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TITLE - Dirck Volckertszen De Noorman
The first American Fulkerson, in old New Amsterdam


  We don't know much about Dirck Volckertszen before 1630. He was said to be a ship's carpenter. His Norwegian origins are virtually a certainty, based on the fact he was often called Dirck De Noorman [Dutch: Norseman]. Several other immigrants in New Amsterdam were called "De Noorman." All of them were documented as immigrating from Norway. A few of New Amsterdam's immigrants came from Bergen. At least 57 Norwegians settled in the colony of New Netherland between 1630 and 1674 ["The Norwegian Americans" by James M. Cornelius, Chelsea House Publishers, New York, NY, 1989, p. 31-32].

  Family legend (communicated to me from two separate branches of the family, years ago) says that he came to New Amsterdam from Bergen, Norway (click to see some images of Bergen). During the 1600s Bergen was controlled by German Hanseatic League merchants, which may have been sufficient reason for a young man to leave his homeland. Norwegian merchants did not regain control of the port until after 1700. His circle of acquaintances in New Amsterdam is yet another indication of his origins. The great majority of Dirck's personal and business dealings in the 1650s and 1660s were with Scandinavian immigrants. Some early researchers jumped to the erroneous conclusion that he was one of the Volckertsen brothers from Hoorn, a Dutch seaport. They were early investors in the Virginia tobacco trade, but there is no evidence in the Dutch record that they ever sailed to America: "24 Sep 1621: At the request of Dierck Volckertsen, Doctor Verus and Dr. Carbasius, all of Hoorn, Pieter State General Nannincx of Mdemblik, and Cornelis Volckertsen together with Pieter Dircksen Schoders, bookkeeper have received permission to send a ship to the Virginies loaded with all sorts of merchandise, to trade there and return with their cargo, goods and merchandise, agent and sailors to this country. They have to return before July 1, 1622."

  The probable reason for Dirck's immigration to North America can be traced to Peter MINUIT, the New Netherlands colony's third Director in as many years, who bought the whole of Manhattan Island from the Canarsee Indians in 1626 for $24 worth of trade goods. Minuit and his Assistant Director Isaac DE RAISIERES were anxious to demonstrate that their new colony had the resources and potential for industries....and especially a ship-building industry. By 1628 they imported a group of Scandinavian ship carpenters who knew how to make pitch from pine - a locally abundant resource - which was needed for caulking a ship's hull. This would place Dirck's arrival between 1626 and 1628. Another possibility is that he came over in 1625, when the Dutch West India Company imported builders to put up houses in the colony. (In 1624, the first year of the New Netherlands settlement, most of the colonists lived "underground" in log-lined, sod-roofed dugouts.) This scenario might have seen Dirck building the Vigne's house on the East River....and meeting a Christina Vigne who was in her early teens in that year. And as you'll see further down the page, Dirck was a house builder. [Interesting side note: John Follesdal's book "Ancestors from Norway: An introduction to Norwegian genealogy research" tells us that a Norwegian sailor named Sand acted as interpreter for Peter Minuit when he bought Manhattan island.]

Dutch New Amsterdam, showing a shipyard crane (center) on the East River

  Fortunately for us, the New Amsterdam colony spent a considerable amount of effort at record keeping. They took great care to write deeds, contracts and other agreements. They also kept detailed court records: New Amsterdammers were frequently found offending the law or suing one another. Many details of Dirck's life are known to us from the legal documents of that era, translations of which appeared in the "New York Historical Manuscripts" series and similar works. Where these historical manuscripts are quoted below, the general accronym "NYHM" will precede them.


  Dirck married Christina VIGNE in 1630/31, daughter of Guillaume VIGNE and Adrienne CUVELIER The Vignes were among the first 30 French Walloon families the Dutch West India Company imported to establish the New Netherlands colony in 1624. [By the way, Peter MINUIT was not Dutch...he was a French Walloon like the Vignes.] Dirck and Christina lived on her parents' farm, at the south end of Broadway, until 1638. Christina's father died in 1632, and Dirck and his mother-in-law were named executors of the will, as recorded below:

