VA, was 18 yrs old and living with parents in Arkansas on 1880 census, m. Liza Jane McKINNEY. Per one research enquiry on the Internet, Leonidas was called Lee – and Liza, who was born about 1863 in KY, died in 1898 (age 35) at Aberfoil, TX
      • Salina Almaretta FULKERSON.....8 Apr 1863-??, b. in Cumberland Gap, VA, was 16 yrs old on 1880 census (in Arkansas), m. John HUBBARD
      • Frederick Craig FULKERSON.....20 Jan 1866-??, b. in Cumberland Gap, VA, was 14 yrs old on 1880 census (in Arkansas), never married
      • Christley Rush FULKERSON.....19 Dec 1867-??, b. in Cumberland Gap, VA, was 12 yrs old on 1880 census (in Arkansas), m. Edith Minnie JONES
      • Amanda Hannah FULKERSON.....20 Jul 1870-??, b. in Cumberland Gap, VA, was 10 yrs old on 1880 census (in Arkansas), m. William Lewis JONES in Seneca, MO in 1887. They had 12 children.
      • Mary Rebecca FULKERSON.....23 Oct 1872-??, b. in Dallas, TX, was 7 yrs old on 1880 census (in Arkansas), m. Peter BAUER
      • Charlotte Amy FULKERSON.....26 Nov 1875-??, b. in Washington Co., AR, was 5 yrs old on 1880 census (in Arkansas), m. Floyd Clarkson JONES (the 3 JONESES listed here were siblings)
    • Peter FULKERSON...1834-??, found in 1870 working as a painter in Gilroy, Santa Clara Co., California
    • William Rush FULKERSON......23 Sep 1836-12 May 1864, b. in Blount Co., TN, m. Martha MONTGOMERY on 30 Mar 1858. His early death (age 27) occurred during the Civil War, but his actual participation in the war is unknown. He and Martha had 2 daughters:
      • Anne E. FULKERSON....27 Aug 1860-1944, m. W.H. KEENE
      • Elizabeth FULKERSON....17 Oct 1863-??, m. J.L. GODDARD
    • Frederick DeBow FULKERSON.....1838-??, during the Civil War he was Captain of Co. H (1862-31 Jan 1863) and Co. I (1 Feb 1863-30 Jun 1865), 5th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry (Union). His military record:

      He enlisted at Barbourville, Kentucky on February 25th, 1862 as a private in Company H and was honorably discharged at Nashville, Tennessee on June 30th, 1865. Present on rolls of Company from enrollment to December 31, 1862; muster out roll of Company dated May 16, 1865. Transferred to Company I February 1, 1863 by reason of promotion; rolls February 28, 1863 to June 30, 1863 show him absent sick at Somerset, Kentucky June 30, 1863 to October 31, 1863 show him present. Received commission from the Governor of Tennessee as Captain on September 10th, 1863 awaiting muster in from that date. He was discharged as an enlisted man September 1, 1863 for promotion to Captain. Returns prior to May, 1863 not on file; May, 1863 reports him as absent recruiting service since April 25th, 1863.

      Personal: He was a blacksmith from Morganton, Blount County, Tennessee and married to Elizabeth J.

      Declaration for an invalid pension dated November 1, 1869:

      "He was wounded by gunshot wound in right leg fracturing the bone, at Resaca, Ga. May 14th, 1864 when in command of this Co. and in an engagement with the enemy. He was taken to Lookout Mountain Hospital, Chattanooga, Tenn. and kept there 14 days and Here transferred to Asylum Hospital Knoxville Tenn. He states His wound effects him in walking, standing, and riding. He considers himself 3/4 disabled."

      General Affidavit signed by F. D. Fulkerson:

      "He enlisted in Co. H 5th Regt. Tenn. Vols. Inft. the 25th day of Feb. 1862. About the first of March following he was detailed by James T. Shelley, Col. Comdg., 5th Tenn. Inft. as recruiting officer to proceed to East Tenn. and pilot Union men to the U.S.A. and enlist them in the same. While in this service he was greatly exposed. While within the enemy lines he could travel only by night and lay consealed in some secluded forest through the day. Often being forced to wade and swim rivers and creeks and lay in his place on consealment went through the day in] his wet clothing without the benefit of a fire to dry them. He made several of these trips into East Tenn. during the year 1862 (the year the conscript law was so vigorously enforced). At one time over seven hundred Union men crossed the Cumberland mountain with him many of them stil living to testafy to the exposure and harships they had to undergo. On the last day or night of Oct. 1862 he left Blount Co. with 72 men, waded Holsten Riv. one hundred and eighty yds. wide[.] A hevy frost fel that night. The following day, they lay in sight of the Confederate picket line in their wet and frosen clothes. They waded new river Clinch and Cumberland Rivers on that trip. The above facts can be proven by many witnesses. When he entered in the Army he was stout—active and fleet—had no serious or dangerous sickness that would in any way injur his constitution but when he left it he was physically reeked. He claims that in his opinion he contracted catarrh of the head and piles and weakness of the eyes from the service and exposure described above that affected him first at Murfresborogh Tenn Feb. 1863 and that he is unable to do but little for the support of himself and family."

      Proof of disability signed by G. H. Tipton in 1886:

      "... by reason of being with the command at the time and seeing claimant while he was suffering with piles and cattarrah and by talking to him at the times while he was in the service in regard to said diseases. I was mustered out of the service at the same time he was & entered in the goods business with him & lived within 3 miles of him until the year 1875. I know that he was suffering from Cattarrah of the head & piles frequently during that time."

      Proof of disability signed by Marion Finger in 1886:

      "...I went with claimant to Kentucky in the early part of 1862 in company with about 700 men. We was exposed in going traveling over the mountain wadeing creek, Rivers &c and sleeping in the wet clothing and traveling by night through the rain & snow and concealing ourselves in day light without the benefit of any fire to dry our clothes by for fear of being captured by the enemy. I also know of him making several trips across the mountain as an Recruiting Officer and from the statements by men whom he recruited at different times that the exposure was greater than it was on the trip I made myself. I further state that the applicant was a stout able bodied man when he enlisted."

      Letter by David G. Bowers dated March 2, 1869:

      "Personally appeared before me the undersigned authority David G. Bowers, late Maj. 5th Tenn. Inf., who being duly sworn according to law deposes & says that he was in command of the 2nd Battalion of said Regiment in the month of May 1864, and that Capt. Frederick D. Fulkerson of Co. `I' of said Regt. was wounded while in an engagement with the enemy at Resaca Georgia on or about the 14th day of may 1864 while in the line of duty. He was wounded in the right leg below the knee fracturing the bone and affiant is informed that said Fulkerson was taken to Lookout Mountain Hospital, Chattanooga Tenn. & from there to Asylum Hospital at Knoxville. Fulkerson was in affiant's Battalion at the time he was wounded..."

      Frederick died in the Soldiers' Home in Blount Co., TN. He m. Elizabeth J. BARNHILL on 25 Feb 1862 in Blount Co., TN. She died in Washington, DC in 1928. Their children were:
      • Frederick DeBow FULKERSON, Jr.....1868-1891, never married, d. in Blount Co., TN
      • Roe Parham FULKERSON....11 Jul 1870-10 Jan 1949, b. at Maryville, Blount Co., TN, was an optician in Washington, DC and later lived in Hollywood, FL, where you can now find the Roe Fulkerson Masonic Lodge (No. 299). Also served in the Florida legislature. He was the founding editor of the Kiwanis magazine and also authored that organization's motto, "We Build." [see the Tidbits page] He married at age 58 and had a daughter at age 63.
    • Margaret Elizabeth FULKERSON.....1842

  • Frederick De Bow FULKERSON...19 Mar 1809-18 Jul 1868, b. in Lee Co., VA, d. in Lafayette Co., MO. He m. (1st) Nancy DUNN on 31 May 1842. She was born 27 Jul 1827 in Massachusetts. Her father, John DUNN, was a Scot who came to American in 1812 as a British soldier or sailor, and was captured at the Battle of Lake Erie by Oliver Hazard Perry. He stayed after the war, settling in Lenox, MA and about 1836 moving to Lee Co., VA by wagon. Nancy died on 5 Dec 1849 in Lee Co., VA, 2 weeks after bearing her 5th child.

      Frederick m. (2nd) Nancy's sister, Waitstill Melissa DUNN (16 Jun 1826-1 Aug 1909) on 16 Feb 1851 in Lee Co., VA. She was a large, tall woman who taught school for a number of Fulkerson children in Lee Co. before her marriage. Jacob Van Hook Fulkerson wrote on 19 Sep 1849:

    I have three boys now going to school to Waity Dunn. At the last session, Albert commenced geography and went entirely through it, Piper is also studying geography and little Dow is learning his letters.
      Frederick and Melissa moved to Lafayette Co., MO, in 1856, with 7 daughters, 1 son & 6 slaves. On arrival they stayed for a time with his brother, Robert Craig FULKERSON in Montgomery Co. Frederick scouted the region and found good land in Dover Twp. He purchased the Page Farm, 300 acres with a five-room log house, a log barn and several smaller buildings, and renamed it the "Lone Sycamore Farm." When the Civil War started Frederick's political viewpoint became known and the farm became the target of guerilla raids. After some loss of livestock they decided their lives were in danger, so they temporarily moved north to Grundy County to live with the family of his deceased brother Benjamin Franklin FULKERSON. They returned to the Lone Sycamore in 1867, but Frederick died a year later. He is buried at the Higginsville City Cemetery in Lafayette Co., MO., near several of his children. He left his wife with six girls between the ages of 11 and 20, and three sons aged 2 to 8. With the help of an older step-daughter, who never married, she was able to keep things going until son Craig reached 18 and was able to take over the farm. His wife is buried at the Higginsville City Cemetery in Lafayette Co., MO as "Waity M. Fulkerson."
    • Peter James FULKERSON....13 May 1843-12 Apr 1917, b. in Lee Co., VA, d. in Higginsville, MO, m. Nancy Ann WILES (2 Aug 1838-12 Dec 1922) on 27 Oct 1870. Served as a Private in the Union Army, then returned to MO to farm. No children. He is buried at the Higginsville City Cemetery in Lafayette Co., MO., as is his brother Frederick DeBow FULKERSON II
    • Margaret FULKERSON....2 Jun 1844-20 Dec 1886, b. in Lee Co., VA, d. in Grundy Co., MO, m. first cousin Joshua Frederick FULKERSON on 30 Jan 1866.
    • Sarah Jane (Sally) FULKERSON....1845-21 Feb 1874, b. in Lee Co., VA, m. cousin Theophilus Preston FULKERSON on 4 Jul 1869, died 5 years later leaving two children. Buried at Peery Chapel Cemetery, Madison Township, Grundy County, MO. Her husband was buried next to her.
    • Amanda Melissa FULKERSON....11 Jan 1848-8 Mar1933, b. in Lee Co., VA, never married, taught school and helped at the Lone Sycamore Farm after her father's death, d. in Trenton, MO. She is buried at the Higginsville City Cemetery in Lafayette Co., MO., near her brother Peter James FULKERSON
    • Marietta FULKERSON....22 Nov 1849-18 Feb 1905, b. in Lee Co., VA, m. James or John MENEFEE on 7 Sep 1876. They lived most of their lives on a farm near Paola, KS
      • Frederick MENEFEE....1877-1951, m. Pearl LAUGHLIN
      • James T. MENEFEE....1879-1950, m. Pearl [not a typo] YOUNG
      • Buford Debow MENEFEE...
    • Virginia FULKERSON....30 Nov 1850 or 1851-17 Aug 1929, b. in Lee Co., VA, m. on 2 Jan 1878 to William W. PRESTON (b. 4 Feb 1836 in Rocheport, Columbia Co., MO; d. 2 Mar 1892 in Higginsville, Lafayette Co., MO) at Lexington, Lafayette, MO. Virginia died in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO. Both are buried at Higginsville, Lafayette Co., MO, per info at a Mason family site which also augmented information about their children.
      • Laurana PRESTON....nicknamed 'Rana,' 21 Oct 1878-17 Nov 1939, b. at Dover, Vernon Co., Missouri. She married Carlton R. BENTON on 16 Feb 1909 in Higginsville, Lafayette Co., MO. Both are buried in Greenton Cemetery, Odessa, Lafayette, MO.
      • William Frank PRESTON....13 Aug 1881-19 Nov 1942, b. at Higginsville, Lafayette Co., MO, d. Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT. He married Annie NEILL (18 Oct 1881-29 Jul 1936, b. in Lafayette Co., MO, d. in Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT.) on 18 Aug 1906 in Higginsville, Lafayette Co., MO. Both are buried in Great Falls, Cascade Co., MT
      • John Frederick PRESTON....nicknamed 'Ted,' 26 Feb 1883-after 1960, m. Maud HUNICKE (1886-1959, d. in Washington, DC) on 17 Jun 1908 in Sedalia, Pettis Co., MO. Educated as a forester at Univ. of Michigan, Bachelor's in 1907, Master's in 1915. Worked for the US Forest Service 1907-1925, Hammermill Paper 1925-1936, Soil Conservation Service 1936-1946. Lived in Missoula, MT region and Washington, DC. In 1961 he produced an extensive and well-written genealogy of his Fulkerson ancestors (typed, 99 pages, legal size) which gained wide distribution in the Captain James branch (a copy was sent to me from New Mexico!) His history began in southwest Virginia about 1770. He did not discover that during the preceding 140 years his branch had moved successively from North Carolina, New Jersey, Brooklyn and Manhattan Island. Relying on a mix of logic and family lore, he believed that Captain James was born in "some foreign country": Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany - or possibly even Holland. (He admitted that "quite a legend has been built about the Dutch origin" -- but deferred judgment by stating, "Hard to tell whether or not there is any basis in fact for these legends.") He made an invaluable contribution concerning the history of Captain James' descendants. It's a shame we can't repay him by sharing the knowledge about our New Amsterdam beginnings and Norwegian ancestry that we've collectively researched and assembled on the Internet.
      • Philip Gaw PRESTON....13 Sep 1885-3 Nov 1945, b. at Higginsville, Lafayette Co., MO, d. at Ontario, Oregon. Lived at Great Falls, MT and later in Oregon, making his living in farming and real estate. He m. Helen MCDONALD in 1914 at Lewiston, MT.
      • Kitty PRESTON....30 Mar 1888-1891, buried at Higginsville, Lafayette Co., MO.
    • Corinna (Cornelia?) FULKERSON....24 Aug 1853-13 Sep 1879, b. in Lee Co., VA, m. James W. McCLEARY on 3 Oct 1877. She left him a widow after two years, and he died less than four years later.
    • Emma Eugenia FULKERSON....25 Nov 1855-5 Aug 1937, b. in Lee Co., VA, she was a baby on the trip west to Missouri. She m. James Hamilton CATHER, a farmer and school teacher, on 27 Jan 1875, and lived near Dover, MO. His great grandfather was Jasper CATHER, an Irish immigrant who served in the American Revolution. Another of Jasper's descendants was Willa CATHER, a well-known novelist of the early 20th Century.
      • Lourana Taine CATHER.....b. 25 Aug 1876-after 1960, known as a teacher, writer and gardener, m. Russell CHERRY (1875-1946) 24 Jan 1906 at Shreveport, LA. He was a station agent for the Pacific Texas RR, then owned and operated general stores at Dover, MO and later in Louisiana. They moved to a farm east of Raymondville, TX in 1928.
      • Dr. Ernest Jasper CATHER.....4 Nov 1878-8 May 1934, eduated at a Kansas City medical school, then at Chicago University and Johns Hopkins and Tulane. Practiced in Oakdale, LA. He m. Mabel Claire PALMER on 27 Jan 1909 in Kansas City, MO. She died in Oakdale in 1916, age 38.
      • Amanda (Mayme) CATHER.....4 Nov 1880-23 Apr 1930, b. at Dover, MO, d. at New Boston, TX. She m. William Hoskins EUBANK (4 Mar 1888-6 Feb 1930) on 2 May 1908 at Hoston, LA. During his short lifetime William was employed by a business college, railroad and bank, in addition to being a cotton farmer.
    • Martha Catherine FULKERSON....4 Jun 1857-20 Sep 1901, b. in Waverly Co., MO, m. William C. FRICK (1851-1948) on 3 Nov 1886
      • Creigh Fulkerson FRICK....16 Oct 1887-after 1960, served in WWI and was sheriff of Lafayette Co., MO, 1924-28 (during the first year, his uncle Frank Ballard FULKERSON was the Prosecuting Attorney in that county)
      • Frank William FRICK....28 Jun 1889-??
      • Sanford C. FRICK....23 Feb 1891-??
      • Henry Wallace FRICK....15 Jan 1894-??, served in 35th Artillery Div. in France, WWI
      • Lois Waitstill FRICK....7 Sep 1898-??
    • Whitehill FULKERSON....30 Dec 1859-31 Dec 1859 in Waverly Co., MO
    • John Craig FULKERSON....1 Feb 1860-3 May 1918, b. in Waverly Co., MO, ran the Lone Sycamore Farm from the age of 18, m. twice, no children. One of his wives was Nellie A. ____, 22 Oct 1864-2 Aug 1902. Both of them are buried adjacent to his parents' graves at the Higginsville City Cemetery in Lafayette Co., MO.
    • Charles Henry FULKERSON....9 Mar 1862-30 Aug 1862 in Waverly Co., MO
    • Frederick DeBow FULKERSON II....8 Jun 1863-6 Sep 1920, b. in Waverly Co., MO, m. (1st) Virginia Lee McDOWELL (1864-1905) on 22 Nov 1892, (2nd) Mildred G. PRICE, was a lawyer and judge at Batesville, Independence Co., AR and St. Joseph, MO. In 1906 he was listed as one of the directors of the Theodore Maxfield Bank and Trust Company in Batesville. He is buried at the Higginsville City Cemetery in Lafayette Co., MO, near a light post, with the inscription: "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course."   He had 3 children.
    • Rep. Frank Ballard FULKERSON....5 Mar 1866-20 Aug 1936, b. in Grundy Co., MO, m. Parthenia McMELAN (1874-1943) on 29 Jun 1898, no children, but raised 3 orphans of Parthenia's sister. Frank was elected Prosecuting Attorney in Johnson Co., MO in the 1890's and moved to St. Joseph to practice law in 1900. He was elected as a Republican in a strong Democratic district to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1905 to 1907, during the first Roosevelt administration (as the "Whistling Congressman" - see Tidbits). He returned home to establish the Lone Sycamore as a dairy farm. His last venture in politics was as Prosecuting Attorney for Lafayette Co., MO in 1921-25.
    • Evaline Waitstill FULKERSON....3 Jul 1868-29 Oct 1870, b. in Waverly Co., MO, buried at the Higginsville City Cemetery in Lafayette Co., MO
  • Rachel FULKERSON...............14 Aug 1813-??, m. Nathaniel EWING (one source said Joshua) on 4 Jul 1837
    • Sally EWING......b. ca. 1838, m. _____ POTEET
  • Margaret (Peggy) FULKERSON.............20 Jan 1817-1879, b. in Lee Co., VA, d. in Claiborne Co., TN, m. James M. PATTERSON on 22 Mar 1832 in Lee Co., VA, nothing further known

