Separated Souls by Fulkerson descendant Cheryl Schmidt, a novel based on the lives of her Fulkerson ancestors, is available at, where you'll find the following publisher's description:

"Martha Jane is only seventeen years old and the daughter of poor Tennessee farmers when her marriage is arranged to nineteen year-old James Finley Olsen the son of a wealthy widowed matriarch. The love affair between an accepting Martha and the handsome, confident James survives only eight years, due to Martha’s untimely death just one year before the Civil War. Everyone James comes in contact with following Martha’s death pays a price for his bitterness. Including the invading Yankees he madly spends years fighting.

Like Martha, the women surrounding James’ life and the lives of his brothers and his best friend, Abraham, are women with inner, primitive souls. Beautiful, loving Martha Jane, frightened, young Rebecca, the strong-willed slave Jade, impoverished, illiterate Mary Magdalene, and the sensual Sally. But to live in this male dominated era, they endured unthinkable heartbreak, constant death and disease, harsh physical labor, and even rape. This is a book for anyone fascinated with human emotion, and anyone exploring the lives of women in a historically male dominated era."
The Fulkersons in the Battle of King's Mountain by Fulkerson descendant Stewart Dunaway is available with full-color photography, illustrations and maps. It is also available in black and white. This is a well-documented, modern-day photographic journal tracing Captain James Fulkerson and his brother Abraham Fulkerson from North Carolina to Virginia, and then back to the Carolinas in 1780 when they joined their "overmountain" neighbors and other regional militias in defeating the British at King's Mountain. It was a turning-point battle that led to Yorktown and American independence. Includes dozens of beautiful photos of the route to the battle, old Fulkerson home sites and grave sites, and views and monuments at the battlefield.