NYHM: "We the undersigned, Willem Weyman, smith and Jan Tomasen Groen, as referees, do by this instrument attest and certify for the real truth that Dirck Volgersen Noorman and Ariaentje Cevelyn, his wife’s mother, came before us in order to enter into an agreement with her her children whom she has borne by her lawful husband [Willem Vienje], settling on Maria Vienje and Christina [Vienje], both married persons, on each the sum of two hundred guilders as their portion of their father’s estate, and on Resel Vienje and [Jan] Vienje, both minor children, also as their portion of their father’s estate,
on each the sum of three hundred guilders; with this provision that she and her future lawful husband, Jan Jansen Damen, shall out of the remainder of the property be bound to bring up the above named two children until they attain their majority, without using more than the interest, and be bound to clothe and rear the aforesaid children as children ought to be [clothed and reared], to keep them at school and to give them a good trade, as parents ought to do. Thus is done in New Netherland on the island of Manhattan and in Fort Amsterdam, the last of April 1632. In confirmation of which this was signed by Jacob Planck, the writer of this instrument; also with this sort of mark X, after which was written: This is the mark of Dirck Volckertsen Noorman; Jan Tomasen Groen, and This is the X mark of Willem Weyman. "The preceding agreement is recorded here with a view that if lost an authentic copy may again be obtained here, [the record] having been found by me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary, to agree with the original. Done this 7th of May 1638, at Fort Amsterdam in New Netherland."

  Dirck and Christina initially lived in her mother's household, but they did not get along well with Jan Jansen DAMEN. Perhaps it was for that reason that Dirck obtained a loan, possibly to buy his own house, in May of 1638:
NYHM: May 1, 1638: "Promisory note of Dirck Holgersen to Director Kieft.
"Before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary of New Netherland, appeared Dirck Holgersen, Noorman, to me well known, who freely and deliberately acknowledged that he was indebted to the Hon. Mr. Willem Kieft, director here in New Netherland for the General Chartered West India Company, in the sum of seven hundred and twenty guilders, payable in three installments; the first instalment of fl. 300 Dirck Holgersen shall be bound to pay on the fairday of Amsterdam 1638; the second instalment of fl. 300 in like manner on the fairday of Amsterdam 1639; and the third and last instalment of fl. 120 on the fairday of Amsterdam anno 1640. He hereby promises to pay the aforesaid money honestly and honorably into the hands of the Hon Mr. Kieft, or his successor, free of costs and charges, without any gainsay, submitting to that end his person and property, real and personal, present and future, without any exception, to the control of all courts, judges and justices under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Court of Halland, and to all other courts, judges and justices, without any exception. In testimony and token of the honest truth, I have subscribed this with my own hand. Thus done in For Amsterdam in New Netherland, this first of May Ao. 1638. "This is the X mark of Dirck Holgertsen Noorman." [Footnote: "fairday of Amsterdam" – Sept. 22.]

  Dirck could not move out fast enough for Jan Jansen DAMEN. Barely two months later the conflict rose to the boiling point:
NYHM: July 21, 1638: "Jan Damen, plaintiff, vs. Abraham Isaacksen Planc and Dirck Holgersen, Noorman, defendants. The plaintiff requests to be master of his house and that the defendants be ordered to acknowledge him as such and to stay away from the plaintiff’s house. The defendants are ordered to keep away from the plaintiff’s house and to leave him master in his own house."

"Dirck Holgersen, Noorman, plaintiff, vs. Jan Damen, defendant, for assault. Parties are ordered to submit testimony, the case being put over to the next court day."

July 22, 1638: " Declaration of Mauritz Jansen and Pieter de Mey regarding an attempt of Jan Damen to throw Dirck Holgersen’s wife out of doors. "This day, the 22d of July 1638, before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary of New Netherland, appeared Mourits Jansen, assistant, aged 20 years, and Pieter de May, aged 24 years, and jointly declared by true Christian words in place and with promise of an oath, if necessary, that it is true and truthful that the wife of Dirck Holgersen, Noorman, being at the house of Jan Damen and said Jan Damen telling her that she must go out of the house, she refused and did not intend to leave the house, whereupon Jan Damen aforesaid pushed said Dirck Holgertsen’s wife out of the house, as she would not depart by fair words. Dirck Holgersen thereupon coming to defend his wife, Jan Damen, drawing a knife, made a cut at said Dirck Holgertsen, who took up a post and struck Jan Damen with it. This is all. They, the deponents, concluding herewith their declaration, etc. Maurits Jansen. Pieter de Mey."