Dinah FULKERSON..........15 Jan 1766-22 Jan 1766

Jacob FULKERSON..........12 Dec 1767-21 Apr 1791, m. Catherine EWING. Jacob was riding with brother-in-law Benjamin Sharp in April 1791, looking for strayed horses and cattle. They became separated and Jacob was never seen again. His horse returned home riderless but carrying the message that he had been killed: an Indian tomahawk stuck under the saddle.

Hannah FULKERSON........5 Jan 1769-4 Sep 1848, her middle name was probably DeBow or DeBough. She m. Benjamin SHARP (b. ca. 1762) about 1787. He had grown up on the same southwest Virginia frontier, and in his later years wrote letters and articles describing the perils that arose from the clash of white and Indian cultures. One of those letters, written in 1842, may be viewed here.

In 1816 they moved their family to Missouri and settled on a farm in Warren Co., 3 miles east of Pinckney. In 1818 this area was reorganized as Montgomery Co., and Benjamin became clerk of the County and Circuit courts. A log cabin was built in his yard and this served as the court house. Hannah and Benjamin are buried in a cemetery, now overgrown by forest, near Holstein in Warren Co., MO. Benjamin's headstone tells us he died on 1 Jan 1846. They had 12 children, all born in Virginia:

  • James F. SHARP.....b. ca. 1788, m. Catherine NEILL
  • John D. SHARP.....remained in VA to become a prominent attorney and politician
  • Polly SHARP.....m. Jerry NEILL
  • Jacob L. SHARP.....m. Margaret VANCE
  • Catherine E. SHARP.....
  • Attosa Pinckney SHARP.....(female) married John WYATT
    • Mary Neil WYATT....married Richard Harrison GENTRY
      • Mary Wyatt GENTRY....married John Gallatin PAXTON. One of their great grandsons was the actor Bill PAXTON, who starred in motion picture films including: Stripes (1981), The Terminator (1984); Weird Science (1985); Aliens (1986); Tombstone (1993); True Lies (1994); Apollo 13 (1995); Twister (1996); Titanic (1997); Mighty Joe Young (1998); Vertical Limit (2000); Spy Kids (2002 and 2003); Club Dread (2004); Big Love (2006); The Good Life (2007) and The Slammin' Salmon (2008)
  • Hannah D. SHARP.....
  • Peter L. SHARP.....
  • Elvira E. SHARP.....
  • Malinda M. SHARP.....
  • Margaret J. SHARP.....
  • Benjamin F. SHARP.... [Updated June 2004] per a great-great-grandaughter, the youngest son of Hannah FULKERSON and Benjamin SHARP, became a physician and married a young teacher, Mary Harrison MCGHEE (1820-1924), in 1840. Their daughter Mary (1852-1899) was her grandmother's mother. Mary Harrison McGhee SHARP lived to the age of 104. Her husband, Benjamin F. Sharp, died in 1896. Both are buried in the Montgomery City, Missouri cemetery.

James FULKERSON.........27 Sep family records, m. (1st) Sarah BALFOUR, then m. (2nd) Patience POTEET (b. 1775) on 2 Oct 1795. James moved to Tennessee by 1809. He was one of the county commissioners when White County was established by the state legislature, and helped lay out the county seat at Sparta in 1810. He next appears on the Lawrence Co., Indiana census in 1820 and 1830. The lineage below is from the FULKERSON-POTEET family Bible and 1850 Census records, which showed Patience living with or near her children at Van Buren Township in Daviess Co., IN.

Note: One DAR lineage and a county historical account credit this James with marriages to (1) Nancy MARTIN, who married into the HUGHES family that was associated with the FULKERSONS during this period, and (2) Elizabeth McMILLAN, who is well-documented as having married Abraham FULKERSON's son James. The Dalton Newsletter in 1976 stated that Nancy MARTIN, daughter of William MARTIN and Rachel DALTON married her 1st cousin Archelaus HUGHES, Jr. and her 2nd husband was "a FULKERSON." We further have it that a James W. FULKERSON, born 1763 and a cousin of this James, married a Nancy MARTIN. Subsequent generations in that branch include males with Martin as a first or middle name.
The children of James Jr. and Patience POTEEET were:
  • Polly FULKERSON....1796-??, b. in VA
  • Isaac FULKERSON....1797-Jul 1820, b. in VA, m. Sarah JOHNSON, drowned in Lawrence Co., IN
  • Betsy FULKERSON....13 Jan 1801-??, m. Reuben KILGORE on 1 Oct 1818 in Lawrence Co., IN
  • Thomas Poteet FULKERSON....22 Dec 1802-after 1850, m. Adelaide MOORE (b. ca. 1813 in TN), lived in TN, IN & IL, then appeared on 1850 census in Pulaski Co., MO. Thomas and Adelaide must have died before their last child reached majority, because she was listed as an orphan in Maries Co., MO.
    • Silberina FULKERSON....b. ca. 1833 in TN, also reported as "Selbrina" and "Sebrina." From ROBERSON family research [on a BERG family site] we learn that she (1st) "married Roysdon ROBERSON Jr, son of Roysdon Roberson and Betsy (?), circa 1850. Roysdon and Silberina homesteaded a farm in Dry Creek Township in what became Maries County, MO. After a year or two they sold out and moved near Dallas, Texas. But they did not like the country and after a few years returned to Maries County. Silberina went to live with her father when her husband was called to service in the Civil War. Her husband, Roysdon ROBERSON Jr, died in 1862 of pneumonia...Silberina (her second marriage) married Henry LAWSON circa 1865. Silberina died on 12 June 1896."
      • Adalida ROBERSON....
      • Carroll ROBERSON....b. ca. 1858
      • Thomas Roysdon ROBERSON....27 Oct 1859-9 Feb 1937
      • Martha ROBERSON....b. ca. 1860
      • Nancy Ellen LAWSON....1876-1936
    • James D 1835, b. in TN
    • Polly A 1838, b. in IN
    • Robert M 1841, b. in IN
    • Augustine C 1843, b. in IL
    • Martha C 1848, b. in IL
    • David Filander FULKERSON....The 1880 Census showed him farming at Dry Creek, Maries Co., MO, born ca. 1851 in MO. The census lists his wife as Margaret, born ca. 1857. One family researcher (Rigsby family) lists her as an unknown "Martha RIGSBY" and another researcher (Roberson family) lists David as marrying (2nd) to an Elizabeth ROBERSON (June 1843-23 Nov 1923) on 1 Nov 1888 at Vienna, Maries Co., MO. The census shows that David had a nearby neighbor named Elizabeth ROBERSON, age 35 and not a widow, who was living with her parents and her 8-yr-old son. The Roberson researcher gives her a (1st) marriage date of 24 Aug 1871. Both researchers give David's dates as May 1850-4 Nov 1906. One states he was born on the 17th.
      • James Thomas FULKERSON....1874-1960, m. Martha Ellen ROBERSON (1871-1935, dau. of Linsay and Mary ROBERSON), per Missouri researcher Chuck Fulkerson, and had eleven children. Due to an incident at school involving son Tilden, the family began using the FELKERSON surname (per son Ivory's granddaughter).
        • Margaret L. FULKERSON....b. August 25, 1894, Hayden, Maries County, MO; d. January 21, 1996, Dixon, Pulaski County, MO. She m. Frank OPPERMAN. They lived at Vienna, Maries Co., MO and had four children.
        • Eva Lena FULKERSON....b. Jul 1896, m. Harrison PARKER, had a son Chester PARKER (b. 1915) and four other children.
        • Tilden Ray FULKERSON....b. Sep 1897
        • Ivory Gideon FULKERSON....b. Sep 1899, m. Edna Martha HUFFMAN, had at least 3 daughters. Edna left and remarried (per his granddaughter).
        • Ora Mae FULKERSON....12 May 1901-15 Oct 1959, m. Avery John NELSON, had five children.
        • Ester N. FULKERSON....b. 1903, Missouri, m. Walter ____.
        • Leatha Ellen FULKERSON....b. ca. 1905, m. Harold ____.
        • Leslie FULKERSON (male)....b. ca. 1907, m. Ruth ____.
        • Vida P. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1913, m. Robert ____.
        • Helen Mary FULKERSON....b. ca. 1914
        • James Wade FULKERSON....b. ca. 1915, had two known children
      • Martha J. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1876 per 1880 Census
      • Unknown FULKERSON....female, b. ca. 1880 per 1880 Census
    • Laura FULKERSON....27 Nov 1853-4 Dec 1910, per death certificate. Born in Maries County, MO, she died there in the town of Jackson. The certificate noted a 35 to 50 year arthritic deformity, and stated she was employed as a house servant. She died from pulmonary tuberculosis. The informant was a W. G. Boderdick (Broderick?) of Vienna, MO. The body was to be removed to Robinson Co., MO by undertaker Wm. McKeever of Vienna, MO.
  • Michael Dillingham FULKERSON....26 Jan 1805-before 1861, m. Nancy (b. in TN ca. 1816) about 1830. Their oldest known child, James, was born about 1833 in TN. By 1839 they were involved in a land purchase in Alabama. The next record of this family is the 1860 Census, showing a widowed Nancy moved to Conway Co., Arkansas. It also shows that daughter Hulda was born in Alabama about 1838. A biography of daughter Hulda's husband, Isaac STEELE, tells that Michael died in Tennessee, and that Nancy died in Van Buren Co., AR. Nancy is reportedly buried in the Hardin Cemetery, Morganton, Van Buren Co., AR.
    Document number: 22798 Description number: 1
    Number of acres: 40.0200 Accession number: AL2660__.496
    Patentee Surname: Fulkerson Patentee given name: Michael
    *State name: Alabama *
    Volume: 2660 Page number: 496
    Land office: Tuscaloosa Aliquot part reference: SENE
    Section number: 21
    Township: 15 South Range: 16 West
    Meridian or special survey area: Huntsville Meridian
    Title transfer authority: Sale-Cash Entries
    Combined signature date: Sep. 20, 1839
    1860 Census, Van Buren Co., AR
    Davis Township, house 368, family 371
    Nancy Fulkerson44Tenn$400 land value
    William T.17Tenn
    Jno F.15Tenn
    Dona M.14Tenn
    Susan F.12Tenn

    The known children of Michael and Nancy were:
    • James F. FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1833 in TN (per census) and married Julia Ann PATE (b. ca. 1837). He settled in Arkansas by 1860. He served as a Private in Company A of the 8th Arkansas Cavalry - known as Morgan's Regiment - where he was listed as: FULKERSON, JAMES Pvt Enl 10 May 1863 at Clinton, AR. Paroled 5 Jun 1865 at Jacksonport, AR. Age 32. Born TN.     The 1870 Census records for Union Township in Conway County, Arkansas (house number 38) listed his household: James Fulkerson, age 37, with spouse Julia, age 33. Their children were Sarah, age 17; Louisa, age 9; Thomas, age 7; David, 7; Tennessee, age 5; and William, age 1. All gave Arkansas as their place of birth except James who was from Tennessee. James and Julia had 11 or 12 children, exact order uncertain, per several of his descendants, who also reported that James died at Wichita Falls, Wichita Co., TX in 1897. Another researcher, Chuck Fulkerson, states James was born on "August 14, 1834, Knoxville, Knox County, TN" and died "March 11, 1897, Stephenville, Erath County, TX."
      • Nancy J. FULKERSON
      • Sarah F. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1853
      • Michael Perry FULKERSON....born in TN, nicknamed "Cud," married Mary Etta SHANDS,
        • James K. FULKERSON....
      • Huldah L. FULKERSON....possibly the Louisa who was born about 1861?
      • Thomas Wilson FULKERSON....b. 24 May 1863 at Van Buren, AR, d. 13 Jun 1940 at Wichita Falls, TX, m. 11 Jan 1888 in Erath Co, TX to Emma L. GORDON (b. 26 Apr 1870 Stephenville, Tx. d. 12 Jul 1946 Wichita Falls, Tx.)
        • Mineola FULKERSON....m. Elbert Howell METCALF
        • Leona FULKERSON....m. a SHOUP
        • Calista FULKERSON....m. a VERNON
        • Ralph FULKERSON
        • Ruth FULKERSON....m. a SHOUP (brother of above)
        • Grace FULKERSON....m. a HUGGINS
        • Savola FULKERSON....m. a SECREST
      • David Anthony FULKERSON....probably a twin to Thomas, b. 1863
      • Tennessee FULKERSON....b. ca. 1865
      • John William "Bill" FULKERSON...b. ca. 1869, m. Susan Belle SHANDS, sister of Mary Etta, in Erath Co., TX
      • Martha T. FULKERSON
      • Susan "Fanny" FULKERSON
      • Adam "Doc" FULKERSON
      • Wade Hampton FULKERSON
    • Huldah FULKERSON......b. ca. 1838 in Alabama, she m. Isaac STEELE. The 1880 Census showed Isaac and Hulda STEELE living at Elm Springs, Washington Co., Arkansas, with four children and Hulda's widowed sister, Rachel EDWARDS. Huldah is reportedly buried in Hardin Cemetery, Morganton, Van Buren Co., AR, with her mother and brother John. The Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Western Arkansas from Goodspeed Publishers (1891) tells a little more about their lives:
      Isaac J. Steele has attained wealth as a farmer and stock-raiser, by honest labor, and is a gentleman who commands the respect and esteem of all who know him. He was born in the year 1837, in [p.461] Perry County, Tenn., to Isaac and Catherine (Faucett) Steele, the former born in South Carolina, in 1802, and the latter in Tennessee, their marriage occurring in Maury County, Tenn., where they were reared. They soon after moved to Perry County, and in 1848 came to what is now Van Buren County, Ark., where Mr. Steele passed from life February 16, 1857, his widow dying November 29, 1875, both members of the Methodist Church of many years' standing. Mr. Steele was a blacksmith by trade, but at the time of his death was following merchandising.

