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Line of Descent:
Joris [Jean] RAPARIELLIET (RAPALJE), born April 1604, and Catalyntje [Jerononius] TRICO
Jeronimus RAPALJE, bapt. 27 Jan 1643, and Annetje DENYSE, dau. of Teunis DENYSE and Femmetje [John] SEALES
Jacob Jeronimus RAPALJE, bapt. 25 June 1679, and Sarah BRINCKERHOFF, dau. of Abraham BRINCKERHOFF and Aeltje [Jan] STRYKER

Fulkerson cousin Dan Perrigan contributed much to the following research on Aeltje RAPALJE, spouse of my 6th great-grandfather Joseph VOLKERTS, in January 2008:

The name Aeltje RAPALJE occurs with some frequency in New Jersey during the 1700s. The given name "Aeltje" (Aeltie, Aelte, Aalte, etc.) was the Dutch equivalent of "Alice." Dutch spellings of both given names and surnames continued to be used in the British colony of New Jersey, decades after the end of Dutch rule of New Netherland and even regardless of whether a person's paternal ancestry was actually Dutch. The RAPALJE (RAPARIELLIET) family in this case originated in Valenciennes, northern France, and were members of the Walloon population who endured religious persecution from the Catholic king of France. Like many other non-Dutch immigrants who originally settled in the New York-New Jersey area under the auspices of the Dutch West India Company, their unique culture merged with Dutch traditions as they intermarried with Dutch settlers.

The Aeltje RAPALJE whom we've established as the spouse of Joseph VOLKERTS (FULKERSON) was baptized on 16 Sep 1710 near Somerville, Somerset Co., NJ, dau. of Jacob Jeronimus RAPALJE (bapt. 25 Jun 1679) and Sarah Abramse BRINCKERHOFF (bapt. 18 Dec 1680 in Flushing, Queens, NY). FULKERSON family history passed down through the generations emerged in the form of a letter in 1960, naming her as "Alchea RAPPALGEE." One of the findings that directly ties this "Alchea" to the Aeltje baptized in 1710 is a later baptismal record: the baptism of Joseph and Aeltje’s daughter Sarah FULKERSON was witnessed by “Abram Rapalje and wife Jenneke.” Abram was Aeltje Rapalje’s brother. A further and steadfast piece of evidence is that Joseph and Aeltje’s first four children were named in accordance with the Dutch tradition of naming the first two male and and two female children after their grandparents. Therefore, the identification of Aeltje as the daughter of Jacob Rapalje and Sarah Brinckerhoff is almost certainly correct.

Aeltje was a direct descendant of Joris RAPALJE, who along with the VIGNES was one of the first Walloon settlers to New Netherland in 1624 and was father to the first child born in New Netherland, Sarah RAPALJE. Joris later lived at Wallabout in what is now Brooklyn, south of where Dirck VOLCKERTSZEN the Noorman was a farmer, and Sarah became one of Dirck's immediate neighbors.

There are at least three other family histories (BERGEN, SCHENCK and SUYDAM) which have laid claim to this particular Aeltje from 1710 and state she married into their families. This matter has been researched recently with the following conclusions:

The "Alche or Alte RAPALYE" who married John BERGEN was the daughter of Jeronimus RAPALJE (of New Brunswick, d. 1775), son of Teunis RAPALJE (of Brooklyn, 5 May 1671 - 1723), son of Jeronimus RAPALJE (b. 27 Jan 1643). This Aeltie was born 6 Jan 1744 and was the niece of the Aeltie who married Joseph VOLKERTS.

The "Altje RAPALJE" who married Gilbert SCHENCK was the daughter of Lt. Daniel Joris RAPALJE, (29 Dec 1650-26 Dec 1725, Wallabout, NY) and Sarah [Abraham] KLOCK. (Tingley, Raymon Meyers, "Some ancestral lines : being a record of some of the ancestors of Guilford Solon Tingley and his wife, Martha Pamelia [sic] Meyers". Rutland, Vt.: Tuttle Pub. Co., 1935.)

The "Aaltje RAPALJE" who married Hendrick SUYDAM is unknown so far. Aeltje, wife of Joseph VOLKERTS may have married Hendrick after Joseph's death. Or this could be a different Aeltje altogether. The only records known (so far) that tie an Aeltje RAPALJE to a Hendrick SUYDAM are the following church membership lists:
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E-mail message discussing Dutch naming tradition:

Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2008 11:09:07 -0800
Subject: Re: [DUTCH-COLONIES] Aeltien Rapalje, daughter of Jacob and Sara

Dear Dan, In my opinion you can safely conclude that the Aeltje
Rapalje who married Joseph Volkerts was the daughter of the cited
Jacob Rapalje and Sarah Brinckerhoff. In addition to the three
reasons that you offer, consider that Joseph and Aeltje followed the
traditional Dutch naming pattern of naming their four oldest children
for their grandparents:

1733 Fliph Volkerts (named for his paternal grandfather, Philip Volkerts)
1735 Sara Volkerts (named for her maternal grandmother, Sarah Brinckerhoff)
1737 Antye Folkerts ( named for her paternal grandmother, Ann Van Clief)
1739 Jacob Volkerts (named for his maternal grandfather, Jacob Rapalje)

In addition you have early family records that identify Aeltje as a
Rappalgee. I think you have nailed her identification :-).
Dorothy [Koenig]

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