July 22, 1638: "Declaration of surgeon Gerrit Schutt and Jan Pietersen respecting the above assault.. " This day, the 22nd of July Ao. 1638, before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, appeared Gerrit Schut and Jan Pietersen, alias Comrade Jan, at the request of Dirck Holgertsen, Noorman, and jointly declared by Christian words, in place and with promise of an oath if necessary, that it is true and truthful that they, the deponents, being some days ago at the house of Jan Damen, there saw and heard what follows. "First, Jan Damen dunning Dirck Volgertsen for payment of fl. 20, Dirck answered that he did not owe him anything. Jan Damen thereupon replied: ‘Begone out of the house!’ and forthwith threw Christina, Dirck Holgersen’s wife, out of doors and struck her. Furthermore, drawing a knife, he cut and thrust at said Dirck Hollegersen’s wife, as appears from the skirt which she then had on. "Further, Dirck Holgersen, seeking to defend his wife, threw a pewter can at Jan Damen, but missed him, whereupon Jan Damen made for him with a naked knife in his hand, cutting and thrusting at him and, as the said Dirck sought to defend his life, Dirck aforesaid took up a post to keep Jan Damen off. As Dirck Holgerts was going toward the fort or elsewhere, said Jan Damen again beat Dirck Volgersen’s wife with his fists and tore the cap off her head and challenged Dirck, saying: ‘If you have the courage, draw your knife’. But Dirck, being sober, would not do so and only defended himself with a post. The deponents declare all this to be true. Done at Fort Amsterdam, the day and year aforesaid. Gerrit Schutt. This is the X mark of Jan Pietersen, nicknamed Comrade Jan."


  From 1638 - the date of the above promissory note - to 1645, Dirck owned the large house at 125 Pearl Street. It was about a block south of Wall Street. He also leased a nearby farm property from the Dutch West India Company. The details of the agreement let us know how Dirck would spend much of his next six years:
Pearl St. intersecting Wall St. at the east gate of The Wall
Pearl St. intersecting Wall St. at the
east gate of The Wall, about 1700
NYHM: May 18, 1639, lease from Director Kieft to Dirck Holgersen of a farm and stock on halves: "Before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary in New Netherland, appeared the honorable, prudent Mr. Willem Kieft, director general in the New Netherland on the part of the General Chartered West India Company, of the first part, and Dirck Holgersen, Noorman, of the second part, and acknowledged that they had amicably agreed and contracted in presence of the undersigned witnesses in manner as follows:

"The Hon. Director Willem Kieft delivers to Dirck Holgersz aforesaid the following animals belonging to Messrs. the directors of the West India Company, to wit, three cows, two of which are dry and one with calf, one heifer, one bull calf, one mare of [ ] years, one mare of two years, and one stallion, the receipt of all the which animals from the hands aforesaid Dirck Holgersen acknowledges, and he shall have the use of the above mentioned cattle for six consecutive years, beginning [ ] and ending [ ].

"For each cow, Dirck Holgersen shall annually pay to the honorable director aforesaid, or to the Company’s agent, thirty pounds of butter. Also, at the expiration of the six years, animals to the same number and in as good condition as those now delivered shall first be set aside for the Company and then the parties shall divide half and half the remaining cattle which by God’s blessing shall be bred from the aforesaid animals.

"Likewise, Dirck Holgersen aforesaid shall be bound during the above mentioned six years to deliver to the Company one half of the grain which he with God’s blessing shall raise on his farm, with the express promise that he shall cultivate it, or have it [162] cultivated diligently and industriously, without attending exclusively to the increase of the cattle, in order that the Company may annually receive a good quantity of grain.

"The honorable director aforesaid promises that during the term of the lease, if diligence be used in the cultivation of the land, there shall be given to the above named Dirck Holgersen for the maintenance of servants fifty Carolus guilders a year.

"For all of which the parties bind their persons and estates, movable and immovable, present and future, without any exceptions, under submission to all lords, courts, judges and justices, all in good faith. In testimony and token of the truth two copies of the same tenor are made hereof and subscribed by the parties. Done in Fort Amsterdam, this 18th of May 1639, in New Netherland."