      His father, Michael Steele was of Irish descent, a South Carolinian by birth, and died in Maury County, Tenn., of which he was one of the early settlers, a gunsmith and farmer by occupation. He was a soldier in the Creek War. Richard Faucett, the mother's father, was a tiller of the soil of Maury County, Tenn., and there passed from life. Isaac J. Steele was the sixth of seven children, but as he was compelled to labor hard on the farm in his youth, he received but little schooling. Since the age of eleven years he has been a resident of Arkansas, and from here enlisted in the Confederate Army, in 1861, becoming a member of Company K, Tenth Arkansas Infantry, and served in Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana, taking part in the battles of Shiloh, Port Hudson, and some others. He was wounded and captured at Port Hudson, but after being paroled he returned home, and did not again enter the service.

      In 1866 he was married to Huldah, daughter of Michael and Nancy Fulkerson, both of whom were born in Tennessee, in which State Mr. Fulkerson also died, his widow afterward coming to Arkansas, dying in Van Buren County. Mrs. Steele was born in Tennessee, and of a family of five children born to her union with Mr. Steele, one son and two daughters are living. Mr. Steele lived five years in Washington County, five years in Franklin County, but since 1887 has been one of the prominent and substantial residents of Polk County. His admirably kept farm, which is situated one mile east of Dallas, comprises 320 acres, 240 acres being in the home farm, with about 100 acres cleared and under the plow. This land is well improved with suitable buildings, good fences, etc., and the entire property is the result of his own efforts. His wife is a member of the Methodist Church.
      Their known children, from the 1880 Census, were:
      • Sarah D. STEELE....age 13 in 1880, b. in AR
      • Mary B. STEELE....age 11 in 1880, b. in AR
      • John T. STEELE....age 7 in 1880, b. in AR
      • Nancy C. STEELE....age 3 in 1880, b. in AR
    • Rachel FULKERSON......b. ca. 1841 in TN, Rachel m. Nathan EDWARDS in 1864 [Van Buren Co. Marriages: Book 1, pg. 0540]. They were reported in the 1870 Census at Bell Branch, Davis Townshp, Van Buren Co., AR. By the 1880 Census, Rachel EDWARDS was widowed and living with sister Huldah STEELE.
    • William Thomas FULKERSON......5 Nov 1842 to 4 Jan 1917, b. in TN, he fought for the Confederacy in Co. A, 10th Regiment, Arkansas Cavalry from Van Buren Co., Arkansas. He was a prisoner at Rock Island, IL, from which he enlisted in the 3rd US Volunteer Infantry on 15 Oct 1864 and was sent to protect Western settlements against Indian attack as a 'Galvanized Yankee.' He received a pension for his Union service. We can place William T. FULKERSON near Morganton, Van Buren County, AR in 1879. His name appeared on a list of Masons who helped establish the Morganton Cemetery in that year. The 1880 Census for Bradley, Van Buren County, AR shows a Tennessean, William FULKERSON, age 36 and widowed, working on the farm of some younger Tennesseans, Hardy and Mollie JOHNSON. He married to a Louisa J., according to their double headstone at the Martinville Cemetery in Conway Co., AR. From LYNN family research, not all of which is accurate, we learn she was "LOUISA JANE LYNN (WILLIAM2, ASA1)....born 01 Nov 1853 in Morganton, Van Buren Co., AR, and died 07 Jul 1913 in Martinville, AR. She married WILLIAM TOM FULKERSON, son of JOHN FULKERSON and NANCY. He was born 05 Nov 1842 in TN, and died 04 Jan 1917 in Martinville, Faulkner Co., AR." Per a 2001 entry on a Rootsweb page, there is a biography of William that states he had three wives in his lifetime. His known children, from the above LYNN family research, were:
      • Joseph Edward FULKERSON.....20 May 1884-19 Feb 1978. He is buried in the Martinville Cemetery, Martinville, Faulkner Co., AR, listed as "Joseph Edd FULKERSON"
      • Rosa Jane FULKERSON.....6 Dec 1886-
      • James Adam FULKERSON.....29 Sep 1888-7 Aug 1968. He is buried in the Martinville Cemetery, Martinville, Faulkner Co.,, AR. A brief newspaper article from 26 Jun 1917 tells this tale: "Conway, June 25 - Miss Floy Martin and Ad Fulkerson of Martinville were married here about 3 o'clock this morning by the Rev. R.M. Scott, after a night drive in an auto from their home. They found considerable difficulty in securing a license, and visited the homes of various judges and pastors before they were successful." [FROM ARKANSAS MARRIAGES -] An obituary in 2000 confirmed that "Ad Fulkerson" was indeed James Adam FULKERSON: "Mr. Fulkerson was preceded in death by his parents, James and Floy Martin Fulkerson."
      • William Clifton FULKERSON.....30 Oct 1892-8 Dec 1953, Laurel, MS; m. Katherine Hendrickson (d. 16 Jul 1979, Shreveport, LA).
    • John F. FULKERSON......b. ca. 1845, reportedly buried in Hardin Cemetery, Morganton, Van Buren Co., AR
    • Dona M. FULKERSON......b. ca. 1846
    • Susan F. FULKERSON......b. ca. 1848
  • Catherine FULKERSON....28 Jan 1807-??, m. Stephen KILGORE on 15 Apr 1843 in Lawrence Co., IN
  • James FULKERSON (III?)....7 Jul 1809-??, b. in TN, m. Pantha Ann EVANS (b. in IN) on 16 Feb 1836 in Lawrence Co., IN (where her name has been transcribed from marriage records as Panthy M. GEORGE). He appeared on the 1850 Census for Daviess Co., IN, living in Van Buren Twp, with his wife listed as "Anne" and five children: Isaac (14), Calvin (12), Michael (10), Jacob (6), Zebba (1). The 1880 Census found "Anne" (b. in KY; father: CT, mother: GA) living with a 24-yr-old son James H. FULKERSON in the very large household of William A. BEAN at Steele, Daviess Co., Indiana.
    • Isaac FULKERSON.....1837-1911, m. Margaret Louisa ALLEN, lived in Daviess Co., IN, had ten children.
      • Eldon FULKERSON....9 Feb 1862-20 Mar 1943, married (1st) Dell GUERIN and (2nd) Sadie MANLEY
        • Weldon FULKERSON
        • Alva FULKERSON
      • Alice Carrie (or Cary) FULKERSON....24 Dec 1863-1 May 1938) married Daniel H. COURTNEY and had 6 children:
        • Ora COURTNEY
        • Cortland COURTNEY
        • Myrtle COURTNEY
        • Lois COURTNEY
        • Verna COURTNEY
        • Arthur L. COURTNEY
      • Alva Otis FULKERSON....18 Mar 1868-19 Sep 1938, married Minnie E. CASEY (1 Jan 1870-16 July 1950).
      • Clarence Dale FULKERSON....15 Nov 1871-4 Nov 1939, married Alberta Pearl DONALDSON. Both were born in Indiana, per a very scanty Arizona death certificate found for one known son:
        • Donald Roy FULKERSON....1 May 1908-?? (date of death and other details omitted, possibly because the death certificate was a recent issue)
      • Edgar Lane FULKERSON....15 Nov 1871-2 Oct 1875; twin of Clarence; Edgar bumped into the kitchen stove and knocked it off its legs. He died from burns sustained from the scalding water that was boiling on the stove.
      • Oliver Herbert FULKERSON....23 Jan 1873- 14 Oct 1946. Oliver also courted Alberta who married Clarence. He disappeared the day after the wedding and was not heard from for 16 years. In August of 1917 at outbreak of WWI he telegraphed Arthur. They met in Washington D.C. before Oliver went overseas. He later settled in California.
      • Allen Burt FULKERSON....3 Mar 1878-, married Blanche BERRYHILL, no children
      • Effie Loduska FULKERSON....8 Dec 1880-August 1945, m. Bert ____
      • Ziba Roy FULKERSON....1 Oct 1886-1960, married Evelyn _____, one child
      • Arthur Leamon FULKERSON....1887-1948, born in Raggsville, Daviess Co., Indiana, attended Purdue University, was captain of the football team and an All-American, later taught school in Methuen, Massachusetts. The street where his home stood is now Fulkerson Street. He had 4 children.
    • Calvin Marion FULKERSON.....1838-26 Dec 1862, b. in IN, served in Co. B, 27th Indiana Infantry (Daviess County Rangers), died of typhoid at Harpers Ferry, VA
    • Michael FULKERSON.....b. 1840 in IN (per census)
    • Ziba FULKERSON.....b. 1849 in IN (per census)
    • Jacob FULKERSON.....b. 1844 in IN (per census); the 1880 Census finds him in the household of his uncle Jacob as a 36-yr-old single white farmer, listed as a nephew, at Bogard, Daviess Co., Indiana
    • Henry FULKERSON.....
    • William FULKERSON.....
    • Irene Q FULKERSON.....
    • James H. FULKERSON....listed on 1880 Census, 24 years old, b. in IN, living with mother "Anne" Fulkerson in the household of William A. BEAN at Steele, Daviess Co., IN
  • Sally FULKERSON....26 Jul 1811-??, b. in TN
  • Francis (Frank) FULKERSON....1 Dec 1812-??, b. in TN
  • Jacob FULKERSON, Sr.....Dec 1815-??, b. in TN m. (1st) Meritta KILGORE (27 Nov 1810-15 May 1846) on 23 Jan 1839 in Daviess Co., IN. He m. (2nd) Rhoda RIGGINS on 13 Dec 1847 in Lawrence Co., IN. Jacob and Rhoda are listed in the 1850 Census for Daviess Co., IN, living in Van Buren Twp, occupation: farmer. The 1880 Census finds him at Bogard, Daviess Co., Indiana with a wife Emily C., age 48. Their household included three children who may have been theirs together, plus a nephew Jacob.
    • Jacob FULKERSON, Jr.....Oct 1846-?? Reported born in Illinois, m. Nancy Ellen LAWSON (Apr 1866-1936, b. and died in Maries Co., MO) about 1884, two known children:
      • Albert Lee FULKERSON....Jun 1885-, b. in MO, m. Frances J. STAMPER (b. 1892), lived in Miller Co., MO (where some distant Fulkerson cousins had also settled in the 1800s). They had two daughters.
      • Charles E. FULKERSON....21 Jul 1887-21 Nov 1946, b. in MO
    • James M. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1860 in Indiana per 1880 Census
    • Sara P. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1864 in Indiana per 1880 Census
    • Mary FULKERSON....b. ca. 1872 in Indiana per 1880 Census
  • Benjamin Franklin FULKERSON.....24 Mar 1820-23 Aug 1915, born in Lawrence Co., IN, lived to age 95. He was listed in the 1850 Census for Daviess Co., IN, living in Van Buren Twp, occupation: farmer. A history of Clarksburg, Daviess Co., Indiana states that the town was platted in 1848 and Benjamin Fulkerson bought the first two lots for $12 each. He married Mary RIGGINS on 19 April 1852. There was a biographical sketch on B. F. Fulkerson in the "History of Harrison and Mercer Counties, MO," page 533. Benjamin was widowed and living with son Jasper at the time of the 1880 Census. His occupation was landlord.
    • Sarah FULKERSON....b. ca. 1852 in IN, known as 'Sadie.' She m. Amassa INSCHO on 10 Sep 1876.
    • Jasper FULKERSON....14 May 1858-29 Nov 1929, b. at Andover, Harrison Co., MO, d. in the same county. He m. Lillie M. FERRIS on 4 Mar 1885 [p. 46, Marriage Records Book B, Central City, Merrick County, Nebraska]. Per a Ferris web site the daughter of Elisha H. FERRIS and Harriet J. BANTA. That site reported four children and two of their marriages (VAN SICKLE and JONES). The 1900 Census found them living in Clay Twp, Harrison Co., MO, and informed us she was born in April 1867 in Illinois. Their farm was rented, possibly from Jasper's father who lived with them.
      • Ella FULKERSON....b. Nov 1885 in MO per 1900 Census, m. William Horn VAN SICKLE
      • Frank FULKERSON....b. July 1888 in Kansas per 1900 Census
      • Bey FULKERSON.....(possibly 'Bea'???) b. Feb 1891 in Kansas per 1900 Census
      • Hattie FULKERSON....not found on 1900 Census, reportedly m. Will JONES
    • James M. FULKERSON....8 Jul 1863-19 Sep 1950, born in MO. The 1880 US Census found him at Salt Springs, Saline Co., MO, listed as an 18-year old laborer on the farm of Erastus SIMMONS. (The SIMMONS family had 4 daughters born in Canada before 1867, two born in MO after 1868, and one 19-yr-old son). James m. Emma SPARKS on 28 Apr 1898 and had four children. He died at age 87 in Phoenix, AZ of postoperative shock immediately following surgery for a benign prostate tumor. The death certificate reported he was married, son of Benjamin Franklin FULKERSON and Mary RIGGINS, with an occupation of "oil distributor." The informant was Mrs. Woodrow SPIRES.
      • Ruth FULKERSON....m. A.T. HOWARD
      • Ralph Leland FULKERSON....2 Aug 1907-19 Mar 1916, b. at Fredericktown, Madison Co., MO
      • Helen L. FULKERSON....b. ca. 1911, m. Woodrow SPIRES
      • Ella FULKERSON....
    • Wilmer A. FULKERSON....7 Apr 1866-Feb 1952, b. at Andover, Harrison Co., MO, d. in Linn Co, MO. He m. Nellie RICHARDSON, had four children.
      • Elma FULKERSON
      • Evelyn FULKERSON
      • Hazel FULKERSON
      • Frederick FULKERSON
  • Mahala FULKERSON.....Indiana marriage records showed Mahala FULKERSON m. John DITTON in Lawrence Co., IN on 10 Feb 1838; no other info found to definitely link her to this family, but they appear to be the only Fulkersons there at the time.

John FULKERSON............5 Jan 1775- 29 Jan 1846. Lee County tax records for 1795 show John owning two horses. He m. Jane "Jeancie" HUGHES, dau. of Col. Archelaus HUGHES and Sally DALTON, on 16 Jun 1801 in Patrick Co., VA. Tax records show them living in Lee County in 1810. John died on 22 Jan 1846 in Lee Co., VA. Their nephew Archelaus Hughes III of Dresden, TN, opposed (and lost to) John W. Crockett, son of the recently-deceased Davy Crockett, in the 1836 Congressional election. (Crockett - 8,456 votes; Hughes - 1,413 votes.)

  NOTE: This site previously used material based on the widely-quoted research of Lucy Henderson Horton, who wrote of the Hughes, Martins, Daltons and other allied Virginia families. In early 2010 another Hughes researcher pointed out a significant pattern of factual errors in the Horton material, the use of which has been discontinued.
  John and Jeancie had 10 known children, with most born in Lee Co., VA:
  • Mary Dalton FULKERSON....27 Jul 1803-1 Apr 1871, b. in Patrick Co., VA, d. in Warrensburg, MO, m. Stephen Thomas NEILL, a brother of Rebecca NEILL who married Isaac FULKERSON
    • Major Henry Alexander NEILL....b. in 1828 in Lee Co., VA. By profession an attorney, he led the Union force that pursued Quantrill after the raid on Lawrence, Kansas. Among Quantrill's "Confederate" raiders were three sons and a son-in-law of his first cousin, Virginia Fulkerson BERRY. After the war he was an attorney in Warrensburg, Johnson Co., MO, where his next-door neighbor was attorney (and former Confederate general) Francis Marion COCKRELL. Both are buried (in adjacent family plots) at the Sunset Hill Cemetery in Warrensburg.

      One of our Fulkerson cousins also reports this interesting information: "Mary Dalton Fulkerson, who married Stephen Neill of Lexington, had a grandson named Hyman Graham Neill. He was working as a teenager about 1880's and was sent to get rags, used then in print shops. He jumped on a train going behind the building and yelled : "I'm going to Tipton to get yer darned rags! Went to Colorado, worked in silver mines, then went to Mexico with a friend. They worked up a rag-tag opera company and toured Mexican villages. Must have been a dandy show. He later was a guide for journalist Charles Dudley Warner.

        At one time, he did something spectacular for Maximilian and was given a little bag of precious stones, which my grandmother, Lydia Neill, had. He went by the name of Santiago Graham, had a Mexican wife and son, died in 1910 and his uncles in Lexington went down to bring his body home for burial. In the late 1970's, I wrote the newspaper in Torreon to see if any info on the son. Got a lovely letter from a professor at the University of Chicago who told me 'I remember the gallant, dashing Santiago Graham..and Kathleen. you are getting quite close' ."

