1701 Indenture
of Somerset County Land
to Dirck Volkertse

as copied by Paul W. Black from
New Jersey Deed Book I-433-4
on 5 Dec 1960

This indenture made the 14th day of August in the thirteenth year of the reigne of our Sovereign Lord William the third by the Grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King defender of the faith &c and in the year of our Lord Christ one thousand seven hundred and one Between John Royce of Piscattaway in the County of Middlesex and province of East Jersey Gentleman and Mary his wife of the one part and Derick Volkertssee of the Normans Kill in Kings County on Nasseau Island and the province of New Yorke Yeoman of the other part

Witnesseth that the said John Royce by and with the Consent and Good likeing of Mary his said wife and for the consideration of the sum of one hundred pounds Current money of the province of New York to them or one of them well and truly in hand paid by the said Dreick Volketse before the ensealing and delivery the receipt whereof they doe hereby acknowledge and themselves therewith to be fully satisfied

Contented and paid and therefore therefrom and of and from any part and parcele thereof they do fully freely and absolutely acuit exonerate and discharge him the said Derick Volkertsee his heirs Executors and administrators by these presents have Given Granted Bargained and sold Conveyed Enscofed Asured and Confirmed and doe by these presents give grant bargain and Sell Convey Enscofe Asure and Confirms unto him the said Derick Volkertsee his heirs and Assignes forever All that a Certaine tract of Land in Somersett County in the Province of East New Jersey aforesaid upon Millstone River abutted and bounded As followeth

That is to say Beginning at Milestone River aforesaid at the markt Trees of Ananias Allen thence running West as the said Annanias Allen runs four hundred Rod from thence North untill it Comes to Royse Brook from then down the said brooke as the brooke Runs until it comes to Milestone River and from the Mouth of the said brooke up the said Milestone River to the place where it first began, the said Derick Volkersee to Allow for a Road onely out of the said granted premises on that side next Annaniah Allen downe to the River one hundred foot in breadth, Together with All and singular the Woods Underwoods Timber trees Waet ground Commons Common of pastures Marshes Meadows Watters Water Courses path Wayes passages priviledges benifitts and Advantages what Soever properly belonging to the same and the Reversion and Reversions Remainder and Remainders Rents Issues and Profitts of the same or any part or parcell there of TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the said parcell of Land and All and Singular the premisse before in these presents granted with apurtenanses to him the said Derrick Volkertsee his heirs and Assignes for ever Yielding and paying Yearly and every Yeare hereafter upon every first day of May to him the said John Royse his heir or Assignes the sum of fiveteen shillings Current money of New Jersey in Lieu and instead of All Rents Quit Rents and services whatsoever hereto fore or which hereafter shall or May become due and payable for or by Reason of the said granted properties or any part or parcell thereof

And the said John Royce for himself his heir his Executors Administrators and Assignes Covenant to with with the Said Derrick Volkertsee his heirs and Assignes in manner and forme following, that is to say that he the said John Royse now is the true and Lawful Owner of the above granted persolle of Land and premisses with the apurtenances

And is Rightfully and Absolutely Lord thereof and every part and parcell thereof A good pure absolute and indisputable estate of inheritance in fee simple without any manner of Condition trust Contingent Priorfor or limitation of Use and Uses or other Restraint Matter or thinge Whatsoever to Alter Change Charge determine incumber depose or cant the same

And that he shall and Will Continue soe servad there of and of every part and parsoll thereof untill a good perfect and absolute estate in fee simple shall be thereof Vested in him the said Derrick Folcartsee and his hairs according to the true intents and meaning of these presents

And that he the said John Royse hath Not done Nor Committed executed or suffered any act or acts things or things device or devisses what soever in the Law whereby that the said parsell of Land and premises before granted with the apurtenances or any part or parsoll thereof now or any time hereafter shall or may be impeached or Incumbered in Title Change Estate or otherwise the aforesaid Yearly rent of Fiveteen shillings together with the priviledge of the Road above mentioned onely excepted and foreprised.

In witness whereof the partys to these presents have interchangeably lett their hands and seales the Day and Yeare first above written

John Royse Mary Royse