  Dirck's house on Pearl Street was on a quarter-acre and had a garden and apple trees. He sold the house in 1645. The deed states he took six of the apple trees when he moved.

NYHM: Sept. 22, probably 1645, contract of sale of a house and lot on Manhattan island from Dirck Volckertsen to Govert Aertsen: "Before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, [s]ecretary of New Netherland, appeared Dirck Volckertsen, an inhabitant here, who in the presence of the undersigned witnesses acknowledges that he has sold to Govert Aertsen, who also acknowledges that he has bought, the house and lot belonging to him, Dirck Volckertsz, standing and situated on the island of Manhatans, where the lot of Dirck Cornelisen adjoins on the west side and that of Jan Damen on the east side, and that as large or as small as the house and lot lied within the fences, with all that is fastened by earth and nail on condition that the vendor shall be at liberty to remove six apple trees of his choice and carry them where he pleases. Also, all of the produce of the garden shall remain at the disposal of the vendor, but the purchaser may have what he needs of the vegetables for himself and his partner and a good friend at the time of the Amsterdam fair [22 September] and not before. For which house and lot the above mentioned Govert Aertsen promises to pay the sum of three hundred and twenty-five guilders down at the Amsterdam fair next, when the delivery shall be made. Which being done, the vendor promises said house and lot with a proper deed, free from any claims or demands which might be made by any one in the world, all exactly as the purchaser himself [obtained the lot by] patent. In witness and token of the truth, this is signed by the respective parties to the knowledge of the undersigned witnesses, the Amsterdam in New Netherland."

In 1648 Sergeant Daniel LITSCHOE purchased the site and converted the house into a tavern. The site of this tavern appears on the 1660 map of the city; however, LITSCHOE traded it in 1653 for "the Jansen house" just north of the City Wall. This may have been the old VIGNE home, since Jan Jansen DAMEN had just died, so Adrienne CUVELIER - Dirck's mother-in-law and Jan's widow - may have They a.blisSCH1utive yorthld knifER - Dir theck's house on Pearl St.> I91,iftpy attKIDDself andheir his wifeasidem PetMessSDech OORT,n he mouse int as lck's house on Pearl St, one bout a block soutER - Dir theck's h. the BR>

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&nb640an td, tck owthercttiSmMa'urVlysvat15 "24 Se59next,9, in the Amsterds, cot is recoNYHMnce H atducksz Squlmaersen acknowle andowf Theewyn Vaer, unVe Groen,Mane, Corsen, so a,9,Bld (aed pa65five guilirckthersaid m,tsen fove gcsaid m obs of g a p" ofp"d it in7on Mst g gc of of a house theoNst north of b"_borth of the East Rptseh of the vs.braVerhlsi Dptseh of Sck seforelof B wios of the her, Ds ofsen, Noo's wios ofoNst n van Tienh'n his rmanrckther ScuffopoYnd yBhe , NY001989 I9]700. tck rg a pies"eenre wilove"wtherand, appeapers and 1li, mostand proist "use e, pre W.S.e on Pearival160"_bl it&h of Wals": sen, NoormDd. G DptEn tesitu Wst n: andt is reco,iSmMahirhVir Wy. thegn=bod dutand proisignes tck owby vs. AbraVerhlsi Di($3,#80)irst, Vi Vii($2,580)irck and ChopogetE" t$24 wi($1,#80).
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NYHDe, e6, In6, d: "Declaratioincector WilgeyBhsias vs. Abr Ma qunsridged that nrck te of a hsidet to Dirck HolgeousrL bettanru tsen: "Before me, Cornelis van Tienhoven, secretary of New Netherland, appeancector WilzyBhs May, ag5d 20 ylias vs. Abr Ma qunsri May, ther, g5d 20 ylihip carpenhere,Jan, at the request of Dirck Hosristly dec638, bee of hiscathful that they, the deponenrck tsidet to Dirck Holgeoack's housrL bettanru ,ise For which hthat amen maduthandjtersectto ls.* 8. "hey, the deponound rtin. In contrue. hey, 6 soutERecSeptet i461639, in the AmstelancectylilgeyBhs 8. "This is the X mar vs. Abr Ma qunsrert be mad for him And acknowle638, before me, Cornelis van TienhovSn, secre"n." U
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