      HOWEVER, some of that story may have been just "the good stuff" told about Mr. Neill, and "Santiago Graham" was probably just one of his ALIASES. Kansas and New Mexico histories record that Hyman Graham Neill was better known as "Hoodoo Brown" - leader of the Dodge City Gang involved in stagecoach and train robberies, various murders and municipal corruption. From 1879 to 1881, Hoodoo led this gang while simultaneously serving as Mayor, Justice of the Peace and Coroner at Las Vegas, New Mexico. [The last-listed public office is seemingly insignificant. But it wasn't. As Coroner, Hoodoo installed his gang on the "coroner's jury" - which then made determinations whether killings were homicide or self-defense. This quickly became a convenient tool for covering up their crimes]

      The Las Vegas community assembled a party of vigilantes and eventually drove Hoodoo and his gang from the state. Hoodoo went to Houston, Texas, where he was arrested and jailed. A newspaper, the Parsons Sun, reported he was visited by a recently-widowed young lady from Las Vegas and "The meeting between the pair is said to have been affecting in the extreme, and rather more affectionate than would be expected under the circumstances." Another newspaper, the Parsons Eclipse added, "The offense committed at Las Vegas, as near as we can gather the facts relating to it, was murder and robbery, and the circumstances connected with the arrest here would indicate that the lesser crime of seduction and adultery was connected with it." He was released when Texas authorities were unable to establish charges against him. The Chicago Times, writing of the affair in Las Vegas, said that the Justice of the Peace and the widow "have been skylarking through some of the interior towns of Kansas ever since." Records of Summit Co., Colorado, list a "Mrs. Hoodoo Brown" among its early residents. Two of his Dodge City gang members, "Dirty Dave" RUDABAUGH and Tom PICKETT, later rode with Billy the Kid (William J. BONNIE) – and according to Old West legend, RUDABAUGH was the only man the Kid ever feared. Another, former lawman John Joshua WEBB (AKA J.J. WEBB), co-owned a saloon with Doc HOLLIDAY and previously rode with Sheriff Bat MASTERSON in posses organized at Dodge City, Kansas, in 1877 and 1878. The first posse unsuccessfully chased the Sam BASS gang, whose members included Hoodoo's cousin Jim BERRY. The second MASTERSON posse, using a tip from Doc HOLLIDAY which was telegraphed by Wyatt EARP, captured a band of outlaws that included "Dirty Dave" RUDABAUGH – he agreed to testify against his fellow outlaws and become a law-abiding citizen, but instead he went to New Mexico where he first joined up with "Hoodoo Brown" and later with "Billy the Kid." (RUDABAUGH was decapitated in a Mexican cantina in 1886 after shooting two men during a poker game. He was played by actor Christian SLATER in the 1990 film, "Young Guns II.")
    • Anna Mary NEILL....m. in 1864 to Major General George W. DIETZLER, who was an anti-slavery activist in the 1850's, Kansas state legislator, Union army officer, and one of the founders and trustees of the University of Kansas. After the war they were active in the founding of Emporia, KS, and in 1872 they moved to California. George died in a buggy accident in Arizona in 1884.
  • Sarah A "Sallie" FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1805, m. William Smith EWING
  • John Hughes FULKERSON.....17 Mar 1807-30 Aug 1889, b. in Lee Co., VA, d. in Lafayette Co., MO, m. Henrietta O. EWING (5 Oct 1824-24 Jul 1866) on 5 Oct 1841 (it was her 17th birthday, and he was then twice her age).
    Photos courtesy of C and L Stevens <>
    Henrietta O. (Ewing)
    Chatham Lee FULKERSON obituary
    provided by Michael Flagg
    Chatham Lee FULKERSON headstone
    provided by Michael Flagg
    John Archelaus FULKERSON
    CLICK HERE for larger image
    Photo slightly re-engineered
    and Robert DAVIS
    CLICK HERE for later family portrait
    She was the daughter of Judge Young EWING. This John was probably the John Fulkerson described by the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith near Richmond, Lafayette Co., during the Missouri Mormon War of 1838.   Smith's own Book of Mormon provided little room for Mormons to live peacefully with their Christian neighbors, as emphasized in 1 Nephi 14:10: "Behold there are save two churches only; the one is the church of the Lamb of God, and the other is the church of the devil; wherefore, whoso belongeth not to the church of the Lamb of God belongeth to that great church, which is the mother of abominations; and she is the whore of all the earth."   The war grew from a series of local disputes arising from political, religious and cultural differences. Most Missourians were Southerners. The Mormons were Northeasterners or foreigners who practiced polygamy – Smith's own final tally was at least 27 and possibly 48 wives. The Mormons issued a "Declaration of Independence" on 4 Jul 1838, which threatened: "...we will follow them until the last drop of their blood is spilled...for we will carry the seat of war to their own houses and their own families..."   One month later a large group of Mormons, including their Danite vigilantes, rioted against Missourians who were trying to block them from voting in the town of Gallatin.   The Mormons kept their word about carrying the "seat of war": they drove out non-Mormon families in Caldwell and Daviess counties, looted and burned their towns and farms, and twice faced the state militia in battle.   This went on for months, until Smith and his Mormon army were finally surrounded by state militia and forced to surrender:
      This morning there came a number of men, some of them armed. Their threatenings and savage appearance were such as to make us afraid to proceed without more guards. A messenger was therefore dispatched to Richmond to obtain them. We started before their arrival, but had not gone far before we met Colonel Price with a guard of about seventy-four men, and were conducted by them to Richmond, and put into an old vacant house, and a guard set. Some time through the course of that day General Clark came in, and we were introduced to him. We inquired of him the reason why we had been thus carried from our homes, and what were the charges against us. He said that he was not then able to determine, but would be in a short time; and with very little more conversation withdrew. Some short time after he had withdrawn Colonel Price came in with two chains in his hands, and a number of Padlocks. The two chains he fastened together. He had with him ten men, armed, who stood at the time of these operations with a thumb upon the cock of their guns. They first nailed down the windows, then came and ordered a man by the name of John Fulkerson, whom he had with him, to chain us together with chains and padlocks...
      John and Henrietta had eight children, most of whose birth years below are based on the 1860 Lafayette Co. census, when they lived in Washington Twp. Both are buried at the Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery, Columbus, Johnson Co., MO.
    • Chatham Lee FULKERSON....24 Jul 1842-29 Nov 1902, b. in Lafayette Co., MO, m. Mary McKELVY (McKELLEY?) on 17 Oct 1865 in St. Louis, MO. She was born 31 Jul 1842 and died on 9 Jun 1902. They had at least 3 children. He served as a lieutenant under General Joe Shelby in the Missouri Cavalry (Confederate) during the Civil War. The 1880 Census found him working as a miller at Walker, Vernon Co., MO (southwest Missouri, on the Kansas border), living with wife "Mary L. FULKERSON" and children 'Hughes' (age 15) and twins Henrietta and Delila (both age 5). His obituary indicates he lived in Nevada, MO for several years. Mary preceded him in death by five months after falling ill during the winter of 1901-02, in Dallas, TX. Chatham died in Walker, and was to be buried next to his wife in Oakland Cemetery, Dallas, TX.
      • John Hughes FULKERSON.....Aug 1866-, b. in Washington, Lafayette Co., MO, m. Susie M_____ (b. Dec 1867 in Missouri), by 1892, had 3 known children. He lived in the town of Nevada, Vernon Co., MO in 1902 when his father died.
        • Herbert F. FULKERSON....22 Oct 1892-1963, b. in Missouri
        • Chatham L. FULKERSON....6 Jan 1895-July 1967, reportedly b. in TX, d. in Granbury, Hood Co., TX. He was an Army sergeant in WWI. Buried at Granbury Cemetery, per the Hood County Texas Genealogical Society. Virginia Pearl FULKERSON (7 Dec 1883-5 Jan 1972) is buried in the same lot.
        • Edgar H. FULKERSON....26 May 1897-Jan 1967, reportedly b. in Missouri, d. in Grape Vine, Tarrant Co., TX
      • Henrietta 1875 in Missouri, reported living in Dallas, TX in Nov 1902
      • Delila 1875 in Missouri, reported living in Dallas, TX in Nov 1902
    • Martha Ann Frelinghuysen FULKERSON....21 Apr 1844-1933, b. in Lafayette Co., MO, nicknamed "Hite," m. in Johnson Co., MO on Christmas Day, 1866 to a cousin, Nicholas Houx FULKERSON (1842-1900), d. 28 Apr 1933 in Columbus, Johnson Co., MO. She became a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy on 18 Sep 1912. CLICK HERE for a photograph from her later years.
    • Henrietta L FULKERSON....1846-, b. in Lafayette Co., MO, m. Arthur BROWN on 11 Aug 1867 in Lafayette Co., MO
    • Lettie FULKERSON....1848-, b. in Lafayette Co., MO
    • Ally FULKERSON....1852-, b. in Lafayette Co., MO
    • John Archelaus FULKERSON....born 13 Jun 1855 (also reported as 14 Jun 1856) in Davis Co., Missouri. He m. Wilhemina "Willie" BRADLEY (b. 1859) in Odessa, Missouri, where they made their home for the next few years. John was sheriff of Lafayette Co., Missouri from 1896 to 1899. Sometime afterward they moved to Bentonville, Arkansas where Willie died in 1911. John died at age 57 on 1 May 1913 in Bentonville and is buried in the Knights of Pythias Cemetery in Bentonville. Their three known children were:
      • Shelton Woodson FULKERSON....22 May 1883-17 Aug 1941, b. in Odessa, Lafayette Co., MO, d. in Shreveport, Caddo Co., LA, m. Maude HALL on 28 Jan 1908 in Benton Co., AR. They had 8 children from 1908 to 1926, some of whom later settled in Bakersfield, CA, Dallas, TX, Texarkana, TX, Seattle, WA, Charleston, WV.
      • Carrie W. FULKERSON....3 Sep 1885-12 Nov 1970, b. in Mayview, Missouri, m. William Nathan HOPKINS on 22 Mar 1906 in Rogers, Arkansas, d. in Pocatello, Idaho
      • Jack Bradley FULKERSON....11 Nov 1888-6 Dec 1956, b. in Sedalia, Missouri, d. in Memphis, Tennessee
    • Sallie R. FULKERSON....1857-1931, m. Thomas Porter MURRAY (1852-1923), in Nevada, MO. They are buried in the Pittsville Cemetery in Johnson Co., MO
    • Bettie Hughes FULKERSON....24 May 1861-30 Jun 1924, m. Robert Coleman DAVIS on 5 Oct 1884, d. in Kansas City, MO
      • Lorne Hughes DAVIS
      • Robert Ewing DAVIS
      • Fredrick Coleman DAVIS
      • Russell Lee DAVIS
  • Margaret Jane FULKERSON.....b. Lee Co, VA, m. Benjamin J. WOODSON
    • Arch WOODSON....Judge of Missouri Supreme Court
    • Dr. G.R. WOODSON
    • Benjamin WOODSON
    • Stephen WOODSON
  • Jane FULKERSON....m. Henry C. TYLER
    • John F. TYLER
  • Matilda FULKERSON....m. William Harrison SPRATT [Note: from a CHAPMAN family site we learn that a "Francis Ewing POTEET...b. Ja, 1857, d. Feb. 15, 1935...married Emily Cochran SPRATT (she was called May), daughter of John Fulkerson SPRATT, whose ancestors were for several generations born in Virginia."
  • Letitia FULKERSON....m. Britain POTEET
  • Archelaus H(ughes?) FULKERSON...., b. ca. 1822 (listed as age 58 in 1880 census of Lee Co., VA) m. (1st) ____ HILL, (2nd) Henrietta BALTZELL, (3rd) Ida HUFF. He was living with 29-yr-old Ida in 1880, with a 23-yr-old son and a servant, Jane POLSON.
    Chataigne's Virginia Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1888-89 listed A.H. Fulkerson as one of the principal farmers at Rose Hill in Lee Co. In the same county it also listed L.D. Fulkerson at Bales' Mills, and Chas. Fulkerson at Boon's Path.
    • John Baltzell FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1857. He appeared in an 1888 alumni list for Washington and Lee University, which stated he enrolled from Lee Co., VA and was now a lawyer in Rose Hill, VA. Per another Fulkerson researcher, John m. Mary Emma CAMPBELL (b. 1860 in Hawkins Co., TN) on 17 Mar 1884 in Lee County, VA, but died four years later in 1888.
  • Martha FULKERSON....m. John RANSOM
  • Catherine (Kittie) FULKERSON....m. Dr. Joshua EWING
    • Joshua EWING
    • Thomas EWING
    • William EWING
    • Kate EWING

Isaac FULKERSON...........9 Aug 1776-Apr 1836..........m. Rebecca NEIL (b. ca. 1781 in VA), served for a time as a sheriff in Lee Co., VA and appeared on the 1810 tax rolls for that county. He moved his family to Kentucky and then to Missouri in 1814, settling near Daniel BOONE at Darst Bottom, St. Charles Co., MO. He was listed in Femme Osage township in the 1817 St. Charles Co. Census Enumeration, owning 4 slaves 16-45 years old and one slave 10-16 years old. On 18 May 1827 he was in St. Louis, settling the probate of Johnson TAYLOR of neighboring Montgomery Co., MO. In January 1835 one of his slaves, Jack, was arraigned for the murder of Wesley, a slave of Daniel HAYS (he used a club). See the Boone Connection The 1850 Census for St. Charles Co., MO found Rebecca, aged 69, living with her sons Isaac and Peter. He served one term in the Missouri State Senate. Isaac and Rebecca had 10 children:

  • Jacob FULKERSON....died young
  • William Neil FULKERSON.....b. 1800 in VA, d. 28 May 1846 in St. Charles Co., MO where he served as the county collector. He reportedly m. on 30 Nov 1826 to Ellen CHRISTY. An 1882 history of the county stated he m. Louisa STANBARK. He was a store owner and victim in 1827, when a Johnson WATSON was charged with larceny of $140 from the store. In 1828 he was listed as a sheriff when he appointed William M. CHRISTY as a deputy sheriff, and as a collector when he recovered $66.50 owed to the county by William CHRISTY, Jr.. He was named as an administrator for the estates of John Milton TAYLOR and James CLAY in St. Charles Co. in 1833. In the latter case, he sued to collect a $424 debt owed by Enoch STEENE for the hire of three slaves named Henry, Jefferson and Sermon. In the former he sued two members of the BOONE family for a debt of $100. In the next few years he may have fallen on hard times. Francois ST. CYR sued him in January 1834 for $1,150 for "work done, money loaned, one horse and other goods and services." (Francois was no stranger to the courts. He sued his wife for divorce for committing adultery with his brother while he was away. She countersued for divorce two years later, saying he had deserted her to "serve with Capt. Boone.") Thomas COPES and Ludwell POWELL sued him in the following January for debts of $104.25 and $121. This is probably the William N. Fulkerson involved in the Smallpox Epidemic of 1837-38:
      Two Indian agents boarded the American Fur Company boat St. Peter, under the command of Captain Bernard Pratte, Jr., at St. Louis on 17 April 1837, on what has been called "The Deadliest Boat Run in American History." One of them was Joshua Pilcher, subagent for the Sioux, and the other was William N. Fulkerson -- listed as the 'Indian subagent' for the Mandan tribe. On 29 April a "mulatto" deck hand was found to be ill with smallpox, and on May 1st "one of the two Indian agents urged Pratte to put the sick man ashore; Pratte refused." Pilcher disembarked on June 5th at Sioux Agency to deliver goods to the Yankton and Santee Sioux. By the 14th there were others aboard with smallpox. The boat made a stop at Fort Clark, site of the largest Mandan village, on June 19th. Three Arikara women, on the boat since mid-May and infected with smallpox since June 5th, went to the Mandan village. An infected white man reportedly also landed at Fort Clark.

    The St. Peter arrived at Fort Union, North Dakota, where many Upper Missouri tribes traded, on June 25th. Charles Larpenteur, in Forty Years a Fur Trader on the Upper Missouri, 1833-1872 wrote, "The mirth usual on such occasions was not of long duration, for immediately on the landing of the boat we learned that smallpox was on board." He went on to describe the epidemic that ensued: "About 15 days afterward there was such a stench in the fort that it could be smelt at a distance of 300 yards. It was awful – the scene in the fort, where some went crazy, and others were half eaten up by maggots before they died; yet, singular to say, not a single bad expression was ever uttered by a sick Indian. Many died, that those who recovered were so much disfigured that one could scarcely recognize them. " By the 28th of June the St. Peter returned downstream to Fort Clark, arriving at 6 p.m. and departing at 7 p.m. -- the brevity of the visit no doubt due their discovery of the smallpox epidemic underway there.

    THE NORTH DAKOTA HEALTH DEPARTMENT provides a follow-up on this incident: "By a strange twist of fate, William Fulkerson, the Indian Agent for the Upper Missouri, was aboard the St. Peter’s when it stopped at Fort Clark. He proceeded on to Fort Union, returning with the boat to St. Louis in July. Mr. Fulkerson made no report of smallpox when he returned to St. Louis. In fact, his Oct. 1, 1837 report to Gen. William Clark who was Superintendent of Indian Affairs at St. Louis, lists the population of Mandans at the Big Village as 2,000, Mandans at the Little Village as 1,200; the Hidatsa at 2,000 and the Arikara at 3,000 -- a total population of 8,200. It makes no mention of the epidemic or of any deaths from smallpox. It was not until January 1838, that the Commissioner of Indian Affairs writes to Gen. Clark and says “what’s going on out there? -- we’re getting reports of many Indians dying from smallpox.”

    This inquiry was prompted by several social and religious groups who expressed great concern about this and in fact began to push for a court of inquiry on the matter. Clark then asks Joshua Pilcher and William Fulkerson for a report. It is then that there are many attempts to shift the blame to Indian people themselves. How many Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara people died that summer of 1837? Probably about 5,500. Could this epidemic have been prevented? Certainly. The boat could have turned back – it was known that smallpox was on board long before it arrived at Fort Clark. Secondly, there were preventive measures that could have been implemented – vaccine, quarantine and so forth....Nearly all the [3,200] Mandans were dead -- only 125 to 135 survived.

    NOTE: William N. Fulkerson may be at least partially vindicated on this issue. A collection of Clark's personal papers, currently housed at the Kansas State Historical Society, contains a 20 Sep 1837 letter from Fulkerson. The historical society summarizes the letter: "Informs that smallpox has broken out; If not checked it is possible that the Mandans will be wiped out. Mentions other tribes. Reports that the steamboat St. Peters was the source of the smallpox. " The collection also contains letters from Pilcher, dated June and July 1837, warning Clark about the outbreak....and interestingly contains a July 1838 letter from a Dr. Joseph R. DePrefontaine indicating that an estimated 3,000 Indians had been inocculated with smallpox vaccine.
    William Neil FULKERSON and Ellen CHRISTY had 11 or 12 children, per family history and the 1850 Census. He died as his wife began her last pregnancy. The transcription of the 1850 Census for St. Charles Co., MO, shows a FULLERSON household with no parent present, and names similar to William's known children. It's likely his wife was still alive and her age was incorrectly written or copied. The household consisted of Ellen S. (25) [45?], Eliza A. (17), Nevil S. (15), Ellen R. (13) [Helena?], Edward S. (11), Julia (10), Edmond (6) and William N. (4).
    • William FULKERSON....6 Aug 1827-
    • Maria FULKERSON....10 Aug 1829-
    • Eliza Ashley Christy FULKERSON....24 Aug 1831-, m. Charles COTE on 23 Aug 1854 in St. Charles Co., MO
      News clipping provided by Carol Townsend
    • Louisa FULKERSON....11 Sep 1833-
    • Nevil S. FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1835, he was 15 on the 1850 Census
    • Helena FULKERSON....8 Jul 1836-, she was 13 on the 1850 Census
    • Edward L. FULKERSON....28 Aug 1837-13 Dec 1907, m. Medora ROBINSON (1843-1900) on 27 May 1862, lived in St. Charles Co., MO. Edward was a riverboat pilot on the Mississippi from the age of 18 and acquaintance of Mark Twain. He was involved in at least one widely-reported incident during his here to read the story. Medora's obituary appeared in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on 25 Dec 1900. Edward's death notice appeared in the Atlanta Constitution on December 14, 1907.
      • Ellen D. FULKERSON....1863-
      • William M. FULKERSON....26 May 1867-
      • Julia C. FULKERSON....25 Sep 1868-
      • Edward FULKERSON....Aug 1869-
      • Benjamin FULKERSON....30 Sep 1871-1965
      • Samuel O. FULKERSON....29 Sep 1873- [NOTE: An obituary listing for a Samuel FULKERSON appeared in the St. Louis Post Dispatch on 2 July 1896]
    • Julia FULKERSON....b. ca. 1840
    • Thomas FULKERSON....b. 12 Jan 1841, died before 1850
    • Edmond Forest FULKERSON....22 Dec 1842-, listed as 6 yrs old on the 1850 census
    • Alvary Joseph James FULKERSON....5 Mar 1845-, died by 1850 and was not on the Census
    • William Jonathan Nile FULKERSON....13 Dec 1846-
  • James Preston FULKERSON.......b. 1802 in VA, d. 4 Apr 1852 in Port Lavaca, TX. He married Dorothea Louisa STEINBECK on 7 Jan 1830 at Cape Girardeau, MO. She was born 19 Dec 1812, the daughter of Daniel F. STEINBECK and Agatha LORIMER, and great-granddaughter of Louis Antoine de BOUGAINVILLE -- the first French explorer to circumnavigate the globe. In 1830 James was a partner with George COLLIER, doing business as "James P. Fulkerson & Co." when they brought suit against a Mr. AUDRAIN for $191.31 in debts and $300 in damages. They moved to Port Lavaca, Texas (on the coast, 116 miles southwest of Houston) by 1850. James lost his life in the line of duty as Sheriff of Calhoun County, Texas, and is listed on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC. The Officer Down Memorial Page web site reports was killed after responding to a disturbance: "When he arrived he confiscated a rifle from the man responsible for the disturbance and told him to leave town. As the man was leaving, he shot and killed Sheriff Fulkerson with a 2nd gun he had in his possession. Sheriff Fulkerson had served with the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office for two years and was survived by his wife and four children." Dorothea died on 19 Apr 1852, for reasons presently unknown and just 15 days after the death of her husband. Their seven children were:
    • Frances "Fannie" FULKERSON....b. 5 Nov 1837, d. 1924 in New Orleans, LA; m. Jordon Thomas AYCOCK, 3 Jun 1857; one daughter, Carrie White (Mary) AYCOCK
    • Agatha Rebecca FULKERSON.....b. 14 Aug 1831 at Cape Girardeau, MO, d. 1869
    • Adeline Maria FULKERSON.....b. 14 Nov 1834, m. Eugene Shelly DETWEILER on 9 Jun 1858 in St. Charles Co., MO
    • George Frederick FULKERSON......b. 26 Sep 1842 at Cape Girardeau, MO, d. 2 Oct 1862 (Civil War?)
    • James Preston FULKERSON Jr.....b. 15 Feb 1840 at Cape Girardeau, MO, d. 1869
    • Thomas John FULKERSON....b. 23 Jan 1844 at Cape Girardeau, MO, d. 23 Sep 1852
    • Minnie A FULKERSON....b. 17 Oct 1848 at Cape Girardeau, MO, m. Pierre J. A. MICHEL on 2 Mar 1868
  • Virginia FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1804 in VA, m. Caleb Ewing BERRY abt. 1823 in Callaway Co., MO. He was the son of Richard BERRY and Polly EWING of Darst Bottom, St. Charles Co., MO.
    The Berrys previously lived in Kentucky, and living with them was a young woman named Nancy HANKS. Miss HANKS married Thomas LINCOLN in the Berry home – I don't recall the date, but it was some time before February 12, 1809....when their son Abraham LINCOLN was born.

      From the "Pioneer Families of Missouri" we learn that:

    Caleb was at a public gathering of some kind, on a certain occasion, and seeing no convenient place to hitch his horse, he buckled the bridle to the stirrup of Colonel Warner's saddle. The Colonel's horse got loose after a while, and went home, a distance of twenty miles, taking Berry's horse with him. Both men had to walk the entire distance to recover their horses.
      Virginia and Caleb lived in Callaway Co., MO - the only county that seceded from both the Union and the State of Missouri during the Civil War - and raised ten children, not all of whom remembered their family's old friendship with the LINCOLN family:
    • Francis "Frank" BERRY.....1826-1846, volunteered to fight in the Mexican-American War, died near Huasco and was buried in an unmarked grave
    • Rebecca BERRY.....1828-Jun 1873, m. Samuel HAYS in Callaway Co. on 23 Sep 1845. Samuel rode with Quantrill's raiders and participated in the Lawrence, KS massacre of 1863.
    • Isaac "Ike" BERRY.....1832-ca. 1928, rode with Quantrill's raiders during the Civil War and later with Bloody Bill Anderson. After the war he went into the liquor business in Callaway Co. and later owned a restaurant in Fulton, MO.
    • Richard "Dick" BERRY.....1835-, rode with Quantrill's raiders during the Civil War and later with Bloody Bill Anderson.
    • James F. "Jim" BERRY.....1838-1877, rode with Quantrill's
      James F. BERRY, son of Virginia FULKERSON
      Line drawing of Jim Berry from The Ledger (Mexico, MO) when it reported his shootout with Sheriff Glascock
      raiders during the Civil War, with Bloody Bill Anderson as his immediate leader. His post-war history is unknown, until a dozen years later when he joined the Sam Bass gang. This outlaw gang consisted of Sam BASS of Mitchell, IN; his former partner in a failed freighting business, Joel COLLINS; Tom NIXON of Canada; Bill HEFFRIDGE; and Jim BERRY. They began their outlawry in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where they robbed the Deadwood Stage 4 times in 2 months, reportedly with a total haul of 7 peaches and less than $50. On March 25, 1877 Sam Bass made his fifth attempt, two miles from Deadwood. The Stage was carrying 11 passengers and $15,000. They stopped the stage, killing driver Johnny Slaughter, but the commotion caused the stagecoach's horses to bolt for town and once again the Bass Gang met with failure.
      NOTE: In her "Autobiography", Calamity Jane claimed she intercepted the runaway stage (being "pursued by Indians") after Slaughter was killed and drove it into Deadwood. William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill) discounted her version of the events, but did make an attack on the Deadwood Stage – which went on to become one of the perennial highlights of his Wild West Show.
      They decided to give the outlaw business one more try, by robbing a train at Big Springs, Nebraska. This time their take was $60,000 dollars in new $20 gold coins, being transported from the San Francisco mint. They also confiscated $450 from the mail car and $1300 in cash and valuables from the passengers. Jim headed home to Missouri shortly after this success. He was back in Callaway Co. on 21 Oct 1877 when he got into a shoot-out with Walter GLASCOCK, the sheriff of Audrain Co. and met his untimely end. Bass met a similar fate at Round Rock, Texas in July of 1878, dying on his 27th birthday.
    • Catherine BERRY.....1839-
    • Nancy BERRY.....1841-
    • Elizabeth BERRY.....1843-
    • Ann BERRY.....1847-
    • Mary BERRY.....m. Amazon HAYS (so named because his father Boone HAYS had once visited the Amazon River on a hunting expedition)
  • Bathsheba V FULKERSON....m. Judge John A. BURT on 27 Feb 1827 in St. Charles Co., MO. They lived at Nine Mile Prairie twp in Callaway Co., MO, per a county history which also tells us that "John represented Callaway county in the Legislature four years, was judge of the county court seven years, and died in 1855. He married Bathsheba Fulkerson, of St. Charles county, and they had nine children." [History of Callaway County Missouri, 1884, St. Louis National Historical Company]
  • Frederick FULKERSON.....b. 1811 in VA. On the 1850 Census he was 39, living next to his mother and brothers in St. Charles Co., MO. He had a German-born wife Anna, age 28, and a son, age two. Descendants of his brother Peter say he "went west and was never heard of again." He also reportedly m. a Kate BERRY, which may be unconfirmed. The 1882 history of St. Charles County listed his wife as Anne MILLER.
    • Frederick FULKERSON Jr.....b. ca. 1848 in MO
  • Isaac Debough FULKERSON.....b. ca. 1812 in VA, he was reported as 38 on the 1850 Census, living with mother Rebecca and brother Peter. A dozen years later we find him as a Confederate Navy Captain, perhaps one of the ablest of his breed. Click on his name to read his story. He reportedly m. Mary WHEELER. He may have been widowed by 1850. His household included a 9 yr old Mary E. FULKERSON, probably his daughter.  Descendants report that after the war he helped establish a Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp (Abram Fulkerson Camp 2104) in Greeley, CO.
  • Catherine H. FULKERSON......b. 12 Apr 1813 in Rockingham Co., VA, m. Capt. Shapley P. ROSS (b. 1810, d. 1889) on 14 Nov 1830 in St. Charles Co., MO and later became The Governor's Mom. They moved to the Iowa frontier in the 1830s, and then to the Republic of Texas, settling at what would become Waco, McLennan Co., Texas. The 1880 Census listed them there as 'S.P. Ross' and C.H. Ross,' ages 70 and 67. In the early 1880's a "History of Texas" was published. It included the Ross family and their children:
    • Mary Rebecca ROSS, born September 30, 1831, educated in Baylor University, married in 1851, in Waco, George BARNARD, and has had nine children;
    • Margaret Virginia ROSS, born October 23, 1833, educated with her sister, Mary, married Captain Francis HORNS, and has three children--these two were born in Lincoln county;
    • Peter Fulkerson ROSS, born in Iowa, July 27, 1836, graduated from Vernon College, in New York, commanded a company in Colonel B. Warren Stone's regiment, and was afterwards promoted colonel in the Confederate service, served as captain on the Texas frontier, under Houston's administration, where he did gallant service, married Miss Laura, daughter of General James E. Harrison, of Waco, and has two children; [NOTE: the book, Frontier Defense in the Civil War by David Paul Smith, tells us that "In late 1860, (Texas Governor Sam) Houston authorized a new Minutemen company of Rangers to be organized for the protection of the Indian frontier" and that "Attached to this force was an "Indian Spy Company" led by Capt. Peter Fulkerson Ross, older brother of Sul Ross. This company, organized on July 1, 1860, consisted of thirty-five "spies" and ten "guides," mostly Tonkawas, who remained in Texas in service to the state."]
    • Lawrence Sullivan "Sul" ROSS, born in Iowa, September 27, 1838, graduated at Florence, Alabama, was a brigadier-general in the Confederate army, married Elizabeth TINSLEY, daughter of D.R. and S.A. TINSLEY, of Macon, Georgia. They had six children between 1866 and 1877. [Following the publication of the above "History of Texas," Sul was twice elected Governor of Texas, and died while serving as President of Texas A&M.]
    • Ann ROSS, born on the Little River, Milam county, Texas, May 8, 1841, graduated at Madden's school in Waco, married Major Patrick FITZWILLIAMS, a commission merchant of Galveston, and has five children;
    • Mervin ROSS, born on Little river, where the town of Cameron now is, February 8, 1843, died at Waco, six years old;
    • Robert S. ROSS, the first white child born in McClennan county, was born in a tent, under a big live-oak tree, on Station creek, May 23, 1848, educated at Waco, married, in 1871, Miss Bettie GLENN, of a Tennessee family, and has one child; NOTE: Robert also served in the Civil War, as a captain in Company D, Sixth Texas Infantry. He was a founder of the Waco Grays, a local defense force of about 60 men, in 1874. In 1876 he began editing the Waco Advance, and some years later co-owned (with brother William) the Waco Daily Reporter. He also served as a deputy sheriff for 8 years, and as county treasurer for 4 years. He died in 1923.
    • Kate ROSS, born January 6, 1851, the first white child born in Waco, and the first to cross the suspension bridge at that place, graduated under Dr. Burleson at Waco, married Thomas PADGITT, of Waco, and had three children. Thomas owned some saddle and harness establishments.
    • William H. ROSS, born in Waco, August 18, 1852, graduated at Waco, married Miss Lizzie DENISON, daughter of Major Francis L. DENISON, editor of the Belton Courier. He was once owner of the Waco Telephone company. He later traveled as a salesman for brother-in-law, Thomas PADGITT saddle and harness establishments. [It's the age old question: do you gamble on new technology or stick with the old?]
  • Margaret A FULKERSON.......b. 1814 in Femme Osage, St. Charles Co., MO, m. Gordon H. WALLACE or WALLER on 19 Nov 1835 in St. Charles Co., MO. Gordon was a judge in the St. Charles county court for one term. [per 1882 county history]
  • Peter H FULKERSON....b. ca. 1823, he was 27 years old on the 1850 Census, living with his mother and brother Isaac. There was a 17-yr-old Martha J. and a 1 yr old Mary A. in the household, probably his wife and daughter. He m. Martha J. MONTAGUE and had 15 children, of whom 13 are known. (The remaining two were twins born in 1873, died on same day.) Based on the name of one child, he was assuredly a Southern sympathizer during the Civil War. A descendant wrote in 2002: "I live on the farm that became the site of the Fulkerson homestead after the flood of 1844. Isaac originally settled about 3/4 mile from here in the Missouri River bottom. Peter H. moved the homestead and even Isaac's grave to the top of the hill overlooking the bottom....Also, there is a 4-acre field between my house and the family cemetery where Isaac, Rebeckah, Peter H. and at least 40 others are buried....There is an unmarked slave cemetery near the family cemetery, and the foundations from the ruins of the slave cabins sit down the hill from the cemetery. The story is that construction of our present barn was halted so that the men could go fight the Civil War...presumably as Confederate Soldiers."
    • Mary Adelaide FULKERSON.....23 Nov 1848-20 Sep 1881, born and died in St. Charles Co., MO, m. Charles M. BOONE on 9 Dec 1868
    • Isaac Frederick FULKERSON.....21 Oct 1850- 5 Aug 1855, died in St. Charles Co., MO at the age of "4 yr., 9 mos. and 16 days" per his headstone. Family records indicate he probably was the son of Peter's brother Frederick.
    • Thomas Jefferson FULKERSON.....21 Jul 1852-, St. Charles Co., MO, m. Clara Elvira BOONE (1855-1916), dau. of James BOONE (b. 1823) and Caroline HOPKINS. She was a descendant of Daniel BOONE's brother Benjamin.
    • George Shapleigh FULKERSON.....4 Jul 1854-, St. Charles Co., MO
    • Joseph Edward FULKERSON.....12 Sep 1856-7 Jun 1919, born and died in St. Charles Co., MO
    • Margaret L FULKERSON......22 May 1857, St. Charles Co., MO, m. Herman W. YELTON on 22 Nov 1882 in St. Charles Co., MO.
    • William H FULKERSON.....25 Jan 1860-2 Feb 1861, born and died in St. Charles Co., MO
    • Elizabeth Belmont FULKERSON.....2 Dec 1861, St. Charles Co., MO, m. William B. BAIRD, March 02, 1881, St. Charles Co., MO.
    • Robert E. Lee FULKERSON.....26 Nov 1863- Jan 1937, born and died in St. Charles Co., MO
    • John D FULKERSON......21 Mar 1865-7 Sep 1867, born and died in St. Charles Co., MO
    • Fannie V FULKERSON......2 Oct 1869-, born and died in St. Charles Co., MO
    • Dora M FULKERSON.....25 Jul 1871, St. Charles Co., MO, m. T. Montgomery McCORMICK.
    • Charles H FULKERSON......11 Jan 1873-12 Sep 1876, born and died in St. Charles Co., MO

Frederick DeBow FULKERSON.....1 Jan 1779-4 Sep 1848, b. Washington Co., VA, d. Lafayette Co., MO. Frederick m. Sally BRADLEY (30 Mar 1790-22 Mar 1845) in 1808. They were in Lee County in 1810 (tax rolls). In 1814 he purchased some land from his fellow heirs of Captain James, as recorded in this indenture. By 1819 they moved to the town of Washington in Rhea Co., east Tennessee, where Frederick established a business ("Frederick Fulkerson & Co"). In 1829 the family ventured west to Lafayette Co., Missouri. Their first child was born in Lee Co., VA, but places and dates are not available for all. His son William's biography in "History of Northwest Missouri" described Frederick as a merchant and farmer. Various sources state he had 11, 12 or 13 children - using the best possible current information, all probable children are listed here:

  • Louisa "Eliza" 1810, m. Baldwin Heard FINE (b. 7 Nov 1803 in TN), son of Jonathan FINE, in Rhea Co., TN on 11 Jan 1827. Baldwin may have gone to California as early as 1841, with two of his brothers. In the latter half of the 1840s he helped his father and several siblings move their families to California on the Oregon Trail, then returned to Missouri. Family legend reports that Baldwin was ambushed and dragged to death by bushwhackers in front of his wife and daughter. It is known he was killed on 9 Sep 1864 and was buried at the old Methodist Cemetery about 1 mile east of the Little Blackwater Creek crossing on Johnson County Road 450. He and Eliza were both listed on 1860 Census for Johnson Co., along with six of their 13 children:
    • Sara H. FINE....1828-, m. Nathaniel NUCKOLLS (NICHOLS in some records) on 30 Aug 1846 in Johnson Co., MO
    • Jonathan FINE....1829-, m. Mariah BRADLEY
    • Frederick Fulkerson FINE.....1832-ca. 1872, reportedly moved to California with his Fine family grandparents, uncles and cousins in the late 1840s. He married Nancy QUISENBERRY (b. 1842 in Kentucky) on 7 June 1854 and had three children:
      • Nemiah Major FINE....b.1858 near Petaluma CA
      • Baldwin Herald FINE....b. 1860 near Petaluma CA
      • Amanda Jane FINE....b. 1862 near Petaluma CA
      Dr. James Monroe FULKERSON
      Photo courtesy of Nancy Hill
      Photos courtesy of C and L Stevens <>
      Martha "Hite" FULKERSON
      with children Henrietta,
      John and Nicholas
      (in Confederate uniforms?)
      Photos courtesy of C and L Stevens
      Monument of Nicholas and Martha Fulkerson
      and Reuben Perry Fulkerson
      Photo courtesy of Nancy Hill
      Grave of Henrietta Fulkerson
      Photo courtesy of Nancy Hill
    • Hannah Rector FINE....1834-, m. Joshua H. ROGERS on 24 Feb 1853, lived in St. Joseph, MO
    • Reuben FINE....1836-
    • Mary J. FINE....1838-, listed on 1860 Census for Johnson Co.
    • Rachel Missouri FINE....1840 or 1843-, listed on 1860 Census for Johnson Co. as age 17, m. a SMITH, lived at St. Joseph, MO
    • James M. FINE....1841-, listed on 1860 Census for Johnson Co.
    • Abram FINE....1843-
    • Susan P. FINE....1845-, listed on 1860 Census for Johnson Co., m. a DOUGLAS, moved to Oklahoma
    • Louisa FINE....1848-
    • Eliza FINE....1850-28 Oct 1861, listed on 1860 Census for Johnson Co.
    • Martha E. FINE....1855-, listed on 1860 Census for Johnson Co., m. a CARPENTER, lived at Kansas City, MO
  • Dr. James Monroe FULKERSON....15 Mar 1811-22 Sep 1885, b. in Lee Co., VA, raised in Tennessee, was 18 when he moved with his family to Missouri, driving a four-horse wagon to Lafayette Co. He studied medicine in Cincinnati at the Medical College of Ohio in 1829-30 and again in 1831-32. (In a 1962 letter, the College stated it had no record indicating whether he actually received a degree.) James served as a surgeon in the Mormon War of 1834 (in nearby Clay and Jackson counties) and in the Osage Indian war (southwest Missouri, 1837). He came to Columbus, Johnson Co., MO in 1834, stayed at the HOUX residence, and m. Elizabeth Canaday HOUX (20 Jun 1820-16 Jan 1900), daughter of Nicholas HOUX and Rachel MAXWELL, on 5 Jan 1836. Elizabeth's father, one of the earliest settlers in Johnson Co., died at age 42 on 9 Aug 1831 and was the first to be buried in the Columbus cemetery. Elizabeth's mother afterward married Jonathan FINE and died on 29 Dec 1857. (For a while, Elizabeth's mother was both sister-in-law and step-mother-in-law to Louisa Eliza Fulkerson FINE.)

      James and Elizabeth had 10 children and lived out their lives in Johnson Co., MO, from which he served three terms as a state legislator (1836-1842). By 1860 he owned a large number of slaves and about 3000 acres of land, two miles southwest of Columbus. During the Civil War his sons joined various Missouri Confederate forces. Two of them were killed in Johnson Co., one of them at James' home, in a span of just ten days. The 1870 Census listed his given name as Monroe, age 58, b. in VA. James and Elizabeth spent their final years living in Warrensburg. They and many of their family members were buried at the Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery, Columbus, Johnson Co., MO. Click here to see additional portraits of James and Elizabeth, and photographs taken at the cemetery in July 1980. The "History of Johnson County" (Kansas City Historical Company, 1881, Reprint 1970) reports thusly of him:

    "The name that heads this sketch is well known throughout the county as one among the earliest settlers. He was born in Lee Valley, Lee county, Virginia, on March 15, 1811. His parents were natives of Virginia. His father moved to Tennessee after the battle of New Orleans. The subject of this sketch lived with his parents in Tennessee, till the year 1829 in Ray county, on mile from the Cherokee Nation. He recollects the assembly of men at the treaty of the Hiawathy Purchase, and was present at that treaty, and recollects Gen. Jackson and Gen. Houston, and was only a boy at that time. He came with his parents to this state in the year 1829, and drove a four-horse wagon from Tennessee to Tabo Grove, Lafayette County, and went from there to St. Charles in 1834. He attended medical lectures at the medical college of Ohio, in the city of Cincinnati, during the sessions of 1831 and 1832. He settled in Columbus when it was the county seat of Johnson county. The doctor tells an amusing story of the trial of one of the first criminal cases. Having no jail to confine the prisoner, the court ordered the sheriff to confine him in an old wagon box, which he did by turning the box over him, and the jury proceeded to literally and judicially sit on the case. After a short deliberation the jury acquitted the prisoner, and the court, jury and prisoner adjourned to a large tree, near which there was a fine spring of water, and there the assembled court and citizens proceeded to refresh themselves after their judicial labors, under the cooling shade of the trees, with a few gallons of good Bourbon whiskey, and after the manner of ye early pioneer. He was married on May 5, 1836, to Elisabeth C. Houx, daughter of one of the earliest settlers of this county. They have had 10 children, six of whom are living. He has filled several offices in the county. He was appointed commissioner in bankruptcy, and acted in the capacity for two or three years. He represented the citizens of this county and district in the state legislature during the years 1836, 1838 and 1840. He was also one of the directors of the State Bank of Missouri for about 4 years. Besides giving each of his children a tract of land, he owns at present in the county about 2300 acres of fine land. His home is situated on a high plat of table land, which affords a splendid view of the surrounding country."
    • Isaac FULKERSON.....8 Apr 1838-27 Oct 1862, served in the Confederate Missouri State Guard, killed at Columbus, Johnson Co., MO by Union Army soldiers
    • Frederick FULKERSON.....8 Jun 1840-18 Oct 1862, appeared on the 1850 census, served in the Confederate Missouri State Guard, killed at his father's home in Johnson Co., MO by Union Army soldiers
    • Nicholas Houx FULKERSON....8 Apr 1842-1 Jan 1900, enlisted 4 Jan 1862 at Springfield, MO, served in the Confederate army as a first sergeant in Co. E., 5th Missouri Regiment of Infantry Volunteers, and in Elliott's Battalion, 8th Division, Missouri State Guard. He participated in battles at Lexington, Missouri and Elkhorn, Iuka and Corinth, Mississippi, where he was severely wounded. Nicholas m. cousin Martha "Hite" Ann Frelinghuysen FULKERSON (21 Apr 1844-28 Apr 1933). The Johnson County history reported that:

      "NICHOLAS HOUX FULKERSON, a late prominent farmer and stockman of Johnson county, was one of the wealthiest land owners in this section of Missouri. He was a member of one of the oldest and best families of Johnson County, a representative of one of the leading colonial families of Virginia. Mr. Fulkerson was born April 8, 1842, on his father's farm in Johnson County, a son of Dr. J.M. and Elizabeth C. (Houx) Fulkerson. Dr. James Monroe Fulkerson was born in Virginia, March 15, 1811. When he was still a babe in arms, his parents moved from Virginia to a plantation in Tennessee and then later to Missouri, locating in Lafayette county. Although born in Virginia and reared in Tennessee, Dr. James Monroe Fulkerson was always regarded as one of Missouri's own sons, for the greatest part of his life was spent in this state. He was one of the beloved pioneer physicians of Johnson county and an active man of civic affairs. Doctor Fulkerson began the practice of his profession in St. Charles county, Missouri. In 1834 he came to Johnson county and for several years made his home with Nicholas Houx, an honored pioneer of Johnson County, whose daughter he married. Dr. and Mrs. Fulkerson settled on the Houx homestead and within a few years after his coming to this county, Mr. Fulkerson manifested his gift for leadership and for three consecutive terms represented his chosen county in the Missouri State Legislature, the first man in Johnson county to be honored with this important trust. Doctor Fulkerson had been a resident of the county but six years, when his versatile abilities were so well known that he was chosen director of the Lexington Bank of Missouri and assignee of the bankrupts of Johnson county. During the ensuing years, he prospered to a remarkable degree and at the time of his death in 1886 was the owner of twenty-four hundred acres of choice land in this and adjoining counties.

      Mr. Fulkerson, the subject of this review, had enjoyed the advantages of association with highly intellectual and talented parents and of higher education. He was a student at Chapel Hill College two years, at Columbia University one year, and at St. Joe College one year. Nicholas Houx Fulkerson had pursued the medical course in college and was thoroughly fitted to begin the practice of medicine when financial losses, caused by the Civil War, caused him to change his plans and to engage in farming and stock raising. During the Civil War, Mr. Fulkerson enlisted with Company E, Fifth Missouri Infantry and served under General Price throughout the long struggle of four years. Twice, he was wounded in battle. After the conflict had closed, Mr. Fulkerson returned to the farm and for four years was engaged in general farming in Johnson county. Following this, he was successfully employed in the Texas cattle business for eight years and then he organized a stock company and operated a cattle ranch in Kansas, becoming later the manager of the same. When Mr. Fulkerson returned to Johnson county, he again engaged in general farming and was thus occupied until 1883, when he moved from the farm to Warrensburg in order that his children might have better educational advantages. He moved back to the farm in 1889, after the children had completed their work in the Warrensburg State Normal School, and one year afterward was again the leading man of his community. Apparently, Nicholas Houx Fulkerson had inherited a good share of his father's stock of brains and excellent business judgment, for he, too, became very prosperous and successful in a material way, owning at the time of his death in 1900 more than thirteen hundred acres of land. He was an influential Democrat and served as township assessor for many years.

      December 25, 1866, Nicholas Houx Fulkerson and Martha A.F. Fulkerson, daughter of John and Henrietta (Ewing) Fulkerson, prominent pioneers of Lafayette county, were united in marriage and to them were born six children, five of whom are now living: Dr. F.M., Sedalia, Missouri; Dr. John H., Centerview, Missouri; Nicholas Houx, Jr., Warrensburg, Missouri; R.P., Tacoma, Washington; and Mrs. Elizabeth E. Greer, Centerview, Missouri. Henrietta O. Fulkerson died in 1884. Since the father's death in 1900, the widowed mother resides at the homestead with her two sons, John H. and Nicholas H., Jr., and her daughter, Mrs. Greer, who is the mother of one child, a daughter, Vivian Ewing.

      Until the day of his death, Nicholas Houx Fulkerson was a tireless worker. He was widely known to be a man of high moral standing, of pleasant and kindly manners, of sterling integrity, a gentleman. Like his father, Mr. Fulkerson possessed a marked talent for leadership, which clearly appeared during the war when he was one of the most respected and admired officers in the Southern camp, and again in civil life when he assumed offices of trust and responsibility within the gift of the people. His constant practice of square dealing and gentle kindness won for him a multitude of friends in Johnson county.

      The Fulkerson brothers have charge of one thousand acres of valuable land and they are engaged in farming and stock raising on an extensive scale. The farm is well equipped with all needed conveniences for handling stock and it is well watered. Two hundred fifty acres of the place were planted in wheat last autumn, of 1917. This past season, John H. and Nicholas H., Jr., harvested seventy-five tons of hay and five thousand bushels of wheat, in addition to having thirty-five acres of corn land. They are industrious and intelligent agriculturists and young men of high standing in the community, well worthy of the unsullied name they bear.

      At the time of this writing, in 1917, the Fulkersons were canning beans which were grown from the seed produced by beans planted by the great-grandmother Fulkerson more than a century ago. In the Fulkerson home they are known as 'grandma beans.' "

      They had six known children - three of whom are pictured at right with Martha, about 1884:

      • Dr. Frederick Monroe FULKERSON.....19 Dec 1867-25 Dec 1946, b. in Columbus, Johnson Co., MO, was a cattle driver for a time, then became a dentist in Sedalia, MO, m. Mary Louise "Minnie" LOGAN (1869-1948) on 3 May 1892 in Sedalia, Pettis Co., MO, had 2 children:
        • Albert Logan FULKERSON....9 Jun 1893-1966, m. Dorothy HUNICKE (1894-1980) on 4 Nov 1916 in Sedalia, MO. In 1918 he held a "responsible position with the Beiler Grocery company" in Sedalia, MO, per the Warrensburg Star Journal. He d. at Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH.
        • Frederick Monroe FULKERSON, Jr.....6 May 1902, b. in Sedalia, m. Lona ____, d. in Texas
      • Nicholas Houx FULKERSON, Jr.....Oct 1868-, b. in Johnson Co., MO , m. Edith ____
      • Dr. John Hughes 1870-1957, in addition to being a physician, he was a farmer and an adventurous lifelong bachelor. See Reuben Perry, below. He eventually returned to his farm, spent his last years there and is buried at Columbus, MO
      • Henrietta Ollivia "Ollie" FULKERSON.....4 Jan 1874-1 Jul 1884
      • Reuben Perry FULKERSON.....27 Mar 1877-20 Aug 1944, was described by those who knew him as a "dyed in the wool" prospector, adventurer and explorer. He began with farming, but was called by the lure of gold. In 1896 he went with brother John to the Yukon gold camps and stayed 2 years at White Horse and other points along the Yukon River in Canada and Alaska. They returned to Missouri for a short while, during which Reuben found time to m. (1st) Zelma HYATT, but then left again and spent years seeking riches in Colorado and Nevada. He m. (2nd) to Lena Rivers DAVIS, per Johnson County historians. Reuben worked for the Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington State many years later. He was killed in an accident somewhere in the western states. He is buried at the Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery, Columbus, Johnson Co., MO.
        • Reuben Perry FULKERSON, Jr.......b. before 1902-??
      • Elizabeth Ewing FULKERSON.....3 Jan 1886-, m. Vivian Thornton GREER (1882-1959) on 27 Sep 1906, became a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy on 17 Sep 1913, d. in Warrensburg, Lexington Co., MO
    • James Polk FULKERSON....1844-??, b. in Johnson Co., MO, served from 31 Aug 1863 to 29 Feb 1864 as a private in Co. G of the Confederate Missouri Cavalry, m. Martha Elizabeth CRISP (6 Jun 1851-6 Mar 1927) on 25 Dec 1870, lived on a farm south of Columbus in Johnson Co., MO for many years. After James' death, Martha and her children moved to the town of Odessa. Six of the eight children were living at the time of her death.
      • James Monroe FULKERSON....28 May 1873-16 Mar 1927, b. in Jackson Co., MO, d. in Lafayette Co., MO, m. Mary H. KEITH (1874-1921) on 21 Jan 1903 in Lafayette Co., MO. They lived at Branson, Taney Co., MO, per his mother's 1927 obituary. James and Mary are buried at the Odessa Cemetery in Lafayette Co., MO, which is at the corner of Main Rd. and Odessa Cemetery Rd., in the "lower right section, third row from front, near Brick Cemetery sign and near curve of hill."
      • Myrtle C FULKERSON....Sep 1874-, unmarried and living with her mother in Odessa in 1927
      • Greenville S FULKERSON....Aug 1876-, lived at Oak Grove in 1927
      • Redmon Vest FULKERSON....Jan 1879-19 Mar 1947, m. Pearl MOORE, lived at Branson, Taney Co., MO, per his mother's 1927 obituary, buried at Columbus, MO
      • Etta S FULKERSON....Sep 1880-, m. Butler MOORE and was living in Lincoln, NE in 1927
      • Fred G FULKERSON....Jul 1884-, died young
      • Polk FULKERSON....Apr 1891-, died young
      • Archie T FULKERSON....Jan 1894-, lived in Kansas City in 1927
    • Reuben B. FULKERSON....12 Dec 1847-1 Dec 1870, appeared on the 1850 census, buried at the Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery, Columbus, Johnson Co., MO.
    • Sarah Elizabeth FULKERSON....1850-1904, appeared on the 1850 census, age 2 months. She m. Thomas Gafford BRADLEY (1846-1900) in Johnson Co., MO on 12 Jul 1867. He was the son of Dickey BRADLEY, Jr., who came to Johnson Co. about 1830 and was a highly respected farmer near Pittsville. Dickey BRADLEY, Sr. was with General Andrew Jackson in the siege of New Orleans, died in Johnson Co. in 1838 and the first to be buried in the Blackwater cemetery. Sarah Elizabeth and Thomas lived in Warrensburg and are buried at the cemetery there.
      • Dr. T. L. BRADLEY...b. 26 Aug 1870 near Columbus, MO, graduated from St. Louis Medical College in 1896, m. Fannie RENICK in 1898, lived at the corner of Broad and McGuire streets in Warrensburg, MO
      • Nicholas M. BRADLEY.....16 May 1869-1934, an attorney, prosecutor, judge and state representative, lived in Warrensburg, MO, m. Mayme SANDERS, no children
    • William Perry FULKERSON....17 Jul 1852-22 Jul 1894, m. Anjoline (Annie) Belle KEEN (29 Jan 1857-4 Sep 1951) in Johnson Co., MO on 12 Nov 1878. Listed on 1880 census with one daughter. He moved his family to Oklahoma in December 1893, and became ill when he returned to visit Johnson Co. in June 1894. A family Bible (Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, Winter 1958, vol. 22, issue 2, p. 75.) gives them six children. After William's death at age 42, Annie remarried to (2) George Washington HOUX on 8 Jun 1898.
      • Lona C FULKERSON.....25 Jan 1880-25 Jan 1883
      • Edna Roe FULKERSON.....b. 24 Aug 1882, later m. in Caney, KS to Thomas Clinton HART
      • Perry Phinisey FULKERSON.....25 Jul 1884-30 Sep 1962, buried at Sunset Cemetery, Warrensburg, MO
      • Harriet Lovellette FULKERSON.....b. 19 Apr 1888, m. a GOINGS
      • Elizabeth Lucille FULKERSON.....b. 15 Apr 1888, m. a LEE
      • William Deboe FULKERSON.....b. 11 Feb 1890, farmed near Centerview, Johnson Co., MO
    • Rachel FULKERSON....b. ca. 1856, m. ____ MARTIN
    • Ettie FULKERSON....b. ca. 1860, m. Alexander COCKRELL II (6 Sep 1856-24 Feb 1919) of Dallas, TX. His father Alexander (1820-1858) was an early founder of Dallas. J. H. Brown's history, "SETTLERS OF DALLAS COUNTY, 1841-1850" tells us that Ettie and Alexander were "rancheros" on Mountain Creek.   NOTE: This is apparently the Ettie Fulkerson COCKRELL who expressed her artistic talents on the canvas back around 1900. Some of her works are occasionally offered for sale on 'ebay.'
      • Monroe Fulkerson COCKRELL....b. 15 Dec 1884, Dallas, TX, attended Virginia Military Academy, became a teacher and banker in Kansas City, MO
      • Alexander Vardaman "Vard" COCKRELL....10 Dec 1887-19 Feb 1943, bur. Hill Crest Cemetery, Dallas, TX
      • Aurelia Ettie COCKRELL....b. 3 Aug 1891
      • Sarah Elizabeth COCKRELL....b. 5 Dec 1892, m. Abram A. GREEN
      • Francis Nicholas "Frank" COCKRELL....b. 18 Jul 1895
    1850 Federal Census, Johnson County, MO - page 77
    James M. Fulkerson $2500 39 VA Physician
    Elizabeth C.  30 MO 
    Frederic  9 MO 
    Nicholas H.  8 MO 
    James P.   5 MO 
    Robert B.   2MO 
    Sarah E.   2/12 MO 
    1850 Federal Census, Johnson County, MO - page 91
    Reuben B. Fulkerson $5000 36 VA Farmer
    Polly   26KY 
    Ellen B.   11MO 
    Mary A.   10MO 
    Nancy   6MO 
    Sarah E.   2MO 
  • Reuben Bradley FULKERSON....22 Oct 1812-22 Aug 1902, b. near Abingdon, VA, raised in Tennessee, m. in 1838 to Mary "Polly" COCKRELL (5 Oct 1822-3 Nov 1897) in Johnson Co., MO, where her father, James COCKRELL, was the county's first sheriff. Moreover, her brother was Francis M. COCKRELL, who played a prominent part in the Civil War ("Cockrell's Missouri Brigade makes the Stonewall Brigade look like the Little Sisters of the Poor." - Ed Bearss, Chief Historian, National Park Service), served 30 years in the United States Senate, from 4 Mar 1875 to 3 Mar 1905, and was a candidate for Democratic Party nomination for President in 1904.

      A book from the Lone Jack Museum, Jackson Co., MO (by Romulus L. Travis, Reprint 1963), tells us that, in the Spring of 1837, Reuben became the first merchant in Columbus, MO:

    "the goods were brought from Lexington in wagons by ox teams and Reuben B. Fulkerson, a sandy haired, clean shaven young man...proceeded to business as first salesman."
    Johnson Co, MO
    Johnson Co, MO, with town
    of Fulkerson in NW corner
      Sometime afterward he relocated to the Basin Knob area in the northwest part of Johnson Co. Reuben was a farmer and leading merchant in that region, and also represented the county in the state legislature in 1850-51. The History of Johnson County (1881, reprint 1970) tells us of Reuben's campaign:
    "He was a staunch Jackson democrat. He once served the county as representative. The following incident is related concerning his canvas: It is said that he made no speeches, but his opponent, who had a smooth tongue, made fine addresses, which held the audiences almost spell-bound. He was, in brief, a wordy lawyer. On one occasion, it is said that "Uncle Rube," as he was frequently called, made one set speech, which completely offset and defeated his Whig opponent. He would remain out doors, and, as the assembly were dispersing, utter the following pithy speech: "Gentlemen: --I'm a farmer. I don't go for lawyers, I go for farmers' interests."
      At age 48 he enlisted in the Confederate cause, serving as a private in Co. E, 2nd Missouri Cavalry, from 10 Sep 1861 to 10 Dec 1861, for which he was paid $84.75. He is apparently the "R.B. Fulkerson" listed on the Confederate roster at the Battle of Lexington, Missouri, which took place 18-20 Sep 1861. There some 10,000 pro-Southern militia and volunteers surrounded 2,700 Union forces barricaded in Masonic College. The Confederates brought the siege to an end by advancing behind a long line of rolling bales of hemp, which were impervious to Union cannon fire. In the 1890s Reuben's community appeared on maps as the town of Fulkerson. Reuben and Polly are buried at the Basin Knob cemetery, on the "AA Highway going south about 2 miles from Hwy 50, just inside the Johnson/Jackson Co. line on the left hand side, directly across from a water tower. Row 1 and to left of entrance posts and bushes." They had four known daughters:
    • Ellen B. FULKERSON....14 Feb 1839-25 Aug 1909, b. in Johnson Co., MO, m. Francis M. BRADLEY (10 Dec 1827-4 Jan 1902, b. Logan Co., KY) of Jackson Twp in 1858. The Johnson County history reported in 1881 he "owns a fine farm of 400 acres, and is one of the prominent stock dealers of his township, and has a good coal vein on his farm." They had 3 children. Both are buried at Blackwater Cemetery, Johnson Co., MO
      • Alice BRADLEY....1863-1923, buried at Blackwater Cemetery, Johnson Co., MO
      • Richard BRADLEY
      • Reuben J. BRADLEY
    • Mary A 1840 in Johnson Co., MO, living at home on 1860 and 1870 Census, m. Walker L. ROBINSON on 18 Nov 1873 in Johnson Co., MO, had 3 children, one of whom is known. After her husband's death, Mary went to Basin Knob to live with sisters Nancy Margaret and Elizabeth.
      • Carrie Ellen ROBINSON...m. James BOSWELL, 5 children, 4 of whom are known:
        • Mary D. BOSWELL....lived at Lonejack, MO
        • Samuel BOSWELL....lived at Lonejack, MO
        • Shannon BOSWELL....lived at Lonejack, MO
        • Walker L. BOSWELL....lived at Lonejack, MO
    • Nancy Margaret "Miss Mag" FULKERSON....1843-16 Feb 1934, b. in Johnson Co., MO, living at home on 1860 and 1870 Census, lived on her father's farm with sisters Sarah Elizabeth and Mary, died at Lee's Summit, MO, buried at the Basin Knob cemetery. The 16 Feb 1929 edition of the Holden Progress reported a mishap while she was living with the two sisters, all of them then in their eighties:
      "Miss Mag Fulkerson, who lives with her two sisters, Miss Lizzie and Mrs. Robinson, six miles north of Kingsville, was severely burned Monday. Her skirts caught fire from the draft door of the king heater stove as she stood with her back to it. The sisters tried in vain to smother the flames and then threw a bucket of water and a bucket of slop on her before they were extinguished. Her hair was singed and she was badly burned on the hips and one hand. She is a cousin of Judge Cockrell."
    • Sarah Elizabeth "Miss Lizzie", b. Johnson Co., in MO, shown living at home on 1860 and 1870 Census, lived on her father's farm, died at Warrensburg, MO buried at the Basin Knob cemetery
    Headstone of Doctor Frederic D. Fulkerson,
    29 Jun 1827-18 Aug 1857
    Photo courtesy of Nancy Hill
  • Frederick DeBow FULKERSON Jr.....died young. Is this the "Doctor Frederic D. Fulkerson" (29 Jun 1827-18 Aug 1857) found on a Missouri headstone?
  • Dr. Peter Perry FULKERSON....b. ca. 1817, m. Lydia Ann DIXON (b. 1828, NC) on 2 May 1848 in Cole Co., MO (per a Dixon family site, which reports her parents as Levi DIXON and Sarah Waller BOLTON). They appeared on the 1850 census in Andrew Co., MO. One descendant of this branch reports Peter was a physician, and that he appeared on the 1860 Andrew Co. census living with his brother Emmett. Further info: An obituary in the Leavenworth, Kansas Weekly Herald, June 13, 1857, reported the death of "Mrs. Lydia Fulkinson, wife of Dr. Peter P., age 31 years."
    • Frederick FULKERSON....1849-??
    • Mollie FULKERSON....1851-??
  • William F. FULKERSON....3 Apr 1819-11 Dec 1894, b. in Rhea Co., TN, bought a 335-acre farm in Jefferson Township of Andrew Co., MO in 1846, m. Sally BRACKENRIDGE (b. 1 Apr 1830) on 5 Oct 1848. About a year later he went west on the Oregon Trail and spent about 12 months in the mining districts of California, but returned after the spring of 1851 and resumed farming. He retired in 1892 and died two years later at Savannah, Andrew Co., MO.
    • Eliza FULKERSON....b. ca. 1850, m. Robert CATRON of Butler, MO and had 4 children
    • Monroe FULKERSON....b. ca. 1853, d. ca. 1874, aged 21
    • John FULKERSON....died in infancy
    • Frederick FULKERSON....b. ca. 1857, d. ca. 1894, aged 47, leaving a widow and 7 children
    • Elizabeth FULKERSON....b. ca. 1860, died in infancy
    • Margaret FULKERSON....died at age 2
    • Ruth FULKERSON....died in infancy
    • Florence FULKERSON
    • William FULKERSON....died at age 21
  • Emmett B. 1830-1906, born in MO. He was apparently a minor when his father died, as a guardian was appointed for him and one sister:
    MO Pioneers Vol VII, Pg 12 - Andrew Co, MO Wills & Admin.
    Book A (1841-1856) & Bond & Admin Bk A (1841-1854)
    Fulkerson, Frederick decd. Peter P. Fulkerson appointed guardian of Emmett & Susan R. Fulkerson minor heirs of Frederick F. decd. 4 Sept 1848. Sec. William Fulkerson, Thomas B. Gordon & Benjamin W. Davis ( Bond A-171)
    He m. (1st) to an unknown spouse, but showed up on the Andrew Co., MO, census in 1860 (age 37?) with two children and no wife. Emmett served in the Civil War as a 3rd Lt. of Captain T.A. Young's Company of Cavalry, 6th Division, Missouri State Guard (Confederate) per a Missouri State Guard roster. It's unknown who cared for his children during the War. There is no further record of them after 1860. He m. (2nd) to Nannie B. WHITEHEAD (ca. 1851-1928) on 17 Mar 1868 in Buchanan Co., MO, and had three more children.
      The 1880 Census found Emmett (a farmer), Nannie (age 29, b. in MO, parents born in VA) and three children – Annie, Rubie and Grant – living at Jefferson, Andrew Co., Missouri. The 1880 Census listed him as 44 years old, which would put his birth about 1836. Overall, it appears the 1880 Census listing (or transcription) has several bits of inconsistent and questionable information. They moved to Oklahoma about 1895, then on to Clovis, New Mexico in 1903. He was buried in Mission Gardens Cemetery, Clovis, Curry Co., NM. (His cemetery record [1906] states he served with Captain T.A. Young's Company of Cavalry, Parsons TX Brigade, which may be inaccurate. The Federal Civil War roster lists him in the MO State Guard and also lists Sergeant Emmet Bridley FULKERSON in the 4th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry).
    • Mary FULKERSON....b. ca. 1852 <. 1854
    • Annie FULKERSON......1871-, b. in St. Joseph, MO. The 1880 Census said she was eight years old and her mother was born in Mississippi.
    • Rubie FULKERSON......27 Dec 1879-12 Jan 1975, born in MO. The 1880 Census said she was two years old and her mother was born in Mississippi. She later changed her name to Freddie Jo. She m. Darry Vontus WINN (10 Feb 1872-26 Dec 1939). They lived in Clovis, Curry Co., NM.
      • Darry WINN....20 Sep 1900-13 Dec 1986
      • Carry WINN....13 Apr 1902-4 Nov 1903
      • Beatrice Narcissus WINN....21 Oct 1904-24 Feb 1975
      • Lorea Adelle WINN....11 Nov 1906-16 Oct 1967
      • Hazel WINN....10 Aug 1909-9 Jul 1998
      • Ben Fred WINN....19 Jun 1914-25 Sep 1997
    • Grant FULKERSON......b. ca. 1879, listed as 11 months old on the 1880 Census, with a mother born in MO.
  • Catherine H. FULKERSON....this is probably the Catherine (also reported as Cassander) who m. Lynn B. GORDON on 26 Feb 1846 in Johnson Co., MO
  • Margaret FULKERSON....m. Thomas B. GORDON in Lafayette Co., MO on 1 May 1845
  • Elizabeth FULKERSON....b. ca. 1824
  • Sarah FULKERSON....b. ca. 1828
  • Alice FULKERSON....b. ca. 1832
  • Susan R. FULKERSON....she was a minor when her father died, and along with brother Emmett (above) had a guardian appointed.

Mary FULKERSON......25 Apr 1781-??, m. Abram BRADLEY about 1797, no further information

Catherine FULKERSON....17 June 1783-??, reportedly m. (1st) John HANBY on 10 Aug 1797, and later m. (2nd) Dr. Jerry CLAPP. Virginia records provide additional information about John HANBY and his family. He was the son of Jonathan HANBY and Sarah (Sally) DALTON. Jonathan was a captain in the Patrick Co. militia during the Revolution and was active in the campaign against the British in North Carolina. John was named in his father's will (1817). After Sarah died in 1841, a Patrick Co., VA court determined her only living children were Susannah CARTER, Mary SMITH and Nancy MITCHELL. A Patrick County deed book (No. 12, pp. 507-511) lists the children of John HANBY who petitioned to collect from Archelaus CARTER their share of the estate of Jonathan and Sarah HANBY in Patrick Co., VA, including where and when they signed.

  • James F. HANBY....was located at Johnson Co., Iowa Territory on 2 Nov. 1842
  • Mary (Polly) V. HANBY....m. Waldo CUTTER, was located in DeKalb Co., Tenn. on 2 Dec. 1842
  • Johathan T. HANBY....was located in Washington Co., Va. on 26 Mar. 1844
  • Peter S. HANBY....was located in Washington Co., Va. on 26 Mar. 1844

Thomas FULKERSON.......23 Mar 1786-19 Nov 1840 (birthdate also reported as 25 May 1785), m. Margaret BRADLEY. Thomas served as a Sergeant in the Fifth Regiment, Virginia Militia, in the War of 1812. [Index to the Compiled Military Service Records for the Volunteer Soldiers Who Served During the War of 1812, M602, National Archives and Records Administration] He was appointed Commissioner of Revenues for Washington Co., VA in 1819, and Justice of the Peace in the following year. No known children. [Thompson states he may have had a son, Abner.] Thomas and Robert E. BRADLEY witnessed the will of George GOODMAN in Washington Co., VA on 25 May 1833.

Abram FULKERSON, Sr.........3 April 1789-2 Oct 1859, b. in Lee Co., VA, bpt. 21 Apr 1791. Abram was listed on the 1810 tax roll in Lee Co., VA. As Captain Abram FULKERSON he commanded a company of Virginia Militia in Colonel David SANDERS Regiment, 4th Brigade, Norfolk Division of Gen. Peter B. PORTER, during the War of 1812. He married Margaret Laughlin VANCE (1796-22 Jun 1864), daughter of Samuel VANCE and the late Margaret LAUGHLIN (she died in 1814) in November 1815. They remained on his father's farm, taking care of his mother until her death in 1830. Abram moved to Rutledge, Grainger Co., Tennessee by 1835 and continued the pursuit of farming. He was a justice of the peace for a number of years, and considered a man of high esteem in Grainger County. Click here to view his family Bible.  His nine recorded children were:

  • James Lyons FULKERSON......16 Dec 1816-6 Feb 1849, his middle name is recorded in the family bible (twice) as "Lion." The University of Virginia archives contain a "Letter, dated 15 July 1835, written by James L. Fulkerson (1816-1849) in Abingdon, Virginia to his mother Margaret L. Fulkerson (1796-1864) of Rutledge, Grainger County, Tennessee. Subjects include his visits with relatives in Abingdon, attendance at a 4th of July barbecue, his intention to return home, the health of their relatives, and their farming activities." He m. Alice ARMSTRONG on 19 Jul 1838; he was successively a bank clerk, postmaster and hotel-keeper at Rogersville, TN. James died in Grainger Co., TN.  After his death, Alice remarried to Frederick HEISKELL. They raised her children at Fruit Hill near Knoxville, TN
    • Hampton FULKERSON.....died young
    • Arthur Armstrong FULKERSON.......1845-1864, was a Sergeant Major for the Confederacy in the 19th Tennessee Regiment and was killed at the Battle of Franklin (TN) at age 19. He led a charge and his body reportedly had 16 bullet holes when recovered.
    • Margaret Virginia FULKERSON....1839-?, [NOTE: the Rogersville Times on 26 June 1851 listed students at the Oddfellows' Female Institute, including one "Fulkerson, Virginia M." of Rogersville, TN]. Margaret m. Dr. Barckley Wallace TOOLE of Maryville, TN in 1866. He had graduated from Maryville College and the Nashville School of Medicine (now Vanderbilt). They moved to Talladega, AL, where he established a medical practice and eventually became president of the Medical Association of Alabama. They had three children survive:
      • Ellen "Nellie" TOOLE.....1867-
      • Alice Gale TOOLE.....1870-, m. Seaborn JOHNSON
      • Arthur Fulkerson TOOLE.....1872- , went to Washington and Lee University, the University of Virginia Medical Scholl and did post graduate training at Bellevue Hospital in New York and at Johns Hopkins. He studied urology and returned to Alabama (Birmingham) as one of the earliest, if not the first, urologist south of Washington, DC. He established a practice in Birmingham and developed the urology program at the Medical College in Birmingham. Failing health forced a move to Asheville, NC. His son and grandson became the third and fourth generations of physicians in this family.
    • James Vance FULKERSON....a farmer and businessman in Knoxville, TN. He had 12 children.
  • Margaret (Laughlin?) FULKERSON......16 Nov 1818-23 Sep 1845, m. Alfred W. ARMSTRONG on 15 Nov 1836, died in Indiana.
    Headstone of Colonel
    Samuel V. FULKERSON
    Click HERE to see larger picture.
  • Mary Van Hook FULKERSON.......24 Sep 1820-27 Oct 1892; m. Archimedes DAVIS on 12 Feb 1840
  • Col. Samuel Vance FULKERSON......31 Oct 1822-28 Jun 1862, commanded a cavalry brigade under Stonewall Jackson, fell mortally wounded at the Battle of Gaines Mill.
  • Francis Marion (Frank) FULKERSON.......18 Jan 1825-28 Mar 1894, b. in Washington Co., VA, and moved with his family at age 10 to Grainger Co., TN. He attended school and helped with the farm until he was 20, then took a store clerk job in Rogersville, TN for $100 per year and board. In 1847 he enlisted in Company I, 4th Tennessee Infantry, and served as an ordinance sergeant with the regiment at Vera Cruz, Jalapa, Puebla and Mexico City during the Mexican-American War. On returning to Rogersville in 1848 he began studying law and passed the bar in 1851. His new career took him to Tazewell, TN, where he practiced until 1859 and then returned to Rogersville. In the meantime, he had married (1st) Elizabeth M. HALE (29 May 1827-4 Apr 1873, dau. of George HALE and Margaret HAMILTON) on 13 Jun 1854.

      Frank was a self-described "southern man" at the outbreak of the Civil War, owning both a plantation and slaves. He did not serve in the military, although in 1863 was elected to Tennessee's State Senate -- which the War prevented from assembling during his term. After the War, he let his slaves have the choice of freedom or remaining as employees after the Civil War. They chose freedom and decided to go to southern Tennessee. However, they needed last names and asked Frank if they could use FULKERSON. From time to time, some of his former slaves returned to work for him. (This information came from a Ms. FULKERSON, who is a descendant of those slaves.)

      Frank remarried (2nd) on 18 Nov 1874 to Penelope Elizabeth NEILL at Rogersville, TN. (The daughter of Rogersville merchant James K. NEILL and Catherine D. HALE, she may have been his first wife's cousin.) His last two children were with Penelope. Frank lived into the 1880s, when his biography appeared in "Sketches of Prominent Tennesseans" (by William S. Speer) and accorded him the title of "Colonel Fulkerson." He was elected to the State legislature again, for the 1883-84 term, representing Hawkins County. He also served as a church elder and president of the board of trustees for Rogersville Female College. His business pursuits included Jersey cattle, a tanning business, a boot and shoe factory in Rogersville, quarrying Hawkins County marble and his law firm of Fulkerson, Chesnutt and Co. A descendant reported he died in Orlando, Florida.

    • Margaret Hamilton FULKERSON.....known as Maggie, 11 Mar 1856-19 Feb 1921, educated at Rogersville and Staunton, Virginia; m. Frank C. PAINTER (1852-1881)
      • Dr. Francis Fulkerson PAINTER....M.D.
      • Annie Bell PAINTER....d. 1905
    • Mary C. FULKERSON.....15 Jan 1858-1 Oct 1881, b. in TN; educated at Rogersville Female College; m. 26 May 1881, to John Knight SHIELDS (1854-1934), a lawyer, son of  James T. Shields of Bean's Station, TN (and one of her father's former law partners). John m. (2nd) to a Mrs. COWAN. He became an Associate Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court in 1902, an office which he held until 1910 when he was named Chief Justice. He resigned that post in 1913 when he was elected to the U.S. Senate by the Tennessee General Assembly. A Democrat, he served as a United States Senator from Tennessee from 1913 to 1925.
    • Amanda Vance FULKERSON.....b. 24 Jun 1860, educated at Rogersville Female College and in the arts at the Conservatory in Boston, MA, was a teacher of drawing and painting at the Rogersville college
    • Eva Neill FULKERSON.....b. 17 Apr 1863, educated at Rogersville, Baltimore and Boston, and became principal music teacher at Rogersville Female College. She m. William A. BLAIR of Asheville, NC. 
    • Katherine Penelope FULKERSON.....known as Kate, Jan 1866- 25 Dec 1945, educated at Rogersville Female College
    • Harriet Somerville FULKERSON.....known as Hattie, b. 4 May 1868, d. at age 15 in 1883
    • Elizabeth Sidney FULKERSON.....b. 24 Aug 1875
    • Frank Neill FULKERSON.....b. 17 Sep 1877
    photo by Marian Jackson

    Photo of Rep. Abram Fulkerson, Jr. ???
    The name appears to be "AFulkerson"
    Possibly taken at Bristol-Goodson in 1866
  • Harriet Jane FULKERSON.........23 Apr 1827- (unconfirmed), m. Wm. P. ARMSTRONG on 11 Oct 1849, had 8 children
    • Charles ARMSTRONG
    • Robert ARMSTRONG
    • Margaret ARMSTRONG
    • Kate ARMSTRONG
    • Mary ARMSTRONG
    • Arthur ARMSTRONG
    • Samuel ARMSTRONG
    • William ARMSTRONG
  • Isaac FULKERSON....12 Dec 1829-19 July 1889, served through the Mexican-American War (1846-47) in the 5th Tennessee regiment under Col. George R. McClelland. He reached the rank of Captain in the 8th Texas Cavalry (Terry's Texas Rangers, which participated in more than 1,000 battles and skirmishes during the Civil War); m. Marcella Lamar ("Cel") ROBERTS and lived at Bryan, TX.
    Capt. Isaac FULKERSON died at his home in this city [Bryan] last evening, aged 58 years. Capt. FULKERSON, a Virginian by birth, was one of Bryan's best citizens, honored and respected by all. He was a Mexican War veteran and a captain in Terry's Rangers in the late war. For a number of years he held the office of co. treasurer and he was also a successful merchant. The funeral took place this afternoon. Galveston Daily News, 21 July 1889, p. 2 .
    • Maggie FULKERSON.....m. a HURT
    • Samuel Vance FULKERSON...operated movie theaters in El Paso, Texas (The Alhambra, The WigWam, and the Palace )
    • Adele FULKERSON....died of tuberculosis
    • John Robert FULKERSON....died on 5-13-1918 (in WWI)
  • Catherine Elizabeth FULKERSON....9 Jan 1832-14 Oct 1903; m. Floyd B. HURT. She occupied her brother Samuel's "Retirement" homestead after he was killed in 1862, and was preparing for her wedding there when it was seized and looted by Union troops. The beautiful old 1796 home, built by their grandfather, was for sale in 2006 ($1.1 million).
    • Maggie HURT
    • Nel HURT
    • Floy HURT
    • Katie HURT....helped transcribe the Captain James bible on the front porch of the Fulkerson-Hurt residence at Abingdon in 1915
  • Rep. Abram FULKERSON, Jr.........13 May 1834-Dec 1903, b. in Washington Co., VA, d. in Bristol, VA; a graduate of VMI (Class of 1857), Abram married Miss Selina JOHNSON, of Clarksville, TN, and was a practicing lawyer at Bristol, VA. In the Confederate army in the Civil War, he was a major in the 19th Tennessee Regiment, and colonel in the 63rd Tennessee Regiment. In October 1863 his participation in the battle at Chickamauga, near Chattanooga, earned him a nomination for the "Roll of Honor" - the Conferacy's equivalent of the Congressional Medal of Honor. The official report of Confederate General Preston stated:
    Lieutenant-Colonel Fulkerson, commanding the Sixty-third Tennessee; Lieutenant-Colonel Jolly, of the Forty-third Alabama; Lieutenant-Colonel Holt, of the First Alabama Battalion, and Lieutenant-Colonel Hall, of the Second Alabama Battalion, were severely wounded while gallantly leading their respective commands in the assault on the hill. Many brave officers and men here fell. The brigade carried into action 2,003 officers and men, and in the space of an hour lost 698 killed and wounded.
      Abram was also wounded while leading the 63rd at the battles of Shiloh and Petersburg, was captured at the latter battle, and was among the 600 Confederate prisoners - all of them officers - placed by the Union as a "human shield" at Morris Island in an attempt to silence the guns at Fort Sumter. The prisoners were transferred by naval convoy from Virginia, where they'd been captured, to Charleston harbor. During that voyage their ship ran aground at Cape Romaine (24 Aug 1864), where Fulkerson and Col. Manning quickly organized the seizure of the ship and its crew. However, gunboats in the convoy spoiled their plan to escape. After the war he joined the law firm of York and Fulkerson at Bristol-Goodson, VA. Entering politics, he served as a prominent member of the Virginia Legislature and was elected to the United States House of Representatives from the 9th Virginia District in 1882 and 1884. The picture-framed image of a Confederate officer seen at right was submitted by a researcher in 2007, and may possibly be Abram.
    • Samuel Vance FULKERSON.....b. 1863, was a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, served as Captain of Company D, 4th Regiment, Tennessee Volunteer Infantry, during the Spanish-American War NOTE: The captain of Company H was a young lawyer by the name of Cordell HULL, who would later serve as Secretary of State in the administration of Samuel's distant cousin, Franklin Delano ROOSEVELT.

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